Cost to Raise a Child

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What is the cost of raising a child?

Children are worth their weight in gold -- that is, when you add up all the costs. Use this calculator to figure out Junior's bottom line.

Child care: (0-11) $4,300
Groceries: (0-18) $1,525
Clothing: (0-18) $606
Gift giving: (0-18) $330
Bigger home: (0-18) $2,900
Bigger car: (5-18) $1,250
Education: (5-18) $600
Recreation: (0-18) $330
Additional insurance: (0-18) $300
Health care: (0-18) $300
Miscellaneous: (0-18) $330

Total amount needed to raise a child: 0-4: $13,891/yr;  5-11: $12,771/yr; and 12-18: $8,471/yr. Total for 18 years $190,528

Source: Defaults roughly based on U.S. Department of Agriculture annual report "The Cost of Raising a Child," Release No. 0127.98.

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