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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on an editorial artist, Steve Kelley, for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, who seems to think violence against men, for something innocently said, is funny. We wonder if anyone else complained to the newspaper? Here it is.


Fiften years ago men who battered women would say "It's the only thing she understands." or "She deserved it for what she said." Now it's totally permissable for women to physically abuse men, for what they said. Examples: the movies Rebound and Sideways.

Do you think if the roles were reversed that anyone would complain? I think they would.

If you think violence for humor's sake is out of place in this day-and-age, let the newspaper know!

What We Wrote

Steve Kelley's cartoon showing the woman flooring the man with her purse, is offensive and invites a permission for domestic violence against boys and men that continues to grow in our culture. Glorification of relational violence needs to stop and hopefully the Times-Picayune will take the lead here. Saying someone deserves to be floor for what they say takes us back to the dark ages (15 years ago) when men's excuse for domestic violence was "It's the only thing she understands." Why do we have audiences applauding the woman in Sideways as she smashes the mans head in, or the Dixie Chicks when they sing about pre-meditated murder in Goodbye Earl, which got a Grammy, or the continual physical abuse in the movie Rebound of girls attaching boys. What kind of message of permissability does this give our children? If we reversed the roles in any of these situations, wound the audience still stand up and applaude? They would stand up, but I think you'd be getting a very different reaction. Think about it. And then I hope you'll write an editorial discouraging the glorificatoin of this kind of action.

Gordon Clay

We'll let you know if we hear back from them. You do the same, won't you?

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