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Real Time Death Toll as of

Cocaine Use May Cause Increase In Coronary Calcium, An Indicator Of Atherosclerosis
Designer-Drug Death

Designer-Drug Death

How a legal drug claimed the life of a severnteen-year-old boy. (And others.) At twenty-eight, the author is young for an investigative journalist but just the right age to be delving into the new psychedelics on the race scene, as his frightening piece in this issue shows. "I learned about 2C-T-7 before I learned about Josh Robbins," Mark says. 'A lot of people were recommending it as an interesting new psychedelic, and the more I looked into the drug, I found out it had killed a few people - Josh being the most recent." These new legal but leathal substances ahve found a new distribution channel unheard of in the glory days of psychedelic. "The Internet has revisited the psychedelic scene," Mark says. "Psychedelics haven't gone out of style - they're just moved to the Internet."

It's a harrowing story, but the fact remains that thousands of people have used this drug and only two other over-dose deaths have been associated with it. Josh's story is really sad, but it doesn't indict the chemical - the most we can say is that we don't know enough about this drug's side effects."
Source: Rolling Stone Magazine, 1/31/02  

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