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PNonline.com, A Major Spammer

I woke up this morning and did what I do first thing every morning. Run a flash session for our email. I can usually check all seven accounts in less than a minute. This one took longer than usual. In checking it out, I found 174 messages from pnonline.com, a group that claims to have "300 licensed psychologists" and confuses the situation by their top banner "The doctor is in...And online. Click here to talk for five minutes free with a licensed psychologist." I doubt, seriously, if many of them are doctors. If you want them to stop this kind of marketing operations, let Ed Pryor at epryor@pnonline.com know your thoughts. We don't need this kind of practice in the helping field.

In checking their web site, it raised some additional issues:

How many of their psychologists are actually doctors, since the top of their home page implies that you would be talking with a licensed psychologist who is a doctor: (The doctor is in...). So, we asked how many are doctors and what percentage of male psychologists they employ.

This question came from the observation that their web site is very bias towards women. Of the 62 articles appearing on their site, 45 are by women, only 14 by men with no men discussing gay & lesbian, parental, personal growth, relationship, spirituality or teenage issues. Of the 16 issues, Men's Issues is the ONLY category that has only two topics, all other categories have 4. Furthermore, the topics aren't really men's issues, they are women's issues with men. ("The commitment phobic man" and "The frustration of Communication between the Sexes"). Unlike their "Women's Issues" category which also includes a woman's issue with men ("Is your man lying"), they then present three topics that are specifically directed to women: birthing, menopause, and body image.

We asked them if it is that difficult to get a balanced presentation. We encouraged them to relocate the issues they have in the Men's Issues section and other women's issues with men to their relationship section.

We also asked to hear back from them. We'l let you know if they respond. If you would like to respond to them, here are a few options:

Ed Pryer regarding their sales, marketing and advertising practices:   epryor@pnonline.com

To join their network of psychologist (or question their biased presentation):
Pamela Silver, Psy.D. at doctorhelp@pnonline.com or
Anne Markowitz, M.Ed. at amarkowitz@pnonline.com

For all other inquires contact:

Other contact information:
18305 Biscayne Blvd, Ste 401
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Phone: 305.937.6242
Toll free: 888.373.1015
Fax: 305.937.5047



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