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Menstuff® has information on the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial, called the "Suck-job".

Girl Gives Justin Timberlake a "Suck-Job"

One of our surfers from Pennsylvania sent us an e-mail regarding Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial with actor Justin Timberlake, the Costume Malfunction guy in the 2004 Super Bowl, and a young girl. This was a television commercial that Fox knew about ahead of time.

It shows this young, bikini clad girl sucking on a straw. Each time she sucks, Justine gets sucked closer and closer - through plate glass windows, hurled into the water, sucked across a young girl's soccer field, smashed into a car door, etc. You get the picture. If not click on the photo to view the entire commercial. It got 4 of 5 stars and ranked #8 of all of the Super Bowl commercials and has over 600,000 views as of 2/4/08 on AOL.

However, when she sucks him into a mailbox post with legs spread, not once, not twice, but three times, Pepsi shows its true colors at men's expense.

Is this how Pepsi sees women and is this a recommendation on How to Get the Man? Or is it revenge to lower his sperm count?

It's the old comedy bit that America's Funniest Videos had to have in virtually every show - a man getting bitten, hit, or kicked in the nuts. Why this is so funny, I'm not sure. To see a man suffer and writhe in pain, I guess?

Many of the comments from women on the web site following the commercial specifically noted and seemed to applaud this portion of the commercial. I would doubt that they would be laughing if some unthinking creative team and corporation had something similar happen to a woman.

While it is doubtful a call to Pepsis consumer relations people (914.253.2000 or 800.433.2652) will ever get relayed upstairs, maybe a complaint filed with the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission ( ) would have more impact. It really is easy to do.

And, if that takes more time, and you're a Pepsi drinker, switch to something else - maybe even water. It's better for you and it give the whole industry something to think about.

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