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Because the Moment Matters with Your Husband

We are delighted to share with you that one of our weekly columnists, Judith Shervan, has been named the spokesperson for the "Because the Moment Matters with Your Husband" campaign, sponsored by Mirena. It is a remarkably effective and safe method of birth control that Judith is pleased to recommend if it would be appropriate for your consideration for your partner and your health care provider.

To enhance the intimacy of Valentine's Day (and every day thereafter), Mirena is offering young mothers Judith's Tips for Daily Romance on their website and through "Because the Moments Matter with Your Husband" television and radio news releases. Judith will also be interviewed by newspapers and other media outlets across the country as Valentine's Day approaches.

The key to a fulfilling sex life and daily doses of romance, is to make love out of bed. That means to take advantage of any opportunity to touch one another, express affection and appreciation and receive all that you are given. That way every moment matters.

Then, when those very intimate moments arise, and she's made Mirena her choice for birth control, you can know she will be safe, because Mirena is as effective as sterilization (more than 99% safe), is rapidly reversible and lasts up to five years. With Mirena there's no mess to distract, nothing to cool the passion. All they need to do is enjoy!

Judith's tips at can help her to make love out of bed and Mirena will help her to discover the magic that is waiting in those special moments almost anytime, anywhere.

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