"You Can Handle This"?


Menstuff® has compiled the following on the military requirement for young U.S. citizens (men only) to sign up for possible military service. Challenging your masculinity, this manipulative brochure (found in virtually all Post Offices) was a notice of requirement to sign up for Selective Service.

The question from the previous brochure challenged "You Can Handle This"? But as they saw more and more men coming back in body bags or with lost appendages, lost lives of our sons, brothers, fathers and husbands, they took another route. Now the subhead reads "Do the right thing."

Is this really the question the military and this administration wants to ask these potential recruits? With the killing of thousands of innocent civilians in a war on terrorism that the administratoin thinks it can win, might the right thing be "Move to Canada?"

Not realizing that getting in the middle of religious wars just isn't where we should be. Israli and Palestine haven't curbed terrorism by either side. Then there's England and Ireland. And many many other countires in this world.

On top of that, we've still got thousands of MIA's (Missing in Action) from our previous wars. And thousands of Viet Nam Vets shunned by society, for years told by their government that the impact of Agent Orange wasn't the governments problem. And now, with the price tag going over $400 billion each year for our current defense department free spending, the same government is cutting benefits and services for its veterans.

Five years, 4,000 American casualties, uncounted hundreds of thousands of civilians dead, thousands more maimed by our land mines.

Can You Really Handle This? What is the "Right thing?"

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