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Why Teens Need to Know About Abstinence

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 900,000 teens will become pregnant and 3 million American young men and women will contract a sexually transmitted disease this year. Also, the sixth leading cause of death among persons 15-24 years of age, the CDC says, is due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection.

Babies of young, teen mothers are more likely to be born with serious health problems.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are at epidemic levels. Medical terms such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and AIDS makes promiscuous behavior as dangerous as bungee jumping with a frayed cord.

Some STDs are incurable. They may cause pain, sterility, or sometimes, even death.

What Can You Do?

As educators you can alert adolescents to the dangers of premarital sex

Right now you can download a FREE copy of ARISE Foundation's A Day in the Life of A Teenage Mom. This easy-read is packed with cartoons exploring what life is like when youth have children before they marry. Reading this engagingly illustrated book will encourage teens to abstain from sex until they are married and ready for this huge responsibility. Written by the founders of ARISE to discourage teens from being sexually active, this material is ideal for generating interactive classroom discussions. Used by teachers, counselors, social workers, and parents.

Another book by ARISE that focuses on abstinence is Trapped: 67 Reasons to Wait for Sex. It gives teens good reasons to wait before going all the way. It is blunt and straightforward; the type of advice best friends would provide if they were thinking straight.

ARISE Sprouts series is parenting information specially written for teens. Teens need to be clear on the immense responsibility involved in birthing and bringing up a child. In no nonsense, plain English, adolescents are given a detailed outline of exactly how their lives will change (and not for the better), if they should consider bringing a baby into the world minus the benefit of a two-parent family.

The four volumes of the Sprouts series will teach youth how to avoid the hazards of premarital sex. Sprouts also provides crucial information teens must have to develop an awareness of what it takes to care for a child from zero to 3 years old, and specifically, how this new life impacts the teen parent.


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