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Are girls picking on boys? Since December, radio talk-show and men's-rights activist Glenn Sacks has rallied followers to target a division of the Daivd & Goliath line of clothing, which Sacks claims is antiboy. One T-shirt features a cartoon image of a boy running from flying rocks, with text that reads, "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!" Some stores, including Bon-Macy's, have pulled the shirts. "They are part of a larger trend of male and fataher bashing," says Sacks. "Stopping the sale of these shirts is an initial blow to the boy-bashing culture." David & Goliath president Todd Goldman says the shirst are meant to be fun. "The cartoon boy is just like Charlie Brown," he says. "Remember how Lucy used to torment him with the football?"

Source: Isabel C. Gonzalex, 3/1/04 issue, Time magazine

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