Happy Bunny

"It's Happy Bunny" has joined the "Tasteless" category of merchandise that includes such names as David & Goliath, Rotten Cotton, Flatline and Future Wife Beater products. Jim Benton, the designer, says, "Does It's Happy Bunny dislike Boys??  Of course not. It's Happy Bunny dislikes everybody." Here are some examples from this self-proclaimed "...terrible, nasty, no-good bunny:"

They show a hugh line of products include Address Books, Air Freshners, Body Gliter, Buttons, Door Hangers, Embroidered Patches, Folders, Key Rings, Loungewear, Lunch Box, Magnets, Memo Boards, Mints & Sour Candy, Pens, Shirts, Sign Books, Socks, Spiral Books, Stickers, Tattoos, and Window Clings.


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Ones we saw in the stores but couldn't find on the web site were: "I Love Boys, Their Stupid," sticker and key chain. Contact Jim Benton, Blackjack Inc., 35426 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310 or 586-264-9520 or or

Related Actions: Items from David & Goliath and It's Happy Bunny and sold at Claire's, Border's Books and Fred Meyer plus Rotten Cotton and Future Wife Beater T-shirts and Flatline stickers

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