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Our Letter and E-Mail

To Sam Duncan (President) and Ross Thomas (Sls & Mktg)

There are several products that your stores carry that are of questionable taste. And, I'm sure if the gender's were reversed, you wouldn't have carried them in the first place. However, because of the cultural atmosphere that wants to degrade young men, they often slip by the buyer's radar.

The products are produced by David & Goliath and I'm sure, if you simply went to their web site, ( you would see what their attitude is towards boys and men.

The products Fred Meyer carries are as follows:

Ex-Boy Friend Sour Apple Lip Jelly. "Now that you're single, Get out and mingle. He was a jerk anyway." 7 67014 34043 9

Boy Girl Lip Jelly "Keep your lips greasy like a boy!" 7 67014 33973 0

Boys are Smelly Bath Pillow 7 67014 34646 1

Boys are Smelly Shower Gel and Body Lotion in a packet with 4 other products

Other retailers who carried similar products from David & Goliath (400 Border's outlets, 3,000 Claires Stores, Inc.) have recently removed them from their shelves and have directed their buyers not to order similar products. We would like to see Fred Meyer follow suit and be able to tell those who visit our web site of your positive response. (We get over 60,000 hits a day). Please let us know of your decision.

Yours in continued growth,

Gordon Clay, Executive Director
The National Men's Resource Center

If you would like to contact Fred Meyer and let them know what you think, here are several options. E-mail through their web site and filling out their Customer Comments form at or a call to 800.858.9202 or 503.232.8844 or a letter to Sam Duncan (President) and/or Ross Thomas (Sls & Mktg) at PO Box 42121, Portland, OR 97242-0121. Their corporate office is located at 3800 SE 22nd Avenue in Portland, OR.

Their Response

June 17, 2004

Dear Mr. Clay:

Thank you for your recent note to Mr. Ross Thomas regarding products by David & Goliath that are sold in our stores.

Over the years, we have learned to depend on our Customers' buying habits to determine whether a particular product is something they're glad we carry or something they wish we didn't. If an item doesn't perform well, it is quickly put on clearance and not replenished - the Customer has spoken.

We're sorry these products are offensive to you. We respect your viewpoint and appreciate you sharing it with us.


Ann Plummer
Sales Promotion and Marketing

What We Think They are Really Saying

June 21, 2004

Dear Ms. Plummer:

Thank you for your letter. We surmise that what you are really saying is: "We don't really encourage or guide our buyers towards inoffensive products - whatever we can unload on our customers, that's good enough for us." So, we assume that if you had a male buyer on staff who thought that adolescent boys would really buy a lot of T-shirts that said things like: Girls are Smelly or Don't throw the ball like a girl or Girls stink or Girls are Dumb at Math, we would see those products on your shelves for Back-to-School?

And, in addition, you would reply to a complaint by a woman who heads a national women's organization or a complaint from Bitch magazine, or Bust magazine or Ms. magazine with basically the same letter you sent us?

If that's the case, you might consider carrying some other products we find offensive. Check out Rotten Cotton and It's Happy Bunny products, Flatline stickers and Future Wife Beater T-shirts. We know there is a market for them and FredMeyer could really provide the additional market nitch and distribution they are looking for.

Gordon Clay
The National Men's Resource Center

Related Actions: Items from David & Goliath and It's Happy Bunny and sold at Claire's, Border's Books and Fred Meyer plus Rotten Cotton and Future Wife Beater T-shirts and Flatline stickers

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