Borders Gets on
David & Goliath

Borders Books carries offensive products produced by David and Goliath. The two journals read "Boys are Smelly" and "Chics Rule! Boys Drool."

On the plus side, Borders' has been the book chain who thought enough about men to have a separate "men's studies" section in every bookstore we've been in. While, Barnes & Noble not only won't support men with a similar section though the have a huge women's studies section and a large gay & lesbian section. Ask a Barnes & Noble employee if they have a men's studies section and the general answer we get is "Hugh".

In talking with the employees at Borders, they didn't even realize they carried these items. And, while they are unable to take action locally, and all decisions come from corporate, they suggested we contact Tami Heim, CEO, Borders Group, Inc., 100 Phoenix Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 or 800.315.7323 or fax to 734.477.1901. To find a Borders close by go to While the local managers don't have much say, at least you can let them know that (1) You appreciate that they have a separate section for men, and (2) Your thoughts on their carrying these kinds of messages on miscellaneous products. This has nothing to do with the books they carry, which we encourage all bookstores to carry all books.

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