Fifty race car driver's were been selected for an upcoming racing reality TV show - Racin' for a Livin', eleven of them women. The competition started with Fans Voting Online to select the top 12 drivers. Only these 12 drivers, selected solely by fan voting, progress to the TV show. Then they compete in race cars, on different courses, judged by top drivers, crew chiefs and broadcasters. The winner receives a fully-funded and sponsored ride for a limited number of races in the NASCAR Busch Series. Three women made the cut (in red). (Note: Submissions will re-open for season 2 on January 8, 2007.

Sunny Hobbs, Destiney Hays, Lindsey Daniels

Eleven Women in the Field of 50 for 2006
Jennifer Best
Lindsey Daniels - 2nd
Michelle Decker
Destiney Hays - 6th
Sunny Hobbs - 11th
Amanda McDermott
Shannon McQueen
Dana Moore
Dara Morrow
Michelle Theriault
Chrissy Wallace

What does it take to become a NASCAR® driver?

On this program, fan power, talent and the ability to learn from the best. So this is how it goes.......................

1. Drivers submit themselves, and the veteran panel will review and decide which of the fifty the fans get to vote for.

2. The fans vote for the rookies they want to see on the show. The top 15 by the end of July will be the one's on the show.

3. This is where the veterans in racing and lifestyles will take over. The Rookies will be trained and compete against each other on and off the track.

4. The veterans will narrow the field down to two. During the programs airing, the fans will keep voting for the Rookie they want to win. At the end, a live two hour special will reveal who the fans choose as there new Driver.

5. The winner will get seven races to prove their stuff with all they have learned. If they win, they get a big $$$ bonus and a debut in the Nascar Cup Series with the team.

What does it take to become a NASCAR® driver?…

Can you take unknown, untested rookies after training them with the very best in the business and enable these rookies to drive like a seasoned veteran in their very first Big League race?…

Does the old saying “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with,” really apply here?…

Come find out at the end of our first Racin’ for a Livin’ season.

Our TV show, (on prime-time network and distributed out internationally) will allow the viewers to see and experience the high intensity world of auto racing through the eyes and mind of the driver. 12 Rookies will be selected by a careful analysis of the thousands of talented drivers and the voting of the fans at . One will prove worthy of their shot, in the most popular and hardest to conquer US motorsports arena, NASCAR! On the US sports platform, NASCAR ranks second only to the NFL, with a strong fan base of over 75 million.

Experience their world where, one mistake could mean the loss of life or limb, while having the added distractions of sponsors and fame. The show will include fun with great Hollywood entertainers and the musicians who love the thrill of Racing. They will be carefully selected to fill a variety of roles including:

  • Interaction with the rookies and veterans, which entails a white-knuckle ride with a top NASCAR Cup driver on a high-speed track.
  • Off-track action venues to include ATV’s, water sports, golfing, fishing, etc.
  • Lifestyle venues, the life of fame and fortune, 5-star all the way.
  • An Original Sound Track that will set the heart pounding beat to the action.
  • One-liner Comedy Cameo’s.

The show’s rookie drivers will take you through the ups and downs of their aspirations, dreams, and realities. You will learn how a driver becomes a pro. How the driver deals with his crew. What the crew is comprised of. How the driver schedules his time and coordinates that time to live and win.

On the racing side, it’s the most intense training program ever devised for auto racing. We will make sure of that! 50,000 laps in 10 weeks, is what we anticipate to put all the drivers through. Top veteran drivers and crew chiefs will take on the task of training the rookies and polishing them into winners ready for their NASCAR debut. The immense training time will bring out the most aggressive and skillful drivers who have the drive to succeed.

One of the twelve rookie drivers’ dreams will be dashed each week, however they will not be sent from the show! What’s more is now, the disgruntled “eliminated” drivers will be on the track for the weekly winners to “trade paint” on the track. Although they can’t win the show, they are still trying to impress all the owners and sponsors out there.

The winner will then move on to their shot at the NASCAR Busch Series, and will truly live out the ultimate goal of every rookie driver who dreams of Racin' for a Livin'. Driver elimination will be based on scoring comprised of three components: lap times, scoring by a judging panel of NASCAR veterans, and a live public vote via phone and Internet which is set up to handle 100 million hits a week.

Be there to witness the run of emotions as they go from one extreme to the next and everything in-between. Watch as the dreams of one of these rookie drivers go bye-bye right before your very eyes with each episode. When race day arrives, will the chosen driver rise to the expectations of the millions of fans that follow them, or will they just turn out to be, another rookie on the track.

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