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Yeast Infections from Lubes?

Dear Paul,

I've heard that lubes with glycerin in them (KY and Astroglide) can cause yeast infections. Is this true? While I don't usually have problems getting wet, my boyfriend and I can only see each other on weekends, and there are times when I could really use an assist by Sunday afternoon. Is there a lube that you can suggest?

Linda in Slippery Rock

Dear Linda,

I haven't done any research on sexual lubes, but my friends who sell a lot of lube tell me that women who get yeast infections should not use lubes with glycerin in them. This means no to lubes like KY and Astroglide.

As for the type of lubes you might consider, it depends on the kind of sex you are having and the kind of feeling you and your partner enjoy. The reason I say this is because different lubes leave different sensations.

For instance, you and your boyfriend are cramming seven day's worth of sex into two. So you might consider a lube like Eros. It lasts a long time and doesn't have any taste. While it's perfectly safe to use with condoms, it seems to have a light oily feeling that some people enjoy. On the other hand, it won't make you feel too slick. If you rub it between your fingers, you can still feel the ridges, and if you put it in your vagina, you can still feel the skin on the penis going to and fro.

Another lube to consider is Liquid Silk. This is a good all-around lube that really does have a silky feeling. It is quite close to the feeling of a woman's natural lubrication. It is not as slick and "fast" as some other lubes. You'll get plenty of lubrication but also plenty of sensation. Liquid Silk tends to soak into the skin so it won't feel like you need to wash it off. It also helps moisturize vaginal tissues. Some physicians recommend it for menopausal women—massage it on your outer lips and one or two inches inside of your vagina twice a day. Liquid Silk is also a good lube to use with all sex toys, including those with the new Cyberskin surface.

If you are fisting, doing anal play or swinging, a good lube might be Maximus. It is thicker than most lubes and won't dry out as fast. It almost provides a light cushion and stays exactly where you put it. Couples who are into sexual swinging often prefer Maximus, given how many different things are going into different places over different spans of time. It is safe for use with condoms and is long lasting. One downside is it may have some taste.

Three lubes which are glycerin-based are Astroglide, I.D. and KY. Astroglide and ID are slicker than most lubes, which means if you rub them between your fingers, you won't feel the ridges as much as you will with Liquid Silk or Eros. People who prefer these lubes say they feel "really fast." You can interpret that any way you like.

I never realized that a woman would complain about her vagina feeling too slick or fast until I started getting feedback from some of the women on our sex survey who say that they get so lubricated during intercourse that they can't really feel the penis going in and out. If you are having this problem, Ellen, from, suggests taking an over-the-counter antihistamine to help dry up your natural lube just a bit. At the same time, women who are taking antihistamines (often found in cold and allergy medicines) should be aware that the antihistamine might be impacting their ability to get wet in a sexual way. They might want to use store-bought lube to help make up the difference.

You can purchase most of these lubes over the web at or or at your favorite location for sexual enhancement.

©2007 by Paul Joannides

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