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Asking Women Out and Meeting Women Online

Q: Hey Guys--I just wanted to ask how to close the deal with a girl. After talking to them for a while I still have trouble getting their number, or asking them out on a date. I would appreciate your advice, Needs the Number

A: This is simpler than you might think. After chatting with a woman for a while, and doing some of the flirting moves so she knows you are interested, you simply say, "hey, you seem cool. What would it be like if we went out for a cup of coffee sometime? Could I have your email address, or phone number?" If she says yes, try to set up the date right then.

It's really just a matter of opening your mouth (or, as Ron calls it, your "pie trap") and risking rejection by ASKING HER.

Q: Hi Ron and David--I bought your book and I am almost halfway through it. I decided to start trying to talk to women through the internet ads and have done a massive email campaign. I sent out emails on 23 different ads and have not received one friggin' response. I am trying to remain positive but this is disheartening in the extreme. I don't think that I am a hideous looking guy, but I sent my picture with the response to the ads, in order to forgo the later rejection if I happen not to be their type. please advise me on what else I am doing wrong. Thanks, Frustrated

A: Dear Frustrated,

Let's go over some of the basics of getting women on-line. First, sending out 23 emails and getting no response shouldn't be a big deal to you. On-line, no response is the norm, so you have to be able to move quickly through large numbers of women. The secret is quickly, quickly, quickly--using the same email, or one that requires very minimal changes, for each woman.

There's three ways to meet women on-line:

1) On-line personals ads. This means both placing and answering ads. Remember, no where is it more of a number's game than on-line.

2) Chatting with women. AOL is our chatting means of choice. To you techies out there, yes, we know you hate AOL, hate what the software does to your system, etc. However, if you have AOL, you can search for women who meet your criteria, and find out if they are on-line. If they are, you can Instant Message (IM) them right away, and a certain percentage of the time get conversations going. Here's how you do it:

In the AOL software: Under PEOPLE, Hit SEARCH AOL MEMBER DIRECTORY. Now hit the box in the bottom right corner that says RETURN ONLY MEMBERS ONLINE. Now hit ADVANCED SEARCH, and put in things like location, or shared interests. You might look under "new age," or "astrology" or whatever kind of woman you think you have a chance with. Oh yes, and also click FEMALE. This will return a list of women who are on-line right now, who you can talk with. Double click on their names to bring up their profile, if they have one. From there you can hit LOCATE and SEND IM. Just start with something like "hi!"

3) Seeking interesting women and emailing them directly. You do this the same way you seek women on-line, as we just covered. The only difference is you don't check RETURN ONLY MEMBERS ONLINE. It will then give you a list of all women who meet your criteria. You can literally send them all the same letter.

Remember, it's a numbers game. Move quickly, and get through hundreds of women, and you'll have success on-line.

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