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I am a 28 year man who is infatuated with a woman of 40. She refuses to see my romantically because of my age. How can I convince her to see me?

David: I get the picture. You've probably tried to get her to "see reason," haven't you? You've had ever-so-earnest conversations about how the age difference shouldn't make a difference.

Ron: And it hasn't done a bit of good, has it?

David: Of course it hasn't. Listen, Mrs. Robinson is just like any other woman. She won't respond to logic. This is about emotions, not about thoughts. So emotions need to be your weapon of choice, not your nice collected reasonable thoughts.

Ron: Pretend your aged conquest is just like any other woman. It is absolutely predictable that, over the course of most seductions, the woman will have a "Why not?" problem. This is one of them.

David: A "Why not?" problem occurs when she starts thinking about dating you, and then says to herself, "He seems pretty cute. Maybe I should date him. Why not?"

Ron: Then she gives herself an answer--in your case, you are too young, that's why not. But, believe it or not, if you had been her age, she'd probably have thought up a different reason not to date you. Women resist change in their lives, even change they would like.

Dating you is a possible change, so it's possible trouble. So she thinks of reasons not to do it. Thus, you are too young.

David: Stop fighting her about whether or not you are too young. Be romantic. Give her little gifts. Go out with her "as a friend" and turn on the romance. Either she'll get over her "Why not?" problem, or else she really truly doesn't like you.

Ron: In that case, get away from her, and move on to somebody else!

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We must try to trust one another. Stay and cooperate. - Jomo Kenyatta

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