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To Enlarge or Not to Enlarge?

Last week we began answering a question about penis enlargement. While we are not doctors, we did have the opportunity to research this question while putting together our book Sex Lover's Book of Lists.

Last week we shared with you some methods that don't work. This week, let's talk about some that do

Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

1. Enlargement surgery. Every year, over 6,000 American men have penis-enlargement surgery. There are two types of surgery; lengthening and widening. The average price is $4,000. One of the top enlargement surgeons in the country is Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein of Culver City, CA. He has single-handedly performed over 2,000 enlargement surgeries. There is a debate between doctors as to the safety of these operations. 

2. Lengthening surgery. The lengthening surgery consists of cutting two ligaments connecting the penis to the public bone. Next, the penis is pulled forward from the body cavity. This operation adds around two inches to the length.

3. Widening surgery. Some men desire a thicker penis. The operation to achieve this goal is done by injecting fat under the skin of the penile shaft. The fat is taken from the lower abdomen and buttocks. The operation can double or triple the girth. The dangers are that the fat often melts away within a year and is reabsorbed by the body.

4. Penile Prosthesis. A penile prosthesis is an artificial rod or pump that is surgically placed inside the penis. Most doctors consider this to be the last resort for problems. The rod version has the penis stay in a continual state of erection. Many men report this to be useful, but it is much less popular than the pump because of safety and comfort issues.

5. Inflatable Implants. Surgeons perform approximately 20,000 inflatable implants surgeries each year. The implant has three components: inflatable cylinders are placed inside the penis. Tubing connects the cylinders to the abdomen, and the pump is placed in the scrotum. When a man pumps air into the cylinders they inflate and so does his penis. The pressure release valve connected to the pump reverses this process. Once again, the surgery is risky, expensive, and can be ineffective. However, it is rumored that Flip Wilson had implant surgery.

6. Weight Loss. Weight loss is much more effective that you would ever think. For every 35 pounds of weight a man carries over his ideal weight his penis will appear to be one inch smaller. Overweight men tend to have fat covering the pubic bone at the base of the penis. The result is that the penis appears smaller. Specialists recommend increasing exercise and decreasing fatty foods.

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