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Question 1. What's the best opening line?

A. "Hi." According to a University of Chicago study, "hi" is the best opening line there is, followed by "how do you like the band?" (but only if a band is, in fact, playing). All the cutsie lines you've heard--"Is heaven missing a couple of angels? 'Cause I can see them bouncing around inside your blouse,"--don't work any better, and usually work quite a bit worse. Even if the cutsie line does work, you are still left with the same basic problem--"there's a human being in front of me, what do I say?

"Hi" works the best at getting you to that point..

Question 2: But the woman I want to say hi to isn't anywhere near me--I'd have to go up to her. What should I do?

A. Try the "goodbye introduction." This is a cousin of the "goodbye compliment," which we discuss in How to Succeed with Women. Imagine you are at the gym, and you see a woman who is really attractive to you. But she's busy lifting weights, and it seems like your gym is not such a friendly place, anyway. The opportunity is this: time your leaving the gym for when she is between sets, or stretching. Then on your way out, introduce yourself like this (smile while you do it!):

"Hi, I'm just leaving, but before I do, I really wanted to introduce myself to the woman who has such wonderful form. My name is David." She says something back, like "Oh hi, my name is Tracy," then you say something like "I hope to see you here again." Then you leave.

This creates an opening for you to talk to her next time you see her--"Hi Tracy, how are you?" It also gives you a way of interacting with her for the first time without there being much risk--since you tell her up front you are leaving, she's less likely to be afraid of you wasting lots of her time. It also builds your esteem, and teaches your nervous system that you can actually survive talking to beautiful women, which makes it more likely you'll do it again, and again, and again.

In time this can even help you develop the confidence to ask for her number in that situation, but for now, just try this much--we'll build on it later.

Question 3.. I always beat up on myself, because I see opportunities to take action with women, but I don't take them. The other day I was at the mall, and there was this beautiful girl working at a store, and I was the only one there, and it would have been easy to do the "goodbye compliment" or "goodbye introduction," but I just couldn't. I really feel like a loser. What should I do?

A. This may surprise you, but the more men we coach, the more sure we become that it is true: Seeing an opportunity and NOT taking it is part of the process of learning to take it. So when you see an opportunity to talk to a woman, and you don't do it, know this: that's part of doing it.

It's like doing a little dry-run in your head. Or, you might say it's like there is this seducer guy inside of you, that you are learning to bring out. This guy comes out one step at a time. First he notices the situations where he could take action. Then, in time, he takes the action. But the first part (noticing the action, but not taking it) usually comes before the second (actually taking the action).

Beating yourself up actually make this process go SLOWER, and makes it more painful. Our experience and the experience of our students has shown us over and over again that you can get through this process faster if you don't beat yourself up for seeing opportunities and not taking them. Best is to say, "Oh, that was an opportunity. What might I have done?" Then run through it in your head, followed by "Great! I'm one more step closer to doing it." Soon you'll find yourself just doing it--if you allow the process to happen.

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