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Real Time Death Toll as of


Obesity and Psychological Problems in Kids

Many health professionals suspect that overweight and obese children are at increased risk for psychiatric problems. Researchers from Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, studied the prevalence of psychiatric problems in obese and overweight youth.
Source: www.kidshealth.org/research/obesity_psychological_problems.html

Red Flags on Fat

Look for low-fat choices on the menu. Avoid menus with these descriptions: creamed, breaded, batter-dipped, parmigiana, au beurre, Alfredo, Newburg, béarnaise, croquettes, crispy, carbonara, tempura, fritters, fritto, hollandaise, and a la king.
Source: The Old Farmer's Almanac

Most Americans Don't Link Tummy Fat With Heart Disease

Sixty percent are unaware this type of obesity threatens the heart, survey finds.
Source: www.healthcentral.com/newsdetail/408/528051.html

CRP Increases In Children As Weight Increases

There is a significant association between body mass index and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in children, according to a study.
Source: American Heart Association, www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC254/333/20833/368299.html?d=dmtICNNews

Weight-Loss Programs May Be Deductible

Until 2002, taxpayers were only allowed to claim the cost of doctor-recommended weight-loss treatment for such problems as heart disease and hypertension. Now, obesity itself qualifies as a disease.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC254/333/20833/376615.html?d=dmtICNNews

Air Force Wants Thinner, More Fit Troops

The Air Force has starting a new mandatory unit-based exercise program that will include sit-ups, push-ups and runs, something Gen. John P. Jumper hopes will produce leaner troops.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC254/333/20833/369294.html?d=dmtICNNews

Shedding Pounds Lengthens Life

Mouse study found those that lacked weight-control gene were twice as heavy

Overweight and Obesity

The number of overweight and obese kids is growing at a phenomenal rate. Read on to find out how you can help to overcome overweight and obesity in your own children.
Source: www.kidshealth.org/parent/general/body/overweight_obesity.html 

Midlife "Spread" Doubles Stroke Risk In Men

Middle-aged men who are obese are doubling their risk of suffering a stroke, according to a study of more than 7,400 healthy men followed for 28 years. The new findings are reported in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.
Source: American Heart Association,

New Weight-Loss Device To Be Tested

Portland has been chosen as one of three nationwide sites where doctors will begin testing new weight-loss surgery technology designed to reduce weight without dramatic changes to digestive systems
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC254/333/20833/403487.html?d=dmtICNNews

Obese Patients Have Higher Health Care Costs

Compared to nonobese persons, obese patients had higher average health care costs over a one-year period, according to an article in the October 25, 2004 issue of The Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC254/333/21291/403731.html?d=dmtICNNews

Liposuction Comes of Age

Innovations make it one of the safer cosmetic surgery options.
Source: www.healthcentral.com/news/NewsFullText.cfm?id=511760

Suburban Sprawl Tied to Human Sprawl

Researchers are blaming suburban development for America's obesity epidemic and various other physical and mental ailments.
Source: www.healthcentral.com/news/NewsFullText.cfm?id=1502266

Obesity a Major Risk Factor for Cancer Death

Having a normal weight could spare 90,000 lives a year
Source: www.healthcentral.com/news/NewsFullText.cfm?id=512838

Obesity In Middle Age Cuts Years Off Life

People who are overweight at 40 are likely to die at least three years sooner than those who are slim, meaning that in terms of life expectancy, being fat during middle age is just as bad as smoking, researchers say. Read the story and comments from a Harvard physician.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/359838.html

Obesity Cuts Life Span For Young Adults

Being obese at age 20 can cut up to 20 years off a person's life, with the biggest impact on black men, according to yet another study that underscores the long-term dangers of being overweight.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/359858.html

Stick To Exercise Time As If It Were An Appointment

Obesity abounds, but most of us react to stories about America's soaring girth rate by heading for the fridge. We are far too busy to count calories, much less spend time at the gym.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/360331.html

Study Finds Meal Portion Sizes Growing

Americans aren't just supersizing their portions in fast-food restaurants, they're doing it in their own kitchens.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/360307.html

Obesity In Middle Age Cuts Years Off Life

People who are overweight at 40 are likely to die at least three years sooner than those who are slim, meaning that in terms of life expectancy, being fat during middle age is just as bad as smoking, researchers say.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/359831.html

Pediatricians Have Important Role In Identifying And Treating Eating Disorders

According to a new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) entitled, 'Identifying and Treating Eating Disorders,' primary care pediatricians are in a unique position to detect the onset of eating disorders and stop their progression at the earliest stages of the illness.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/359776.html

Weight-Loss Experts Say Adults Must Go Slowly, Set Better Example

When adults want to lose weight, they often revamp their eating and exercise habits by choosing healthier foods and being more active. But losing weight is trickier for children and adolescents who have to eat what their parents buy or their schools serve and do the sports and activities that are available to them, pediatric weight-loss experts say.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/359808.html

More Kids Are Developing Adult Diseases

Thirteen percent of American children are seriously overweight, more than triple the number from 30 years ago. Children are developing life-threatening diseases once found almost exclusively in adults: hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, sleep problems, liver and gall bladder disease. Ten-year-olds have high blood pressure. Kids need hip replacements.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/356866.html

Obesity Gene Discovered?

Utah geneticists say they have found the biological equivalent of the Rosetta stone for heart disease and overweight bodies: a single, inherited obesity gene. Read the story and comments from a Harvard physician.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/7228/357505.html

Bariatric Surgery Used On Obese Kids

Drastic surgery for obesity, once viewed as suitable only for adults, is emerging as an option for children, a new pediatrics report says.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/357585.html

World Health Organization Toughening Approach To Obesity Battle

Obesity has reached such epidemic proportions that world health officials have decided they need to take a more aggressive approach if they are to head off a global explosion of fat-related diseases.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/7165/344/350089.html

Five-Year-Old Girls With High Cholesterol Are More Likely To Be Overweight At Age Twelve

Most scientific literature has suggested that obesity precedes the development of blood lipid disorders such as abnormally high cholesterol. Even in very young children, overweight or obesity can set off a cascade of early risk factors for cardiovascular disease that includes hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and insulin resistance. Tershakovec et al., publishing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that normal-weight children may be hypercholesterolemic, and that this condition predisposes young girls to the development of overweight and obesity later in childhood.
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/20833/355635.html

Obese Teens' Suit Blames McDonald's

Two teenagers with big midsections have an even bigger beef with McDonald's. Their parents, on behalf of the youths, have filed a lawsuit seeking class action against the fast-food giant, saying the chain's unhealthy meals made them obese, which caused them to develop severe health problems including heart disease.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/20833/355578.html

Schools Waging Obesity Fight

In the land of corn dogs, cookies and chocolate milk, first-grader Gregory Lewis tries his best to make healthy choices in the Dunn Elementary School cafeteria lunch line.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/20833/355445.html

American Obesity Ballooning

Government health officials fret about expanding waistlines, even in kids.
Source: healthscout.com/template.asp?page=newsdetail&ap=408&id=509528

Food for Thought for Obesity Experts

Special menu for conference attendees to include low-fat offerings. Source: www.healthscout.com/template.asp?page=newsdetail&ap=408&id=509364

Reduced-Fat Snacks

Frito-Lay Inc., whose chips are frequently a target for nutritionists, said it would eliminate an especially harmful type of fat from its products and offer more reduced-fat snacks. Read the story and comments from a Harvard physician.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/7228/355835.html

Food Companies Refine Marketing Of Fats

Sarah Blumenschein sees a pattern in the overweight children who come to her clinic. They snack more often and they eat out more often -- especially at fast-food restaurants.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/341/356032.html

Obesity And Even A Few Extra Pounds Raises Risk Of Developing Heart Failure

Researchers have found another reason to watch your waistline: Being even modestly overweight increases the chances of developing heart failure.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/7228/353178.html

Drug Development For Obesity

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Synthelabo hopes scientific knowledge gained from marijuana will help the masses curb the "munchies." Read the story and comments from a Harvard physician.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/7228/353797.html

Obesity Rises Among Canadian Adults

Obesity is increasing among Canadian adults, even though more people say they are physically active, the government statistics agency reported.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/enews?349876

Child Obesity On The Rise

Overweight children are being hospitalized at dramatically rising rates for diabetes, sleep apnea and other diseases that obesity causes or worsens.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/enews?349527

Overweight Kids To Get Pedometers

Pedometers in the form of matchbook-size belt clips will hopefully make walking more fun for 200 Denver youngsters as part of a pilot program aimed at battling childhood obesity.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/7165/344/348000.html

Kids Getting A Steady Diet Of Fast Food On The Tube

Television commercials aired during children's shows now emphasize larger fast-food portions compared with Saturday morning ads in the 1970s, which focused mainly on sugary breakfast cereals, according to a study being presented at the American Heart Association's Asia Pacific Scientific Forum. Researchers say this trend may contribute to the rise in childhood obesity.
Source: American Heart Association, www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/EMIHC000/333/333/349174.html

Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity

The recent worldwide increase in obesity has been attributed to environmental factors such as more sedentary lifestyles and excessive food intake.
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/325/8015/349197.html

Dangers Abound, But Obesity Often Ignored, Accepted

"Hidden epidemic" is the wrong phrase, because the fattening of America is hardly a secret. In fact, its casual acceptance is one of the problems, said Lloyd Laubach, who chairs the health and sport science department at the University of Dayton.
Source: www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/325/8015/348762.html

'Obesity Sleuths' Find Chronic Diseases Are Linked To A Breakdown Response To What Our Human DNA Is Expecting

The results of the most extensive research investigation into the relationship between chronic health conditions and physical inactivity have been released by a team of 'obesity sleuths.' They conclude that today's skyrocketing levels of chronic diseases are due to the collision between the body's total gene complement of a set of chromosomes, programmed 10,000 years ago to anticipate physical exertion, and the inactivity endemic to 21st century sedentary societies. Nutritional 'thrifty genes' may further exacerbate the deterioration of the human body, which takes the form of common, chronic disorders, once thought to be rare.
Source: American Physiological Society, www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/333/21142/352518.html  

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67% of Americans clean their plates, says the American Institute of Cancer Research. And, 64% of Americans are overweight. "Give me biggie fries with that."

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