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Super Bowl XXXVIII Aftermath

I guess those who switched to the Lingerie Bowl at half-time (models playing tackle football in "lingerie?") missed the greater exposure at the Super Bowl - Justin Timberlake pulling part of Janet Jackson's bustier off exposing a breast covered with a tassel, nipple ring or shield (photo upper right. Click for an enlargement.) This isn't really anything new for television if you've ever watched the Oscar's, Emmy's, or Golden Globes with women either wearing a see-through dress (Meryl Streep) or a slit up the dress that uncovered delicate areas down below (Ashley Judd) at the 1998 Oscar's.

Then, just before the half started there was the man (1) who no one notice as he made his way to the center of the field unchecked by the very heavy security corp, stripped to his socks, shoes, hat and a G-string (the press calling him a streaker with is a misnomer. A streaker is nude except maybe for shoes.)

When asked, Sean McManus, CBS Sports President said, "No one at CBS anticipated anything so offensive and distasteful." He was referring to the half-time performance. I thought the statement should have been directed more toward some of the commercials.

Like the one that showed an attractive date in a horse-drawn carriage, holding a candle for her boyfriend. Cut to the rear end of the horse as the tail goes up. The horse lets go of some methane gas, exploding in the girls face with a fire ball. "Have another Bud?" Don't mind if I do. Another Bud spot shows this mutt attacking a guy's crotch (2) so the obese owner of the dog doesn't have to go to the cooler for a Bud. Both Budweiser and CBS-Television must think that's funny. Don't spot me, I'm on a roll. Another Bud spot shows an apparent football player going into a spa supposedly for a rubdown and instead gets a bikini wax. But let's not stop there. Another commercial, Bud of course, shows a chip hustling its owner's date when he leaves the room (3), inviting her upstairs and obviously staring at her breasts. Good old American TV. Now I see why CBS wouldn't allow the commercial "Child's Pay" to air. Too controversial. Try, too clean. And, apparently, the kind of people who the advertisers and CBS think watch the Super Bowl prefer this kind of raunch because on the USA Today Ad Meter ratings, the Mutt came out number one, again.

2. 3.

4. 5.

Budweiser wasn't the only advertiser that preferred raunch. Procter & Gamble came on board showing a quarterback diddling the center's ass and when the center frowns and tries to get away, the quarterback chases him. (4) What the quarterback was apparently after was the Charmin toilet paper hanging from the center's belt instead of a towel. And, then there was the American Legacy commercial (5) showing shards of glass extending out of popsicles going down an assembly line. But none of these commercials are controversial. Not at $2.3 million a pop, plus production costs. Who's going to find that kind of money , woops, sorry, advertising "distasteful".

Golden Globes

Breasts are everywhere. Go to the newsstand and check out the array of magazines showing a lot of cleavage. I'm not talking about Playboy and Penthouse. I'm talking about row after row of shelter magazines from Allure to American Women, the Complete Woman to Cosmopolitan, Elle, First for Women, Frank, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Mademoiselle, Marie Clare, McCalls, Mirabella, New Woman, Redbook, Self, Shape, Vogue.. Woman's Own, to Woman's World. cleavage is in - or out, might be a better way to describe it. Even the teen publications push skin exposed at least 6" below the belly button

Speaking of Globes, where did they come from since Eyes Wide Shut? (6)


From Jennifer Aniston to Mary-Louise Parker, movie stars have been showing their stuff for a long time and male and sometimes female singers have been grabbing their crutches for at least 10 years. What would you expect from a culture that thinks the human body is shameful and deplores sexuality. Why movies like My Boss's Daughter gets an R rating for a sight gag of the male lead basically being forced to grab Carmen Electra's covered breast to check for what she thinks is breast cancer. How shameful, but letting the little thirteen year old watch Lord of the Rings with tons of violence and killing, what's the big deal. Somewhere along the line things got really twisted and this year's Super Bowl is taking the hit.

Give Me a Break

You've been sitting back for years accepting things as they are. We've tried to get you to complain about accessories that are being marketed to preteen girls that say "Stupid Factory - Where Boys are Made" or, items that if they said "Girls are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" you might wake up and say "Violence against Women."  But the fact is, your daughters are buy the ones that say "Boys are Stupid - Throw Rocks at Them" and the major comment we get is either "It's a joke" or "You've being too sensitive."  Well, how about the Rotten Cotton T-shirts that say Dead Girls Never Say No or My kid raped your honor student. Or the line of Wife Beater T-shirts out of Texas, one for everyone in the family, even the baby that reads Lil Wifebeater in Training. Do any of those messages wake you up? Enough to do anything? We're waiting. (Originally written in 2004. It's now ten years later (2014) and not much has changed.)

An Internet View of Shania Twain Performance at Super Bowl XXXVII

A view of Shania Twain performing at half-time last year, computer enhanced.

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