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Several months ago I asked some friends who recently had a baby if they had decided what kind of parenting style they were going to use They gave me a quizzical look and I clarified. I mentioned that there are many different methods or rearing children - ranging from strict disciplinarian to hands off. I wanted to know if they read about or discussed the various methods they would use to raise their baby?

Like many parents, they hadn't given it too much thought. Basically, they were going to raise their child how they remember being raised. Some parents who feel they had a poor upbringing try to raise their children the exact opposite way they were raised. In reality, our friends had no real plan for raising their child.

I see this same approach in relationships and it can be very unhealthy. Just because you turned out "ok" doesn't mean that you were reared wonderfully. And just because your parents never divorced doesn't mean you should mimic their relationship.

If you want to be a great basket weaver how would you go about it? By instinct? By watching those who make ordinary or even awful baskets? If you want to be a top-notch basket weaver you would spend a lot of time watching experts in the field, noting their technique. You would read books on the subject and take some courses. When it came to weaving your basket, you would probably have some ideas and concepts about what you wanted it to look like before you even started.

A relationship is a lot more complex than making baskets. If you want to have a top-notch relationship then you can't simply let nature take its course. You must have a plan. First, you make the decision that you are going to have a blissful relationship and hopefully you can get your mate to agree to the same. You will want to observe couples who have blissful relationships and maybe ask them a lot of questions. You should read books on the subject and perhaps take some courses from experts.

Raising well-behaved, respectful children takes a lot of time, thought and effort. Creating a beautiful basket takes skill, dedication and good teaching. A blissful relationship takes all the above and then some.

©2010, Michael Webb

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