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A Controversial Kiss Offers Many Lessons For All Of Us
Are Great Relationships Hard Work?
Are You a 'Helmet Head'?
Are you a Hugger, A Kisser, A Shaker or A Wisher?
Are You Better or Worse Than You Think At This?
Are you building trust?
Are You Moving Closer to or Further from What You Want?
Can Problems, Challenges and Chaos In your Life Actually Be a Gift?
Can You Be Too Honest in Relationships?
Can you "be yourself" and have what you want in relationship?
Can you Create Passion Out Of Thin Air? or Is what you've got in your relationship or marriage as good as it gets?
Can You Treat Someone Too Special?
Choosing The Best Gifts For The One You Love
Communication No-No's for Couples Who Want to Connect
Could This Be The Worst Relationship Advice Ever?
Counter-intuitive Ways to Fix Jealousy, Trust and Communication Issues
Dealing With Virginia Tech, Chaos and Tragedy
The Difference Between Being Honest and Being Honest In Your Communication
Disagreements, Disappointments and Doing It Differently
Don't Ignore Your "Little" Relationship Problems: Fix Em' While They're Still Small

The 5 Relationship Roadblocks
5 Tips For Getting Past Anger & Misunderstandings
5 Ways to Get Back to Passion and Connection in your Relationship or Life" pt. 2
4 Ways To "Restart The Spark"
Funny and scary
Getting Back To Passion and Connection in your Relationship or Life
Getting Past The "Assumption Barrier" in your relationship or marriage Ever Said The WRONG Thing?
Getting Ready For Change
Giving, Pleasing, Withdrawing and Being Honest In Your Relationships
Going Beyond Your Edge This Valentine's Day
A Guide to Gift Giving and Receiving
Have you ever compared yourself to another person?
He's "confused" and the affair hasn't stopped
How About More Fun In Your Relationship?
How 'Chunking Down' Can Help Your Relationships
"How do you know when what you have in your relationship or marriage is the best you can have?"
How Good Can You Stand It?
How Hard Is It To Be In A Great Relationship?
How To Deal With Disagreements in Relationships
How To Relax and Let Go Of Constrictions and Restrictions That Keep Us From Having The Love We Want
How to release past hurts and betrayals inorder to gain more trust in your relationship
How vulnerability can open the door to greater connection and aliveness
Important Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From a T-Shirt
Independence Day Relationship Advice
The Independence vs. Dependence Juggling Act In Relationships
Important Insights to Understand When You Want Your Partner to Be Different or Change
Is It Brains, Beauty (or Something Else...?
Is it really possible to 'manufacture' or create passion when you don't have it?
Is It Thanksgiving Everyday in Your Relationships?
Is This a Relationship Red Flag?
Keeping the Fire Lit In Your Relationship or Marriage
Keeping Your Relationship Strong While Going After Other Personal and Life Goals
Keeping Your Wheels on the Road To Love
The Lies We Tell Ourselves In Every Moment
Longevity and Relationships: Is There Something to Learn Here?
Loss of Libido, Love, Commitment & What To Do When It's Gone and You Want To Get It Back
Love and Physical Affection--2 Ideas For Getting More
Love, Relationships and Keeping The Dialog Going (Even When It gets Tough)
The Magic of One Day
Making Conscious Agreements
Making Peak Relationship Moments the Norm
Memories, Inspiration and Allowing Yourself To Shine
The Missing Link To Creating More Intimacy and Connection In Relationships
The Momentum of Love
Money Issues, Finances & Differences In Relationships
The Motivation To Change or Improve Your Relationships
The "Nasty" Relationship Game That MUST Be Stopped
A New Years Relationship Nudge
New Ways Of Honoring Each Other and Deepening Our Connection With Each Other
One Big Way We Avoid Fights (and How You Can Too...)
Open First
Opening, Changing and Surprising Yourself and Your Partner
Passion, Adventure, Romance and Pirates
The physical attraction is gone-- how to get it back
Plugging Up The Holes in Your Relationships
Powerful Shifts, Noticing What's Different and Trust Building Insights
Practical Tips For Getting Unstuck When You're Too Busy, Too Stressed or "Too Anything" For Love
A Prediction for 2007 About Your Relationships
The Pursuit of Relationship Happiness
Raising Your Level Of Deservingness
Relationship Advice, Life Lessons and Flip Wilson
Relationship Advice That Works For Everyone?
Relationship and Life Transitions: Skills For Moving With Them With Grace AND Power
Relationship Blocks, Barriers and 1
Relationship Blocks, Barriers and
Relationship Blocks, Barriers and
Relationship Blocks, Barriers and
Relationship Lessons from a Yellow Lab
Relationship lessons From The Hurricane In Ohio
A Relationship Recipe for a close, long-lasting relationship
Relationship Role Models and The Secrets To Lasting Love
Relationship Started Out Great... And Then...
Relationship Stories That Match
The relationship strategy that most of us "try" but almost never work
Relationship Tip: What to do when
Relationship Tips for Staying Connected When You Live with Young Children
The Relationship Trap You'll Want To Stay Away From. (It's Not What You Think)
Repeating BAD Relationship Patterns
Restart the Spark by Lightening Up
Revealed: "The 7 Relationship Transforming Words"
The Right Relationship Questions Make All The Difference
Romantic Comedies and Your Relationship
The "Rubber Band" theory in relationships-- Is it real?
17 Ways to Make Your Relationships Great in 2008
17 Ways to Make Your Relationships Great in 2008 - pt. 2
17 Ways to Make Your Relationships Great in 2008 - pt. 4
Should You Share EVERYTHING?
The Silly Side of Love
A Smart Way To Deal With Disrespect In a Relationship
Sophie's Story
The Soul Mate Spark: How do you get it and how do you keep it?"
Staying Connected As You Work Through Disagreements
Staying Connected During Changes in Our Lives
Staying Connected With Your Partner During Upsets, Disagreements and Challenging Situations
Staying Desirable for One Another...It Really Can Happen
Sticks, Balls, Jumping In The River and Opening To Love
A Sure-Fire Way To Make your Relationships Easier
Thanksgiving, Gratitude and One Thing You MUST Do For Your Relationships
10 Ways To Be A Brighter Light This Holiday Season and Beyond
This almost never works in relationships
This can cause real relationship problems if you're not careful
3 Important R's In Relationships That Can Help You Survive and Thrive, No Matter What
3 Relationship Ideas For Keeping Your Relationship Alive, Connected and Growing
3 "Secret" Ways to Deeper Connection and Intimacy
3 Ways to Get Your Needs Met in Your Relationship or Marriage
Trust and Your Rules
Trust Building "Rules" and How They Show Up In Your Life
12 Simple "Mind Tricks" You'll Want To Try
The 12 Things Not To Forget this Valentine's Day or Any Day If You
2 Instant Breakthroughs That Put Life Back into Your Relationship
2 Ways to Create "Automatic Attraction" in Your Relationship
Using Agreements to Resolve your Communication Issues
Using Something 'Non-Negotiable' To Create a Relationship that Is More Fun, Exciting and Enjoyable
U-Turns, Reverses and Opening to new possibilities
Want Your Relationship to be Special
What are You Resisting?
What if you love each other but you don't know how to...
What's Holding You Back?
What to do if you feel like you are the only one interested
What To Do When A Strong Issue Becomes Divisive?
What To Do When Desire Leaves or Fades Away
What To Do When You or Your Partner Is 'Caught Looking'
What You Can Learn About Love and Relationships From Glitter, Glitz and a Night With The Stars
What You Can Learn From This Magician's Bad Relationship Advice
"When Is Flirting a Good Thing?"
When your partner wants "it" and you don't .
Who is Keith Urban and What Is The Surprising Relationship Lessons He Knows That Many People Don't?
Who's the "problem" in your relationship?
Why It Pays To NOT Be Honest In Relationships
Why Selfishness is Okay
The Women Men Adore... And Never Want To leave
You Don't Always Have to Talk
Your past relationship "baggage"

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Susie and Otto Collins are spiritual and life partners who are committed to helping others create outstanding relationships of all kinds. They regularly write, speak and conduct workshops and seminars on love, relationships and personal and spiritual growth to audiences all across the USA. They are the creators of the "Relationship Toolkit" which has helped people in over a dozen countries improve their relationships. It includes a video called Spiritual Partnerships plus two booklets Love and Relationship Success Secrets and 101 Relationship Quotes Worth a Million Dollars! You can also read more articles like these and subscribe to their weekly newsletter on love and relationships by visiting their web site at Their new E-book Should You Stay or Should You Go? has just been released and is now available See Archives 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001. Other Relationship Issues, Books

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