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Menstuff® has compiled information on the coverage of Father's Day compared to Mother's Day in major newspaper. Photo above is by Bob Willoughby from The Family of Children.

Making Dad Happy
What it costs ... to make Dad happy

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Fathers' Day

Make Dad happy

What does Dad really want this Father's Day? Probably a magic wand that waves away his bills, his boss and maybe his teenage daughter's boyfriend. Or at least to put his feet up in a quiet house and watch golf all day. But even if you can't work a miracle you can still get him a pretty cool gift.

The average American spent around $94 on gifts for Father's Day last year, according to a survey by the International Mass Retail Association. The most popular gift? The trusty greeting card, sent by more than 60 percent of people. About 40 percent settled on clothing (how 'bout that tie with the little blue whales?), 22 percent gave sporting goods, 17 percent electronics, and 12 percent things for the garden.

We say skip the tie and get the tie gadget. Sharper Image has a motorized tie rack that can help him choose from up to 72 ties in a few seconds (Quiet Power Tie Rack, $59.95, www.sharperimage.com). Dads who sing in the shower might love a waterproof CD player (CD Shower Companion, $189.00, www.sharperimage.com). Or splurge on a digital camera like the Olympus 2.1 Megapixel Ultra Zoom Digital Camera ($799, www.bluelight.com or the Friendly Robotics RL 500 Robomower, a computerized lawnmower (Robomower, $795.00, www.friendlyrobotics.com) that will cut grass from ten different angles while Dad sits on the porch with his feet up.

If your Dad's a baseball fan, take him to a game (New York Mets tickets, $12 and $43), or buy him a hat with his favorite team's logo (Boston Red Sox hats, $15-$25, www.lids.com). To find the appropriate size, measure Dad's head with Lids' Melon Measuring Tool. Is Dad a golfer? Try the Nike Dual Lightweight Carry Bag ($169, www.nikegolf.nike.com), or the Golf Scorecard Watch, which, along with a timepiece and calendar, is a scorecard with a 50-round memory ($50, www.hallmark.com). If his own game's rained out, he can get it on tape. Some of the most popular sports videos: Michael Jordan to the Max, 101 Classic Goals from the World Cup, Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History ($10-$17 on www.amazon.com).

Before his big Father's Day dinner, take him for a traditional barbershop shave or give him a kit from the Art of Shaving, www.theartofshaving.com, where a special Father's Day travel kit with preshave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, razors and a leather case runs about $200, and a luxury shaving set with an engraved nickel razor and shaving brush is a cool $750.

Then it's off for steaks or sushi. Or bring dinner to him. Omaha Steaks' Ultimate Father's Day Ensemble has six big boneless strip sirloins, four filet mignons, 24 burgers, and the Let's Grill Cookbook ($99.99, www.omahasteaks.com); the Dad Pack boasts 2 T-Bones, 8 burgers, seasoning, and an Omaha Steaks oven mitt, hot pad and apron ($74.99, www.omahasteaks.com). Grillmeisters can always use a special grill apron ($16.95, www.bbqpeople.com), or more barbecue sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce, $5.95; Dinosaur Habanero hot BBQ sauce, $3.50; www.bbqpeople.com). City dad? Sone George Foreman Grills can be used indoors. The Champ's Lean Mean Grilling Machine grills meats on a sloped surface, letting run-off fats drip away for a healthier meal ($59.99, www.georgeforeman.com). Throw in George Foreman's Big Book of Barbecue, Grilling and Rotisserie ($18.40, www.amazon.com), and you've got yourself a lean, mean Father's Day: www.money.com/money/depts/planning/whatitcosts/archive/WIC_fathers_day.html

What it costs ... to make Dad happy

Here are some samples of gifts that provide a little originality versus socks or a tie. For:

The Grillmaster:

The Ultimate Father's Day Ensemble (Omaha Steaks) $99.99
The Dad Pack (Omaha Steaks) $10.96
Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce (The BBQ People) $5.95
Dinosaur Habanero Hot BBQ Sauce (The BBQ People) $3.50

The Traveler

Leather travel case with shaving accessories (The Art of Shaving) $200
Luxury shaving set (The Art of Shaving) $750
Wide view binoculars (Renovation Hardware, New York, NY) $29.95
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook (Renovation Hardware, New York, NY) $14.95

The Gadget Lover

CD Shower Companion (The Sharper Image) $189
Quiet Power Tie Rack (The Sharper Image) $59.95
Friendly Robotics RL 500 Robomower (www.friendlyrobotics.com) $795
Olympus Digital Camera (www.bluelight.com) $799

The Sports Fan

New York Mets tickets (Shea Stadium, New York) $12-$43
Boston Red Sox Hat (www.lids.com) $15
Nike Dual Lightweight Golf Carry Bag (www.nikegolf.nike.com) $169
Golf Scorecard Watch (www.hallmark.com) $50 
Assorted sports videos (Amazon.com) $10-$17

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Father's Day - A time to give love and thanks to all fathers, grand fathers, great grand fathers; day for all fathers to celebrate fatherhood and contemplate their sacred duty to provide for the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of their children and the other children of this world.

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