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Girl laughing minutes after killing, court told
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Boys Suffer Ass Kicking from Dates

A Minnesota survey has found that an alarming one in 20 high school boys has been raped or physically abused by a date. FHM, 5/02

Lawyer challenges handcuff use on girls

Two 14-year-olds girls facing murder charges should not be handcuffed while being driven to Child Youth and Family care in Palmerston North, their lawyers said in the Youth Court in New Plymouth yesterday.

The girls are two of three Waitara 14-year-olds charged with the murder of Kenneth Pigott (60).

Yesterday was the second day of the depositions hearing into Mr Pigott's murder.

The girls are kept overnight in a CYF facility before returning to New Plymouth each day.

Lawyer Duncan Harvey, Palmerston North, said he had protested that two of the three were handcuffed during their three-hour trip to Palmerston North on Wednesday night.

Handcuffing was not necessary, he said.

The girls were unable to sleep on the long journey because they were uncomfortable.

A CYF social worker told the court two police officers were transporting the girls, one officer was driving and the other was in the back.

One girl was in the front and the other in the back.

Justice of the Peace Fred Cox said he and fellow JP Tom Ryder had consulted the relevant act. Their belief, as confirmed by District Court Judge Patrick Toomey, was that the matter was outside their jurisdiction.

"He concurs that we cannot interfere with the police operations, and that it's up to the discretion of the police how they handle the matter," Mr Cox said.

The JPs remanded the defendants into the care of CYF.

Yesterday morning, the girls swore and made obscene gestures to a television cameraman taking footage as they were taken to court.

Source: By Mark Birch and Lyn Humphreys, Adrian Malloch, The Daily News,1008,1212234a1803,FF.html  

Girl laughing minutes after killing, court told

A 14-year-old girl cried after hitting Kenneth Pigott over the head with his hammer, saying she could go to jail for life, the New Plymouth Youth Court was told yesterday.

But soon after, she was laughing as she and four others drove around town in Mr Pigott's Isuzu Bighorn, blowing the horn outside the Waitara police station, a 13-year-old boy said.

The girl is one of three Waitara 14-year-old girls charged with the murder of the 60-year-old truck driver and stealing his vehicle on or about March 10 or 11.

On the second day of a depositions hearing, the boy said he was with the girls on the night of March 10.

In court he was screened from the three defendants and their families sitting in the gallery. Members of Mr Pigott's family were also in court.

He said the group of them went into Waitara where they saw a four-wheel-drive vehicle with its lights on and Mr Pigott asleep inside.

They went through the man's pockets and took his wallet, cellphone and keys.

Mr Pigott awoke and the group argued about his belongings.

The man was going to hop back in his seat and that was when (the girl with the hammer) hit him, the boy said.

"(The 12-year-old) shutted (sic) her eyes," he said. A 12-year-old girl gave evidence yesterday and has not been charged.

Then, with two hands gripping the hammer, the 14-year-old hit Mr Pigott on his head about three times from behind.

The man fell to the ground. The three dragged him down to the river.

On the grass, two of the other girls kicked him, one in the head, the other in the stomach.

The girl who hit him with the hammer was crying, he said.

Crown solicitor Tim Brewer asked how Mr Pigott got into the water.

"They turned him over, he tumbled on these rocks and he fell in," the boy said.

"I ran over to the road and got the hammer and I biffed it into the river. I was just scared. I thought no one would have known (about the attack) if I chucked it in."

He said before the attack occurred, police, security guards and a Waitara Project van drove past the group. Waitara Project is aimed at keeping street kids safe.

The boy said all five got in the vehicle. The girl who hit Mr Pigott was crying, saying her life was on the line and she could go to jail, he said.

But as they drove around Waitara she cheered up and they were all laughing, he said.

"I was scared we might crash because they were all drunk."

They drove past the police station and the girl who hit Mr Pigott tooted the horn.

"There was laughing going on," he said.

He was forced to give them $5 for petrol or they wouldn't let him out of the vehicle near his home.

His mother told him it was 1am when he was dropped off. He went straight to bed.

The three defendants are to give video evidence today.

The Youth Court is closed to the public but special permission has been given for the media to cover the hearing.

Raped 13 Year-old Boy Required to Pay Back Child Support

Many people are surprised to learn that men can't legally avoid parenthood by not consenting to sex (include rape). It's true! Here's a quote from a court case in Kansas: "The issue of consent to sexual activity under the criminal statutes is irrelevant in a civil action to determine paternity and for support of a minor child born of such activity." [3] Similar cases have happened in other states.

Amanda Knox - a Sexually Rapacious Killer

Despite all the airtime devoted to Amanda Knox, it's still hard to reconcile the fresh-faced honor student from Seattle with the sexually rapacious killer convicted of the November 2007 murder of her British roommate. Few Americans have heard all the powerful evidence that convinced a jury that Knox was one of three people to sexually assault Meredith Kercher, brutalize her body, and cut her throat. In Angel Face, Rome-based Daily Beast senior writer Barbie Latza Nadeau- who cultivated personal relationships with the key figures in both the prosecution and the defense - describes how the Know family's heavy-handed efforts to control media coverage distorted the facts, inflamed an American audience, and painted an offensive, inaccurate picture of Italy's justice system. An eye-opener for any parent considering sending a child away to study. This book reveals what really went on in this incomprehensible. crime. Buy the Book

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