Men 101:
Crackpot Advice about Guys in Media Aimed at Women


Excerpts from an article in Jane Magazine November, 2000 by Jeff Johnson.

Media aimed at women - magazines, self-help books, talk shows, and prime-time schlock - is mind-numbing. Why do women rely on these resources for crackpot guy advice. We here at Menstuff have been asking this question and challenging these magazines for years. Now, Jane magazine is exposing their competition - finally!

The author can only figure that women get bored at a checkout counter and saw some amazing, profound, soul-searching, there-is-a-glimmer-of-hope-in-the-world headline and you made an impulse buy. Here's their10-Myth primer on spotting bunko dude information so you can avoid being sucked into the web again. 1. On periods - Men fear we might drown in your period. - only if you're under 16. 2. Guys only enjoy watching gladiator movies and other similarly themed flicks with scantily clad hunks killing dinosaurs, leprechauns, aliens or rabid schnauzers, climbing into volcanoes, parachuting into rush-hour traffic and it is important to indulge them in this. - Two thumbs down. 3. On when guys expect action - the third date is when the pants come off. Wrong. 4. On the morning after - "After a particularly active evening, most blokes just want to inhale some sausage links, pollute the bathroom and scan the sports section-solo. Guess again. 5. Guys love sports like women love a shoe sale, and any girl who can holler her way through the Final Four or World Series knocks our sweatsocks off. No they don't. 6. Guys want to do all sorts of kinky things with you, but stay the hell away from their asses. Not on the top of the list but not on the bottom, either. 7. There are Secret Sex Tips that you don't know anything about. Reading them will change your life forever. This is pure bait and switch. 8. You are helpless and needy, and he is the iconoclast who has no feelings. 9. We refuse to kiss you after you go down on us. We're worried about "objectionable secretions." Forget that. 10. Relax, we have genius men who will soothe all of your fears and give you insight into the complex male psyche. That makes me tired.

Well, that gives you a taste of the obsurd. Get a copy to get the full story of how the women's magazines are selling you down the river. Also, check out several areas of our web site to get our perspective on women's magazines. A list of cover stories and sex and other tidbits.

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