Women Don't Lie,
Men Don't Listen
Archive 2006

Are Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards On or Off?
Did Angelina Wait Until Brad was Divorced?
Did Ashton Kutcher ever Complain about Dating Older Women?
Did Ben and Jen Argue before They got Hitched?
Did Jamie Foxx ever get Dumped from Overseas?
Did Jennifer have Nightmares about Brad?
Did Nick Notice Changes in Jessica before She Dumped Him?
Does Alec Bladwin ever Feel like being a Wimp?
Does Anne Hathaway ever Change Her Mind about a Guy?
Does Ashton ever have Trouble with Demi?
Does Colin Farrell ever have to Get Rid of Her Guy "Friends"?
Does David Lee Roth ever tell a Babe He's Out of Work?
Does Denzel ever Fall for Another Babe?
Does Jamie Foxx ever let Them Pay for Dinner?
Does John Stamos make Them Feel Safe and Secure?
Does J-Lo ever Feel like the "Other Woman?"
Does Jude Law ever Confess when He Cheats?
Does Julia Roberts use "The System"?
Does Justin Timberlake ever have Trouble with Her Roommate?
Does Kid Rock ever Listen to Pam Anderson's Other Boyfriends?
Does Leonardo DiCaprio ever have Trouble Knowing when to go for the Kiss?
Does Leonardo ever go Out with a Bunch of Girls?
Does Lindsay Lohan ever have to Ask Her Parents' Permission?
Does Nick Lachey ever Criticize his Dates?
Does Orlando Bloom ever see a Girl's Inner Beauty?
Does Pam Tell Tommy She Still Loves Him?
Does Snoop Dog ever Play the Gentleman?
Does Steve Martin use a Form Letter when Online Dating?
Does Tom Brady ever have Trouble Getting Dates?
Do Girls ever Distance Themselves from Usher?
Do Women Always Call Colin Farrell Back?
How did Joe Piscopo Maneuver around his Wife's Parents?
How does 50 Cent Deal with Blockers?
How Does Hef keep Them from Coming on too Heavy?
How does Hugh Hefner Handle All Those Young Babes?
How does Julio Iglesias Handle her When She Yells at Him?
How does Matt Dillon Handle the Waitress?
How Does Ralph Fiennes Handle Mixed Signals?
How does Stedman tell Oprah she's Packing on the Pounds?
How Long did Richie Sambora Wait Before He Moved In?
Is Kiefer Sutherland ever Afraid to go in for the Kiss?
Should Nick ever take Jessica back?
What does Ted Turner do when She Won't Talk?
Would Dennis Rodman ask Permission to Take Her Out?
Would Derek Jeter care if Jessica Biel Cheated?
Would 50 Cent give Her a Second Change to Show Up?
Would George Clooney ever Give away His Love Strategies?

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