Five Turnoffs

According to Rosemary Packard of Introductions by Rosemary, a veteran matchmaker in Orange Country, CA, she believes that single people do things to sabotage a potential relationship without realizing it. As you will see below, all are easily fixable.

Five turnoffs for Women:

1.Thinking negatively about ex's or women in general.

2. Drilling a woman with questions as if an interview.

3. Displaying cheapness/checking out other women.

4. Bragging about his income or other assets.

5. Drinking too much/'road rage'/using foul language.

Five turnoffs for Men:

1. Talking negatively about her ex's or men in general.

2. Being too busy to schedule dates.

3. Being too assertive and businesslike/lack of femininity.

4. Discussing negative aspects of herself or subjects.

5. Self-absorbed/excessive talking/not taking an interest.

Source: Rosemary Packard, owner of Introductions by Rosemary Matchmaking Service. To learn more, visit or or 949.857.6569.

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