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The #1 Way To Get The Passion and Excitement Back In Your Relationship...

The other day we asked the women who subscribe to this newsletter a really important question...

"What specifically could your man do to get you 'in the mood' for love and romance more often?"

And boy, did we get the responses!

What came out of the survey wasn't surprising--but it was.

It's surprising that it's so simple to do but not many people seem to be doing it to keep their relationship passionate and alive.

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What's the #1 thing that women say they want from their men that would get them "in the mood" more often?

It's what we call "Passion Play All Day."

(By the way, this strategy is NOT just for men to do for women but involves both people in the relationship.)

"Passion Play All Day" goes something like this...

Doing little things throughout the day to show your partner that you care and that he or she is important to you.

It's not just about leading up to what happens in the bedroom...

The health of your relationship could depend on doing these little things and not stopping.

Yes, passion play-- all day IS that important.

Here are some ideas from what we do in our own lives to keep our relationship juicy, as well as a few suggestions from our survey...

1. A note, a text, a phone call, a few affectionate words about what you would like to do to each other when you get together

You may say that keeping in touch throughout the day is too time-consuming and that you're too busy.

We say that this is one relationship you can't afford to ignore. Just ask anyone who's going through a separation or divorce.

So take just a moment right now and touch base with your loved one.

2. Use kind words

Using kind words can go a long way to creating more connection and passion in a relationship.

You might say that sometimes you're tired or stressed and you just don't feel like being kind.

If that's the case, then let your partner know and go get yourself together. Then come back and connect with your loved one.

If you want some words and phrases to say that will help each of you stay open when you have tough things to say to each other (and you're afraid they might not come out as kind or loving)...

3. An unexpected, soft kiss on the back of the neck

The women in our survey told us they loved this kind of kiss but we've found that men react just as much to this kind of kiss as women do.

The trick is that it's unexpected.

Now of course you have to "read" your partner and if he or she is deeply engrossed in a project and you know that this kind of distraction is not appreciated, don't do it then.

Do it as you pass in the hall or in the bathroom.

The point is to show affection with no agenda in mind except to convey that he or she is important to you and you love being that close.

4. Spend time together and make eye contact

Spending time alone together is often the first thing to go when your life becomes stressed and over- whelming.

But if you want to keep your relationship alive and growing--this is "must."

Even if it's 15 minutes of sharing what happened during your day and making eye contact while you talk and listen to your partner...

Take that 15 minutes and make the most of it.

Take a walk around the block--just the two of you.

Hold hands and look at each other while you do it.

It doesn't take long--not as long as it takes to go on Facebook, watch a tv program or check the scores of your favorite teams.

These are just a few ideas for doing "Passion Play All Day" and if you have more you'd like to tell us about, be sure to write to us!

Yes, your relationship is that important. Be sure to treat it like it is.

Our best,

©2010, Susie & Otto Collins

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