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Deployment Manual and Training Guides for Military Fathers
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Deployment Manual & Training Guide for Military Fathers

In April 2002, the Military Fatherhood Initiative will introduce two new resources for military fathers: The Deploying Dads trainer manual and the Deploying Dads participant manual. Both resources will be available in NFI's National Resource Center and Clearinghouse. Pre-deployment is the central focus of these guidebooks. The manuals cover a myriad of topics related to helping military dads, moms and grandparents understand the importance of ensuring that the soon to be deployed military dad stays connected with his children. Additionally, the guides provide tips, checklists, and instructions on how to prepare for deployment.

These manuals have been designed by individuals who understand deployment: active duty military fathers, retired military fathers and men who spent the first twenty years of their lives following military fathers. Trained and certified facilitators will use these manuals to work with members of the United States Armed Forces who are in the process of deployment.

These guidebooks are not only useful not only to deployed dads, but may also help deployed moms, traveling businessmen and women, and anyone who desires to learn effective strategies for passing on important information to loved ones during extended periods of separation or in the event of a crisis.

For more information about NFI's Military Fathers Program or the Deploying Dads trainer and participant manuals, please email

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