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After reviewing some of these topics, we encourage you to write the corporations and the government and give them your viewpoint. Change doesn't usually take place when only one complaint is received. If you want to be part of the solution, let them hear from you! Here's how. Updated 10/1/01.


Saw these two ads which were produced well before September 11. Each carried an interesting message and visual. The first, an ad for Samsung Electronics, shows a man on the wing of an airplane with the blazing sun in the background and the headline "One Way Ticket." 

Unionbay had the second ad saying Love Thy Neighbor. We weren't sure that it wasn't a message suggesting group living since it was had to find much diversity among four of the five kids shown.


ElleGirl just broke with the first issue directed to girls from 15-25. Here are several of the images presented to these young women. (A click on any of the images to the left for a bigger view.)

The first, the back of a young, nude girl with pink features floating down, is for a Back Pack.


The second, Calvin Klein Jeans showing a young girl in bell bottoms and the young boy in his jockey shorts.


The third, a rather provocative shot of a young woman with a very open blouse to sell earrings and a necklace.


A colorful, artsy ad directed to teens and sponsored by Lorillard Tobacco Company's Youth Smoking Prevention Program ( Two things come to mind: Adults are telling teens "Tobacco is Wacko" (but basically only if you're a teen. Otherwise it's cool. And Lorillard's website URL could be seen as telling everyone who is against smoking to "Butt Out Now."


American Health & Fitness magazine ran this full page ad in their 10-11/01 issue: left showing 5 standing, lite cigarettes and reading "Stop smoking now". Top right cigarettes are almost burned to the filters and copy reads "or suffer the". Center bottom ash off one cigarette, one cigarette has fallen and copy reads "consequences..." Thanks H&F.


...since 1795. Another Jim Beam Bourbon ad for "the guys". Interesting copy. It starts off "Unlike your girlfriend" not "their girlfriend" which makes it sound like these guys don't have and can't get girl friends. It goes on to say, "They never ask where this relationship is going." I guess it's hard to talk with someone who is drunk all of the time. Think they might be better off with a sponsor?

The second new ad reads "You asked them, her father, and her. In that order." Less obnoxious than the prevsious four ads, it still doesn't show much respect for women and relationships with women. I thought we had grown up by now. (Previous Jim Beam ads.)


I've never heard of Martex but this ad with the sleeping dog at the man's feet really got me. Headline reads "Every dog has its day. And night. Martex for body and soul." It speaks to me. Larger image.


For each copy of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul you purchase from us at the regular price, we will send a copy to two prison libraries. (Our goal is to get at least one copy in every prison in the U.S., which total over 8,000 facilities.)


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about men and they are looking for stories.

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