Fred Meyer
Sells Even More
"Boys are Smelly"


Substantial Increase in Line of put-down Lip Gross Products for Girls

As we go into the national No-Name Calling campaign, Fred Meyer leads the pack going the other way by kicking off a line of around 50 lip gloss products for girls, most carrying negative messages. Two that stood out for us were "Keep your lips greasy like a boy!" and "Stupid Factory Lip Jelly - Where Boys are Made." It's sad that they have such a high regard for their male employees, much less a good portion of this customer base, but promoting a campaign that goes again the whole concept of No Name Calling month. They must really have an interesting crew of product buyers at Fred Meyer. Wanna bet that they'd never buy, let alone promote a product that changed the sex of the above two examples. Keep your lips greasy like a girl! since girls more than boys wear lip gloss, or better yet, Stupid Factory, where girls are made. Or, better yet, Stupid Science and Math Lab where Girls are Made.
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