Be sure to read Hella Shawn's latest eMail to Some of Rotten Cotton's supporters like the T-Shirt that say "Don't Girls Don't Say No" is funny. I'm sure they think having sex with drunk girls is too. The proliferation of web sites supporting getting girls drunk or giving them a date rape drug is cool. Well, this is what we think.

They are still at it - 3/25/10
Rotten Cotton - 5/27/08
Rotten Cotton - 2/22/04
Rotten Cotton - 4/25/02
A direct response from Hella Shawn at Rotten Cotton
Rotten Cotton's actual response
Rotten Cotton Supporters
Related Actions: Items from
David & Goliath and It's Happy Bunny and sold at Claire's, Border's Books and Fred Meyer plus Rotten Cotton and Future Wife Beater T-shirts and Flatline stickers

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on this web site, out of Antioch, CA. It has been updated to remove the Old Crow Bourbon products that suggest getting a girl drunk with Old Crow and then raping her, because they have removed that information from their site. (see Their Response dated 4/25/02). However, we are leaving the article intact because, apparently the only reason they took Old Crow off was their distributor wasn't making them any longer because of the article about them that appeared in Bitch magazine.. They continue to glamorizes serial killers, promote sexism, racism, and homophobia. And that's just for starters.

Lines like "It gets them passed out real quick so you can have your way with them sexually..." and "The women were all passed out and had no idea what the f--- was going on...but that's the way it should be..." "Thanks Dr. Crow, most of us wouldn't get Laid without ya!"

They offer 16 different categories from Cult and Exploitation to Serial Killers, Murders and Criminals. And, from Sex and Sleaze to Black Pop-Culture. Designs include: "Dead Girls Never Say No", "Sex, Murder, Art," "Jim Jones and The Last Supper," "Bitch, Betta' Have My Money!" "I've had 27 abortions." A picture of Princess Dye with the words "Dead Whore" "Drunks Against Madd Mothers" to give you an idea. Let them know what you think! or Rotten Cotton, PO Box 3315, Antioch, CA 94531. You might like to let Old Crow know, too. Norman H. Wesley, CEO, Fortune Brands Inc, 300 Tower Pkwy, Lincolnshire, IL 60069 or or or 800.310.5960 or 847.484.4400. Ask them if they will be selling those T-shirts in the new Jim Beam Outpost. Fortune Brands also own Jim Beam, Old Grand Dad, Old Taylor, Moen, Master Lock, Day Timer and Titleist, to name a few of their products. Find out what they are doing about the slandering of their name, if anything.

Shawn is Still at it at Rotten Cotton (3/26/10) You can judge for yourself - has he been able to expand his vocabulary in the last 8 years? I think not.

Just noticed you are STILL talking shit about my company and wanted to thank you for all the free publicity.

How does it feel to be a lousy bunch of cry baby fucking assholes?

I bet you were a Tattle-tale in your youth, a hall monitor in high school and now you are a BITCH on line. Somethings never change.

Instead of just being MEN, and just staying away from sites you don't agree with you bitch and cry like WOMEN.


Is it Gordon Clay or Gordon GAY?

Rotten Cotton Graphics

Our Reply (3/26/10)

Good ole Hella Shawn:

Thanks for reminding us that you're still out in Antioch, California hiding under a rock? I almost forgot about you but your reminder made me think I'd better up-date our site about your operation.

I agree, some things never do change and we will continue to expose your ilk and your work that tries to make men out of insecure little boys like yourself as long as you continue to sell t-shirts and stickers that say things like "Dead Girls Never Say No" and "My kid raped your honor student". Deal with it.

Gordon Clay

They're still at it - 010109

These guys LOVE hate mail. They probably really "Get Off" on it. But we have this hope that the people who buy any of these T-shirts actually wear them. It would be a service for their community. Like an advertisement about their personalities. That's probably more effective for their local communities to identify them. That is if the purchasers have the guts to wear them in public and not hide out in the alley.

Here are some of their current T-shirts. (as of 3/26/10)

Dead girls never say no -

RIP I dig chicks

Abortion: It's never too late (picture of a coathanger)/

If she's old enough to pee...she's old enough for me.

Is it rape if she's dead:

Skull Fuck

My kid raped your honor student

Rotten Cotton - 5/27/08

Well, they are still trying to sell their "My kid raped your honor student", "Dead girls never say no" and "I fucked your daughter" T-shirts and are now dredging up the bottom of the cesspool with a movie they are working on called Black Devil Doll. Their warning gives you an idea of where these Albany, California boys have gone - "This film depicts totally awesome scenes of murder and rape. No one under 17 will be allowed."

Rotten Cotton - 4/25/02

We were told by someone who talked with "Tom" at Rotten Cotton that "their distributor was no longer making the Old Crow T-shirts and that page had been removed from the site some time ago because of the article that appeared in Bitch magazine about them." We're not sure what "Some time ago" means, since we saw it on their site in February and the title "Old Crow" was still on their side bar this morning (4/24/02). It did disappear by the afternoon, which we also found interesting. So, the Old Crow T-shirts are gone but the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts and Stickers remain.

Rotten Cotton - 4/25/02

We were told by someone who talked with "Tom" at Rotten Cotton that "their distributor was no longer making the Old Crow T-shirts and that page had been removed from the site some time ago because of the article that appeared in Bitch magazine about them." We're not sure what "Some time ago" means, since we saw it on their site in February and the title "Old Crow" was still on their side bar this morning (4/24/02). It did disappear by the afternoon, which we also found interesting. So, the Old Crow T-shirts are gone but the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts and Stickers remain.

Hella Shawn

A direct response from Hella Shawn at Rotten Cotton (4/25/02)

You would probably expect me to respond to you with four letter words, attitude, and hate. But that would be a waste of my energy and I've got better things to do with my pent-up anger.(Click here to see what they actually said on their web site). Instead, this letter is to thank you for the free publicity and controversy. After all that's what Rotten Cotton is all about, we sell t-shirts with a sick sense of humor, you either love 'em and wear them proudly or ya hate em' and get offended. And you were offended enough to create and entire page about us, so we must be doing something right! It flatters me that we are receiving this much attention from you guys. Thanks! Anyway you keep doing what you do best (protesting and complaining) and we'll keep doing what we do best (selling twisted clothing). You see, all this "buzz" helps us sell more t-shirts! In fact, most of the shirts you are complaining about never sold...until now! It basically comes down to this, we have the right to sell such t-shirts as much as you have the right to protest. Right? Just don't forget, we FEED of your protesting and complaining...Take care guys -Hella Shawn

Hella's right. It may sell more T-shirts. And, that's not all bad. If the people who purchase the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts have the guts to wear them in public, it serves us all to be able to spot them more easily and it lets everyone else know what they think about girls and women. I'd say that's the best publicity of all - having the purchaser's go public. Gordon Clay

Rotten Cotton's actual response on their web site under Hate Mail on their side-bar

We get tons of hate mail here at the Rotten Cotton Compound. It's a daily occurrence… Some people are just too close-minded to comprehend our special brand of fucked-up humor. It's a free "Cuntry", if you do not dig our shit, simply stay the fuck away from our site. We don't want your pansy ass here anyway. Believe it or not, there are people that enjoy the FREEDOM of wearing whatever the fuck they want no matter who it offends…But there will always be a few people that simply cannot ignore something they lack the intelligence to understand, and they lash out…Taking hours out of their day constructing hate mail. And here is where they end up…

4-25-02 Closet Faggots (Another Rotten Cotton Response)

Wow! A lot of crap has been going down lately, it seems that every politically correct piece of shit, has jumped on the bandwagon to bring us down. It all started with BITCH Magazine, then a bunch of feminists and bull-dikes (see below). Now a group of "men" are on our asses. Go here and check these pieces o' shit out:

They claim they are an organization for Men, "Working since 1982 to end men's isolation." Whatever the hell that means... If you ask me, these guys need a few shots of whiskey and a cheap Asian hooker... Blowing a load on some hooker's face my lighten them up a bit. Anyway, take a look at what these clowns have to say and make sure you send them an email, if they can bitch, so can we right? Here is one of their email's, you can find other email addresses on their page but this one is good.

We Wrote 4/25/02


I've got a great idea. Since you like publicity so much, why don't you put a picture of yourself posing in your "Dead Girls Never Say No..." T-shirt on your web site and we'll pick it up and put it with the Rotten Cotton article on our web site. That way you'll really promote your cause and get a lot more exposure for your web site and its products. What do you think?

Gordon Clay

They Wrote Back 4/25/02

Gordon, thats a great idea, now your thinkin'!!! I'm emailing a cool shot over now!!! -shawn

Well, there really isn't any room for it on my site. Our customers don't want to see my fat ass in the shirts, they'd rather see a female, I'd probably scare them away. Oh well, your page is effective enough as it is. Thanks anyway-shawn

More Rotten Cotton Supporters

Finally, what Rotten Cotten supporters have said. We assume that they put their money where their mouth is and proudly wear the T-shirts in public that we are talking about ("Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student"). However, none of them have had the nerve to send us a picture of themselves wearing either the "Dead Girls Never Say No..." or the "My kid raped your honor student" T-shirts so we can put it our web site to further promote Rotten Cotton. Seems like they just mouth off and then go run and hide behind their e-mail addresses. That's real gutsy. But then, you can tell what kind of "real men" these guys are by reading their responses.

1/1/07 - Hey you fucking dick lickers, can you recall a few years back when you cocksuckers were giving Rotten Cotton shit for their T Shirts? Well i just was reading about that and i must say you guys are fucking pussys! This whole website is a motherfucking joke. You need to shut this website down dickspit. Gordon Clay is a fucking child molesting asshole. Oh and by the way, i dont even know anyone who works for Rotten Cotton and in no way did they put me up to this message,im just a hardcore supporter of them and i get pissed when morons like you guys try to get on their ass. Ryan,

5/9/2004 - I'm all for being postivite, and your site is certainly that, but extreme dissidents and outlaws are super-awesome in their own right. Our modern yuppie society needs a good beating, and Rotton Cotton does just that. I am an anarchist, and while our belief is usually a very positive, progressive one, I find extreme rebellion, as is found in, say, a T-shirt of Charles Manson, somehow beautiful. The thrashing of our country and our morals is good, so read some Stirner and stop being so loyalistic. - G. Robichaud

10/19/03 - Hey dip shits what the hell is your problem I'm a Rotton Cotton supportor and there shirts are awesome. I've bought 3 shirts so far and I plan on buying more. My favorite is the sucide shirt i bought and I love the attention I get from the shirt. The shirts dead girls never say no and my kid raped your honor student are funny as hell. You'll all said snuff means to rape a girl and catch it on tape if you would have looked it up you would know it means an act of killing caught on tape dumb shits. - S. Looney

10/2/03 - Dear Gordon Gay, I mean Clay. Why do you try to end the making of tee-shirts that simply say things that you dont agree with? EVEN IF they did promote rape and violence, so-fucking-what? There's something called "freedom of speech" and I should be able to wear a shirt that says whatever the fuck i want it to but because of dickless pussies like you who think they are on some sort of moral crusade just to inflate their stupid fucking egos, cool sites like rotten cotton get censored and I cant buy shit that I would have bought. OOOO, so alot of rape happens, and it's a "sensitive" issue, since when was hurting people's feelings illegal? or offending someone? It's not, you know why? because only dumbshits like you think it should be. Anyone can tell you that there are millions of porn sites on the net that are way more offensive and degrading towards women than a site selling t-shirts that say "dead girls dont say no," which is a joke btw no matter how much you try and say it's not. So, go get a life and fuck yourself. - tomato gangster

9/23/03: you sound like a bunch homo's and get off the rotten cotton hater mode it really brings out the sissy bithes out of all of ya! - Dark Sun

8/13/2003 - Wow!, I'd just like to say I've never bought a rotten cotton product in my life (not that I wouldn't they have some cool stuff). But I gotta say as a dad of two beautiful little girls and husband of an intelligent and beautiful wife....LIGHTEN UP!

Dead girls don't say no?!? they don't say anything.

My own sister was raped (I severly beat her rapist and am proud of the fact!) Don't you get that the idea is to get your goat? It's supposed to make you angry! So a few desings in thier catalog are a bit't buy them.

I think it's great that you exercise your right to express your oppinions about RC's products.But by the same token don't try to step on others right to have acces to them.

America used to be about freedom remember? That includes your freedom to not like it and our freedom to get the joke.

Our reply to the above:

Thanks for your note. I don't however, see how anything I said suggests outlawing them or shutting them down in any other way than people who read the column decide on their own not to buy the shirts we mentioned. However, I still don't find the messaages funny, as you seem to.

Regarding the "Dead girls don't say no" T-shirt. Whether the creators of the T-shirt intended it or not, girls and women are still killed in the US for sex. Snuf films and sex with corpses still go on here. If you don't know what a snuff film is, that is a video of a girl being killed, usually by strangulation, during the sexual act. Seldom, if ever, is it by her own choice. It would be interesting if your girls and/or wife knew this and would still feel comfortable wearing the T-shirt or having you wear the T-shirt in public. Would you let one of your daughters date a guy that wore that T-shirt in public and was proud of it?

The other T-shirt we pointed out read "My kid raped your honor student". And, while I'm sure your sister was pleased that you found her rapist and, maybe, taught him a lesson, I doubt that the actual rape has left her mind. Unfortunately, the majority of rapists get away with it and their victims don't have big brothers to track them down. How would you feel if the father of the rapist was proudly wearing that T-shirt at his son's trial? I guess my empathy for the victims of sexual violence cause me to encouarge people not to see rape jokes as funny and not buy and display these messages in public. A rape victim has enough to deal with without being confronted with reminders of how some men see, act towards and treat women. - Gordon Clay

6/9/03 - I just read about what went on with you and Rotten Cotten. Let me say, you guys are the biggest fuck-rags i have seen in a long time. Don'tyou get that by complaining about all this shit and writing letters- you are just giving them more publicity(which is great since rotten cotton rules) and your just making a bigger deal of the "rape" issue. If you don't like the shit they sell, stay the fuck away from the goddamn site! You people have nothing better to do than to complain about something, you might not understand.AND WHAT TE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS THING ON YOUR SITE THAT SAYS:MAN WAS MADETO BE GENTE,CURIOUSETC.. IF MAN IS SO GENTLE WHY ARE WE IN A FUCKING WAR,YOU PUSSIES easy,Cm

2/15/03 - Obviously from my email address you could probably guess I am writing you about Rotten Cotton. My name is Chris, I started ordering from Rotten Cotton when I was 16, I'm now turning 18 in a week and am a junior in High School, I normally order anywhere from 8 to 12 shirts a year. I only wear Rotten Cotton shirts, that's 7 days a week that I show my support to Rotten Cotton. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, nor am I some sort of weird 'goth' I'm just a person who likes horror movies, reads about serial killers, and has a weird since of humor. Everyone at school likes my shirts I've even gotten a few people to order from Rotten Cotton. People tire of seeing the same thing everyday, in a school where hundreds wear Abercrombie and Fitch it's nice to see something different. The most extreme shirts I have bought from them are a shirt featuring Charles Manson and the "Lets do Lunch" Dahmer shirt, both of which I wear to school, my teachers, although at appalled at first, now joke about it...After reading all of your distorted views I have decided to get the Dead Girls Never Say No tee next time I place an order which I will wear to school, though freedom of speech may be some what nonexistent at school, I still have it, as does every citizen in the united states, you cannot stop Rotten Cotton as long as the first amendment is still in place. Keep preaching your views, and rotten will keep getting more hits. Here's a page with pictures of people showing their support for rotten. Chris, OKC, Oklahoma

11/11/02 - OH MY GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I PURCHASED A PAIR OF SHIRTS FROM ROTTEN COTTEN, AND NOW I AM FORCED BY THE LOGIC OF YOUR COMPLAINT TO RAPE DEAD GIRLS, AND MURDER!!!! THE HORROR THE HORROR!!!! PLEASE PUT AN END TO THIS MADDNESS MENSTUFF PASS A LAW INTO CONGRESS THAT ENFORCES A STRICT UNIFORM POLICY FOR ONE AND ALL, while your at it you might as well kill all jews and people who dont have blonde hair and blue eyes, you should think about renaming your organization to Nazistuff. have a wonderful day, watch out for clothing!!!!! weasel

10/14/02 Greetings! You fascist cretins! Dear Preachy Assholes,So many things can be said about you dumbshits. First of all who the hell gives you the right to tell people what's sexist? hmmm, let's see, NOBODY! That's who. If it doesn't offend women(intelligent women, not some dumb jesus loving bitch who thinks Marilyn Manson is the reason her smack-addict son committed suicide)than it's not your fucking place to stick your upturned nose in it. My girlfriend, one of the smartest, and strongest most self confident and aware girls i've ever known loves rotten cotton as much as i do. What's that tell you assholes? That you're a bunch of self righteous morons!!! What do you guys think about the T-shirt with Anton LaVey(founder of The Church of Satan, author of The Satanic Bible) on it, or The Baphomet? What do you pro-moral, anti-truth fucks have to say aobut them? Come on, tell me your opinion on my religion, everything else seems to offend you, you must have something to say about that. Afterall, Satanism teaches people horrible things, like do whatever makes you happy as long as you don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve to be hurt in the process. You people make me sick! If people like you had their way, there would be public book burnings, and smashing "offensive records" in public squares. Then we'd all hold hands and thank god for the disease and war and death he's blessed us all with. I wish i could beat you all with your own bibles, but why fucking bother? You aren't worth the trouble, as long as you've heard my opinion, and that of anyone else who opposes you, the only intelligent opinions on your stupid little site i might add, then my work is done. Have a nice day. I hope you all choke to death on your own bullshit. SINcerely,


9/23/03: you sound like a bunch homo's and get off the rotten cotton hater mode it really brings out the sissy bithes out of all of ya! - Dark Sun

9/21/02: Your site about Rotton Cotton was so funny that I'm going have to order another t-shirt from them. I will dedicate my purchase of "I Fuck Nuns" to you. PS: I showed the site to a 24 y/o female pagan friend of mine... she loved it, she now knows where to go to get her husband a Xmas present. Brad in Los Angeles.

9/14/02 - You believe that by wearing the whole "Dead Girls don't say no.." shirt and the other ones, that the person actually believes that and does that stuff? I doubt that there is a whole lot of people that wear that shirt that actually do sexual acts with dead people. And regular main stores sells just as bad shirts as that. On TV there are things shown worse than that and alot of stuff on that site. Plus it really doesn't make the world worse, it doesn't make someone that is wearing it more stupid to actually go and chop someone up in pieces or rape someone. If I actually had money I would probably by one of those shirts, maybe not the abortion one cause it is kinda stupid to me, but the dead girls don't say no and i dunno what else.And I am not no sick pervert who goes and has sex with dead bodies. And if I bought a shirt that had something about raping.Well I know I wouldn't rape anyone. I don't believe in it. Since I know the pain and stuff that rape brings personally. It is just funny. and alot of people think it is funny. It's just as bad as the news telling you that someone raped and killed someone or about this person blowing their brains out or having tons of serial killer. So it is doing no harm. But if you guys love so much to complain.

Since who doesn't like to complain and argue and stuff? No one can stop you because you too have the freedom of speech and it's funny to get on other people's nerves. Which is what you are doing to some people,. OR just having them think that you are retarded. And yea. well byebyes. DrkAshes

8/29/02 - You are making the assertion that by "wearing these shirts people go public about their opinion on women and rape". That is definitely one of the most stupidest sentences I ever came across. Not only stupid but also reflecting (as does the rest of your useless website) your deep ignorance of far more serious ACTUAL ISSUES. It is obvious that you are trapped in sophisms and politically correct nonsense, which is far more destructive for your country that all the so-called terrorists put together. In fact, it is people like you who are responsible for the downfall of western society into ills of all sorts. I am not here to fish you out of your ocean of DENIAL so here's my opinion.

I think that ROTTEN SHIRTS are great. They should even try to make them more offensive. A tee-shirt that shocks, or make people laugh, it not just a piece of clothing but also a statement to make you THINK. Not in a whiny, immature response like:"Oh my god, this should be forbidden!" but rather in a response like: "Hummm, yes, maybe I should try to see if I can do something about rape problems" etc. Do you understand what I mean? Is it that rape is such a big issue for your little imagination that you prefer to simply shun it from your view? Don't give us the "incitating to violence" line because it is BULLSHIT. Don't you think that it is worst than millions of kids watching a daily hour of Bugs Bunny blasting a 12gauge shotgun in some other toon's face? Do you think that the person who wears a shirt that says "Dead girls never say no" is fundamentaly worst that the one who wears a suit and tie and fondles a woman's butt, knowing that she won't talk in fear of losing her job? Huh? Answer yes or no: do you believe that a person who wants to commit a rape would not find better legal protection by using his wealth, reputation, or political power that he would by walking down the street wearing a ROTTENCOTTON shirt?

Don't bother to respond, you have insulted my intelligence enough already. Jay

8/3/02 - Menstuffed, Damn, you guys are fuckin' clueless... number 1: dead girls don't say no. That's just true. When you die, you don't go to heaven and look down and say, "oh my god! someone's raping my dead body!" Nope. When you die, you're gone, that's it, no more you. A corpse won't give a shit what happens to it unless it's a zombie in a cheap porno. If you're just so [sniff] sensitive that you have to bitch about that shirt, than I'm sorry but you just suck... There is nothing even morally wrong with it b/c it's too ambigious. Dead girls don't say no if you ask them for a smoke either. I mean, do you guys take this much offense to horror movies too [which also comprise at least 90% of all the rotten cotton shirts]? number 2: Honor students. Almost every honor student I knew in high school spent many a weekend getting trashed off of liquor and coke [not the soda], and finding hookers or whoring themselves to the football team [gender specific]. Most of america's sons are out for their kicks and america's daughters chase them for the dickins. You, the "responisble adults" with your diluted sense of political correctness have disenfranchised your children into our current state of nation-wide rebellion. I hope I'm not overloading your simple skulls with the fact that the tighter you try to clench your ideals into our beings, the more apt we are to slip away into abandonment as we flush your false propheticism out of our systems. You see, we don't trust you. You, the fat middle-aged conservatives of our nation, are the sole reason your children are all fucked up. We don't respect you because you have given us no reason to. So, as Hella Shawn said, thanks for the free publicity, because anytime someone reads your site [which is something RC recommends to everyone who visits their site] it makes them more likely to purchase the specific shirts you bash. Like By concentrating on the worst you can find in their catalogue, you have influenced people to buy those shirts [and yes they wear them in public you dip shits], and therefore it is your fault for further "demoralizing" the youth of the nation. Same reason that more children buy CDs with the parental advisory stickers, that's how we know we're on the right track. Your time is dying, and soon will be over, as the day of the destructive, heretic, and blasphemous are coming. Sorry to be the one to break that to you, but you should have seen it coming a long time ago. Oh, and as far as Old Crow is concerned, I've long since known that any girl that'll put out drunk, will put out sober too with no more effort than it took to get her drunk. By the way, I'll be very disappointed in you if you don't publish this letter, though I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. - CC

CC - We most gladly will publish your letter. We would be happy to include your real name and where you're from, since you so proudly support having sex with dead or drunk women? - Gordon Clay

7/26/02 - Ok, i see the other responces are lacking a little in lenght... so this one is gonna be a full out rant. You clain the shirts promote Raping women and that they find it funny. I think you are wrong. If raping women was funny to them, there would be a lot more shirts there, and you would have more of a reason to gripe and complain... though it is your right to do so legaly. I proudly wear my Shirt that says "Dead Girls Cant Say No!" because its a Joke, and Nothing more. I dont think anyone takes the shirt seriously, and i have had Several people, male and female ask me where to get on like it. After wards i see them wearing their shirts too. I personaly think your reading too much into this and are overblowing the situation, which is a good thing for them, because they get free publicity at your expence.

6/20/02 - We wrote to Aly: "We welcome freedom of speech. And what we understand from your email is that you would welcome the men (father, brother, lover, husband) in your life wearing any of the following T-shirts from Rotten Cotton - the ones we are talking about. "Dead Girls Never Say No..." and "My kid raped your honor student" How Rotten Cotton sees women: "It (Old Crow) gets them passed out real quick so you can have your way with them sexually..." and "The women were all passed out and had no idea what the f--- was going on...but that's the way it should be..." "Thanks Dr. Crow, most of us wouldn't get Laid without ya!" Interesting.

I guess some people still think rape is funny. - Gordon Clay

6/20/02 - I would have anyone wearing the t-shirts they r awsome and only jokes...they are harmless and nothing more then that~Aly~

6/19/02 - hey i just wanted to say rottencotton is the shit, its funny and their shirts r great there is nuttin wrong wit them - Aly

6/13/02 - wow, i would think you guys would have something better to do than fuck with people who are simply more openminded thann yourselves.. fuck off and get a life - sincerly, Donny

5/9/2002 -You guys aren't men, you're pussies! Jesus-God-In-Heaven, you're all so fucking stupid you can't see that it's all in good fun. And besides, Bourbon is good for ya! - Addicted Buddha

4/23/2002 - Cunts! get a life - Leatherface

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Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen. - John F. Kennedy

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