November '00

Men stuff® list of local men's events and conferences happening during November. Updated 11/16/00. 

CAN-Canada, INT-International, US

MD Nov 1-4, Social Work 2000 Conference, Baltimore

MA Nov 1-5, Reconciliation & Communion: Fostering transformational healing between women and men, Merriam Hill Retreat Center, Boston

MO Nov 2-4, The Values of ViolenceShaping and enforcing hegemonic masculinites, Gender Studies: Male, a panel at the 42nd Annual Midwest Modern Language Association Convention., Kansas City

CT Nov 3, The Success that Matters Seminar

VA Nov 3, Seven Seasons of a Man's Life

CO IL DC Nov 3-5, New Warrior Training Adventure

AL Nov 3-5, Mentone Men's Gathering, 7th Annual, Mentone

CA Nov 3-5, Man to Man, Charlie Bloom, Sacramento

DC 3-5, Celebrating the Body Erotic

NY, OR Nov 4-5, Celebrating the Body Erotic

US Nov 7, VOTE! People in other countries are dying to vote - literally. Do you take it for granted? Have an impact on this world, our country and your community. Vote!

CA Nov 9-12, Uprising Monterey for Women & Men, Charlie Kreiner, Monterey

MO Nov 10-12, Heartland Men's Conference 2000:  Men's Health - Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, W&M, Columbia

CA,MN, New ENG, OR, WI, Nov 10-12, New Warrior Training Adventure

NY Nov 10-12 Embracing the Paternal Instinct, Tarrytown, NY

FL GA OH Nov 11-12, Celebrating the Body Erotic,

TBD Nov 11-13, Wingspan Leadership Conference

CA, Nov 14 & 15, Expose of Marin and Los Angeles Family Courts, 3-part series, KCAL-9, DIRECT-TV and WWW.

NV Nov 13-17, Comdex Fall/2000 Wants You to Know about Prostate Cancer & Get a Free Health Screening to Boot
Las Vegas

GA Nov 15-17, Fatherhood Development: A curriculum for your fathers for practitioners working with young fathers, Atlanta

FL Nov 15-18, Positive Strategies for Building Parental Involvement Across the Continuum, Orlando

CA Nov 15-19, Warrior-Monk Training Intensive, Bill Kauth, Onzie Stevens, Susan Phelan, Dan McKee & Friends. Glen Ivy

FL Nov 17, The Success that Matters Seminar, Clearwater

LA Nov 17-19, Man to Man, Charlie Bloom, Clinton

CA Nov 18, Breast and Prostate Cancer and Integrative Medicine Conference: Healing Choices Bridging Communities, San Francisco

IL Nov 18, At-Home Dads Convention, 5th Annual, Des Plaines

CA Nov 18, Prostate Cancer Conference, San Francisco

BC Nov 18-19, Celebrating the Body Erotic, Vancouver

CA Nov 18-21, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, San Francisco

INT, Nov 19, International Men's Day

HI Nov 19-25, Spirit Gathering, Big Island

CA Nov 25-26, Celebrating the Body Erotic

CA Nov 30-Dec 4, Divorce Mediation Training, Carmel

November is International Impotency Awareness Month. We provide background information on this new drug and alternatives to Viagra. Impotency, Viagra and other solutions as well as Books on the subject. Diabetes Awareness, Lung Cancer Awareness, Native American Heritage, Aviation History, Diabetic Eye Disease, Dummies for Tummies, Epilepsy Awareness, International Drum, *National Adoption, National Alzheimer's Disease, National American Indian Heritage, National Family Caregivers, National Life Writing; National Marrow Awareness; National Sleep Comfort; Orphan Disease; Peanut Butter Lovers; Vegan Awareness Month 11/1-12/13: Merlin's Snug Hugs for Kids, 11/27-12/26: Ramadan. 11/1/00-01/01/01: Tie One on the Safety; 11/4-12/4: Jewish Book Month. 11/26-12/25: Operation Blessing International's 30 Days of Holiday Hope. 11/27-12/26: Ramadan. 11/1-7: Vegan Awareness; World Communication. 11/5-11: Pursuit of Happiness, National Chemistry Week. 11/6-10: Kids' Goals Education Week 11/6-12: Random Acts of Kindness; Shallow Persons Awareness Week 11/8-14: Pursuit of Happiness Week. 11/9-13: Goodwill Annual Used Book Sale. 11/12-18: *American Education; National Geography Awareness, Operating Room Nurse Week. 11/13-19: National Children's Book Week. 11/17-19: National Donor Sabbath. 11/17-23: *National Farm-City Week 11/19-25:  *National Family; National Family Caregivers; National Game and Puzzle Week. 11/19-26: Bible Week. 11/1-2: Day of the Dead. 11/1 is All Saints Day, National Authors; National Family Literacy. 11/2: All Soul's Day; National Men Make Dinner; 11/3: Culture Day. 11/3-5: Great American Warm-Up; 11/4: Sadie Hawkins; Sweden All Saints. 11/5Guy Fawkes Day. 11/6: Halfway Point of Autumn. 11/7: US Election Day. 11/8: Punsters; Abet and Aid Punsters; Cook Something Bold and Pungent; National Young Reader's Day. 11/10: USMC Birthday, Veterans Day (Observed); Lung Cancer Awareness; 11/11: Veterans Day; Remembrance Day; Vox Populi Day. Cook Something Bold Day. 11/12: America Recycles Day. 11/13: World Kindness Day. 11/14: Children's Day (India); National American Teddy Bear; National Community Education Day. 11/15: Gypsy Condemnation Order Anniversary, Shichi-Go-San (Japan); National Educational Support Personnel Day. 11/16: *Great American Smokeout; World Harvest, International Day for Tolerance; 11/17: World Peace Day. 11/19: Have a Bad Day; 11/20: Universal Children's; UN African Industrialization Day. 11/21: UN World Television; World Hello Day. 11/22: National Stop the Violence Day. 11/23: *Thanksgiving Day (US) 11/24: Sinkie Day; Buy Nothing; "What Do You Love about America Day; 11/25: You're Welcomgiving Day. 11/29: UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 11/30: Computer Security; Stay Home Because You're Well Day.

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Dan Quayle's favorite film is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."  Don't forget to vote.

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