Events by Title

Menstuff® lists here the titles of all workshops listed in our various events sections, listed alphabetical by title. Click on the title to learn more about the event. The listing may include some dates that have already passed. We leave the event in so that, if you are interested, you can contact them directly to see if and when their next event is. Check out the local calendar by month which includes all international, national, and regional events. Get out of the box!



Abstain from Sex Day (Nat.) for men

Activation: Yoga for Men Conference, Not Your Girlfriend's Yoga

Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month

Addressing Our Nation's Youth Gang and Violence Problem

Adult Children, Recovery and Trauma (Tenth Renewal Convention)

Adult EarthQuest

Adult SeaSpirit Quest

The Adventure of Being Alive

Affairs: Getting the Message

African American Family Reunion Conference

African-American Male Empowerment Summit

A Gathering of Men

Aging Male: 3rd World Congress

Aging Male: 2nd World Congress

Age-ing To Sage-ing®: Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's Practice of Spiritual Eldering®

Aggression in Girls

AIDS Awareness Month

AIDS Walk Napa Valley

Alabama Men's Conference

Ally Week

Alternate History Month

American Compensation Association

American Men's Studies Association

American Psychological Association annual meeting

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention

Ancestor Appreciation

Animal Safety and Protection Month

Archetypal Psychology, An International Symposium

Are You Man Enough

The Art of Leadership Training

Art of Lovemaking

The Art of Powerful Living

The Art of Relationship

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

Art, Practice and the Emotional Life

Asthmas Awareness Day

At-Home Dads Convention

Attachment, Trauma and the Body, New Orleans

Attending to the Spiritual Needs of the Dying and the Bereaved, Pre-Conference

Attending to the Spiritual Needs of the Dying and the Bereaved, Conference

Authenticity, Intuition, Creativity

Authentic Leadership: A Toolkit for Becoming More Effective, Efficient, and Exceptional

Authentic Man Program

Autism Today, Phone lecture

Auto Battery Safety Month

Awakening the Sacred Masculine - A Retreat for Men

A Workshop for Families


Banned Books

Batterer Programs, New York

Be-All, Chicago

Bears on Tour

Becoming a Father

Being Single

Being Together: The Art of Intimacy & Relationship

Being Welcome in the World

Being Who You Are: Creating an Artful Life

Be Loved for Who You Really Are

Best Kept Secret in Psychology

Betrayed as Boys

BetterMen Family Picnic

BetterMen Retreat

Beyond Boundaries, Victimology

Beyond the Game

The Bible and Homosexuality: Jewish and Christian Perspectives

Bill Moyers' NOW, Child Sexual Abuse in S. Africa and its relation to the AIDS epidemic

Bold Love: Empowering Men to Live from Their Hearts with Authenticity and Compassion

"The Boy Crisis" seminar

Boys to Men

Boys Will Be Men

The Branches of Mentoring, the Roots of Elders

Breaking Free of Fear

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Breaking the Patterns of Depressoin

Breakthrough 2005: Men’s Roles to Men’s Souls

Breast and Prostate Cancer and Integrative Medicine Conference: Healing Choices Bridging Communities

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breastfeeding, World Walk

The Bridge

Bridges & Boundaries

Bridging Generations: Fathers and Adult Sons

Bridging Heart and Marketing II

Bringing Excellence to Rural America

Bringing Forth the Gift: The soulful expression of a man's life

Brotherhood Banquet, San Diego

Brothers: A gathering of men in support of one another as we recover the soul's journey

Bryn Athyn Men's Gathering - PA

Buffalo Gap

Building Spirit: Building Health, 2nd National Indigenous Male Health Convention - NSW

The Business & Education Conference



California AIDS Ride 7

California Men's Gathering - South, North & Mini Retreats

Call to Men

Camp it up

Car Care Month

Career Day for Our Sons - National

Carolina Annual Spring Men's Gathering

Cancer: What to do if your child has cancer

Celebrate the Heart

Celebrating and Reclaiming: For men living with HIV

Celebrating the Body Erotic

Celebration of the Gay Noble Man

Celebration of the Noble Man

Celebration of Vision:  Pride Ride

Celiac Sprue Awareness Month

Changing a Culture:  Peace between men and women

Changing Face of Fatherhood

Child Abuse Prevention

Child & Family Maltreatment Conference

Child Development

Child Forensic Interview Specialist Training on the Investigation of Child Maltreatment

Child Health Month

Child Sexual Abuse Awanress

Child Support Seminar

Child Welfare League of American Conference

Choosing Aliveness and Intimacy

Choosing the Right Loved One and Deepening that Love: A Singles Weekend

Christian Gateway New Warrior Training Adventure

Church of God in Christ National Men’s Conference

Circumcision, International Symposium

Claws of Water, Flowers of Fire, Words of Jade

Clearing the Air Between Women & Men

Clearing the Air - Father

Clearing the Air - Mother

Clinical Symposium

College Savings and Family Playing

Colorado Gold Rush, Gender Indentity Conference

Colorado Winter Soul Retreat

Colorado Winter Spirit Camp

The Color of Fear - Reflections on the White Experienc

Comdex Fall/2000 Wants You to Know about Prostate Cancer & Get a Free Health Screening to Boot

Coming Out Day - National

Coming Out Spiritually

Coming Together to End Sexual Assault

Committing Our Hearts to Life

Common Ground, NYC

Communication and Partnership

Communication. Everyone needs it. No one learns it.

Communities Conference

Community Service Conference, National

Computer Learning Month

Conflict to Partnership

Connecticut Men's Gathering

Connecting with Children Using Nonviolent Communication

Conscious Connection - For Couples

Conscious Dating For Men: Self-Discovery & Readiness

Consuming Kids: Marketers' Impact on Children's Health

Conversations in a New Key: A workshop for couples

Cornerstones for Men

Council By the Fire

Couples' Communication Workshop

Couples Course: Relationships Made Easy

Couples Day-Long Workshop - John Lee

Couples: Living, Loving, Rejoicing Together

Couples' Massage

Couple's Vision Quest

A Couples Weekend in the Midwest

Couples Weekend II: Money, Sex, Power - Char & Rich Tosi

Couples Weekend II: Money, Sex, Power - Linda & Jim Brooks

The Couples Workshop Intensive

The Couple’s Workshop…Love, Sex & Conflict

Couple Works: Relationships made easy

A Couples Weekend - Char & Rich Tosi

A Couples Weekend - Linda & Jim Brooks

A Couple’s Weekend - Rhonda & John Gaughan and Darlene & Terry Ward

Creating a Life Worth Living

Creating an Artful Life Workshop for Men and Women

Creating Safe Harbors

Creating the Work You Love: The Anti-Career Workshop

Creating Trust and Intimacy: A One Day Workshop for Men

Creating Your Life's Work:  Right livelihood from the world's wisdom traditions

Creating Your Own Mission Statement

Creative Intimacy

Creative Mentoring

Creativity, Massage and Inner Journeys

Crime Prevention Month

Crimes Against Nature

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Threshold: Fathers & Sons (13-17)

"Cultivating Our Queer Community: Learn It, Live It, Love It", Santa Barbara

Cultivating the Garden of Loving Partnership; A Retreat for Couples

Current Research Issues & Solutions: Human Subject Protections


Dad's Connection

The Dance of the Crane, Retreat for men

The Dare To Be King

Daring to be Free: A Hawaiian Adventure for men who love men

Data Users Conference

Davis (California) Men's Council Annual Gathering

A Day for Couples

Day Long Workshop (for men and women)

Day of Silence

Day without Art

Deaf Awareness Week

Dealing With an Angry Public

Deciphering the Romantic Attraction Code: How we choose whom to fall in love with

Deepening Your Love

Depression Education and Awareness Month

Desire and the Beloved: Finding Your Way to Love

Digital Aboriginal

The Divine Feminine: Men's Retreat

Disability Employment Awareness Month

Diversity Awareness Month


Divorce and Other Losses: A healing workshop for men

Divorce, Bay Area Style, Series

Divorce Mediation Training

Dog Week

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dreams: Lighting Your Path to Wisdom -- The Eleventh Annual Gathering of Men Exploring Nighttime Dreams Together

Dream Wisdom Wilderness Weekend (Biannual)

Drive Against Prostate Cancer FREE testing program

Dryer Vent Safety Awareness Month

The Durham/Orange Men's Council


Earth Day

Earth Dance

Earth Wisdom (Teens 14-19)

The Edge of Learning, The Road of Practice: A Conference for Younger and Older Men

The Elder and the Grail

Elderhood: Giving and Receiving Blessings

Embracing Our Lives, Embracing Each Other: Personal Awareness for Gay and Bisexual Men

Embracing the Paternal Instinct

The Emerging Male Weekend

Empowering Families to Develop Their Full Potential

Empowerment Workshop

Energy Management is a Family Affair-Improve Your Home Month

Endocrine Society of Ameria

Enlightened Warrior Training

Entering Mythic Territory

Entrepreneurs' Institute

Environmental Risks for Developing Cancer

Equality Rocks Rock Concert

Erotic Massage 101 For Men

Erotic Spirituality

Eurofaery Gathering

Everyman Gathering

Exile, Eloquence and Hungry Ghosts

Experiencing Esalen: For Kids

Exploring our spirit a weekend of meditation!

Exploring Sensual Rome, a Gay Men's Retreat

Exploring the Masculine

Exploring Your Life's Mission: Bringing greater clarity to your life and work

Exploring Who You Really Are, What You Really Want - Your Soul's Story

Expose of Marin and Los Angeles Family Courts

Eyebrows of Sea Foam


Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny

Facing the Fire

Facing the Fire For Women

Fairness Summit - Kansas City

Familes and Fathers Conference 2005

Family Constellation: Healing our relationships, freeing our souls

Family Expo -North Bay

Family Health & Fitness

Family Resource Coalition of American

Family Sexuality Education Month

Family Support The Time Has Come! 9th Biennial National Conference, Chicago

Fantasy Month

Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements in Life

Father & Son Retreat

Father-Daughter Fun Weekend (11th Annual)

Father-Daughter Valentine Dance

The Father/Daughter Weekend: A Journey into the Heart

Fatherhood Conference, Atlanta

Fatherhood Conference, Trenton, NJ

Fatherhood Festival, Philadelphia, PA

Fatherhood is Leadership Conference - 7th Annual

Fatherhood Past, Present and Future Conference
Calgary, Alberta

Fathers & Daughters, San Francisco

Fathers & Familes Meeting - Boston

Father's & Son's Retreat - Colorado

Father/Son Baseball Tours

Father-Son Retreat - Florida

Father-Son Weekend - Wisconsin

Father's Day

Father's Day Celebration/Father's Rights March

Father's Day Picnic Celebrating Fathers/Building Healthy Familes

Father Time book signing

Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Seventh World Congress-20007)

50 Hoops

Finding Genius In Your Life

Finding Happiness in Love & Life: Secrets for Creating Total Emotional & Spiritual Fulfillment

Finding the Boyfriend Within

Fired Up Month

The Fire Within: The Dragon Myth and Psyche - Houston

First Light Men's Gathering

First World Congress on Men's Health

The Forest of Imagination: A Mentoring Retreat for Younger and Older Men

Forgiveness: The Key to Intimacy

The Four R's of Mixed Orientation Marriages: Resolve, reconsider, roller coaster, resolution

Freeing the Fire Within: Living with Passion, Purpose & Power

From Addiction & Dysfunction to Wellness

From the Cave to the Condo

From the Whale's Mouth

Fullpower Introductory Full Force Workshop

The Future of Leadership: Accessing the Corporate Soul


"Gain the Inside Advantage" Month

Gas Out

Gathering of Men (12th Annual) - NC

Gathering of Men (16th Annual) - Buffalo Gap, WV

Gathering Stones Men's Council

Gay & Gray in the West

Gay and Lesbian Couples: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.

Gay & Lesbian History Month

Gay and Lesbian Workshop

Gay, Lesbian & Christian 2000: Behold, I make all things new

Gay & Lesbian Youth Safe Colleges Conference

The Gay Male Journey: Integrating Intimacy & Sexuality

Gay Men: East Coast Gathering

The Gay Men's Medicine Circle

Gay Men's Shamanic Workshop Weekend

Gay Men Thriving

Gay Pride Rockland (4th annual), New York

The Gay Shaman

Gay Spirit International Conference 2000

The Gay-Straight Alliance Community

Gender 2nd Annual National Conference on, and the 7th annual National Gender Lobby Day

Gender Diversity

Gender Education International Convention

Gender, Eros, Power and Memory

Gender Medicine (2nd International Congress of... 2007)

Genderpac, National Conference on Gender

Gender, Race, and Sexism

Gender-Specific Medicine (1st World Congress on) -Berlin

Gender Symposium

Genital Integrity (8th International Symposium)

Genital Integrity Awareness Week

The Genius of Youth, the Wisdom of Elders

Getting Naked: Writing Sexual Essay & Memoir

Getting the Love You Want: A Couples' Workshop

Getting the Love You Want: For Gay & Lesbian Couples

Girls For A Change Girl Summit

GIRLS' Journey

Girls Summit, Atlanta

Global Manwave of Meditation

God, Sex and Money

Gold Star Mother's

Golf in the Kingdom: An exploration of the deeper game

Good Neighbor

Go the Distance PK

The Grail - A Hero's Quest To The Self

Granite Men's Gathering

Great American Smokeout

The Great Dance

The Great Mother & New Father Conference

The Great Night of Rumi

Grief Across the Life Span: Dealing with hurt, grief and loss in changing times

Grief & Growing

Grief Ritual

Growing a Creative Relationship


Healing Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men

Healing the Father Wound®

Healing the Mother Wound®

Healing the Wounds of Adolescence - Tapping the Inner Mentor

Healing through Art

The Healing Truth Between Women and Men

Health Care Food Service Week

Health Medicine Faire

Healthier Babies Month

Health, Immunity & Disease (Psychology of) Conference

Health Issues for Men and Woman: Andropause & Menopause

Health Literacy Month

Health Medicine Forum: Movement for Health and Healing with Eastern and Western Perspectives, Oakland

A Healthy Spirit: Healing the Bodies and Minds of Men

Hearing Testing, National Day of

Heartland Men's Conference

HeroQuest Wilderness Adventure

A Hero's Challenge: Being an Extraordinary Man

High Country: The Solo Seeker's Guide to a Real Life

High School Hazing (1st Nat)

Holding the Thread of Life: Imagination, Ritual, Community

Holding the Thread of Life: Living with Purpose in an Uncertain World

Hollow Bones

Holotropic Breathwork Retreat for Men

Holy Rites - Communal Erotic Meditations For Men

Home Inspection Month

Honoring the Inner Voice

Honoring the Inner Voice of the Twin Spirit: A spiritual retreat for gay men

How to Feel Anger and Still Be Loving

How to Stop Giving Energy to the Things You Don't Believe In

Hunting & Fishing

Idaho Prevention Conference

Impotency Awareness Month

Increase in Coronary Heart Disease in Central and Eastern Europe: Stress and Gender related Factors

Indiana Men's Council

Infant Circumcision Annual Demonstration/March, DC & SFO

In His Fullness Men's Gathering

In His Fullness Men's Re-Trek

In His Fullness Student Gathering

Initiate a Mind, Body, Spirit Relationship Now

The Initiated Soul, The Awakened Self

Inner Critic Month

Inner Life, Outer Work: Following Spirit, Making Soul

Innovations in Couples Therapy

The Inside Circle

Inside of Men: Understanding the Hearts and Minds of Men

The Integral Warrior: Embodying the New Masculine


International Men's Conference

International Men's Day

International Men's Month

AICR-WCRF International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Cancer


Intimacy & Awakening

Intimacy: Levels, Hurdles, and Possibilities for Gay Couples

Intimate Relationships: Keeping the romantic spark alive

The Intuitive Ear: The healing power of the didgeridoo

Irritable Male Syndrome tele-seminar

Is Nothing Sacred? A retreat for couples

Issues and Isms Workshop

It Takes a Rainbow: Bridging the Mountains to the Bay, Stockton

Journeyman video showing

Jump Up and Live Again

Just Because It's June!


Keeping the Love You Find: A Relationship Class for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Singles

Kindred Spirits: A Weekend for Single People

Kidpower Parent-Child Workshop

Kiwanis Kids'

Kripalu Singles Weekend


Labor Day weekend for gay & bi men

Labor Day weekend residential retreat

Latin American - Caribbean Regional Expert Seminar, Mexico City

Leadership Training Program

Leaping Upon the Mountains: A men's abuse recovery weekend

Learning Disabilities Assocaition of America International Conference

Lesbian and Gay Couples Workshop

Let the Sunshine In Survivors Retreat

LGBT Parents

LGBTQIA College Conference (20th Western Regional), San Luis Obispo

Life@50+/National Event & Expo

The Light Inside Dark Times

Listening to Boys' Voices: Understsanding their crisis and responding

Little Forest People

Live Your Wild & Precious Life!

Living and Loving in the Fire of Spirit

Living in the Fire of Spirit

Living Your Deepest Purpose

Longing for Wholeness: Embracing the Shadow in Relationships

Long Life, Honey in the Heart

Love and Awakening: A Meditative Retreat for Individuals & Couples

Love & Awakening: Intimate Relationship As Soulwork

Love Letters to the Flowering Earth

Lover Quarter, a retreat for men

Love Sweeet Love

Love with All Your Heart: Becoming a man of compassion

Love with All Your Mind: Becoming a man of wisdom

Love Without Limits

Lovingkindness & Compassion Medication for Men - San Francisco

Loving the Questions

Lupus Awareness Month


Maine Coast Men's Gathering

Mainely Men's Gathering

Make a Difference Day

Making Changes: The journey to new possibilities

Making Children a National Priority

Making It Safer for Children and Their Pets

Making the House of the World

Male Sexual Victimization

Male Survivor International Conference

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Conference

The Male Spirit

Man and the Workplace

Mankind Project Summer Conference

Manly Man Conference - Wisconsin

Man to Man

Man2Man Tantra for Gay/Bi Men - England

Manwatchers Week.

The Many Aspects of Loss: A Free Father’s Day Webinar.

Marcie's Place: A Camp for Grieving Children, Grayslake, IL

Massachusetts Men's Gathering

Massage for Couples

Massage (Esalen) Intensive

Massage Intensive for Couples

Massage Weekend-Gay/Bi


A Matter of Life and Death

Media Literacy, Albuquerque

Medicine Creek Spirit Camp

Men Alive Center

Men and Boys Health Conference (National-Australia)

Men & Masculinity Conference

Men and Their Struggle with Intimacy

Men and the Healing Power of Ritual and Initiation

Men and the Path of the Mystics

Men at Risk: In a World at Risk!!

Men: Caring, Closeness and Commitment

Mendocino Men's Gathering

Men in Counseling: Treating the externalization process effecting change

Men in the Mirror

Men Massaging Men

Men, Moving: A Soul Motion™ Odyssey for Men

Men of Today Breakfast Meeting, Warren

Men of Unity Conference - Fort Worth

Men Perfecting Men National Conference- Detroit

Men's Adventure Weekend

Men's Blessings, Men's Curses

Men's Community Retreat, Middletown

Men's Council Project Leadership Training

Men's Day (International)

Men's Eqality Congress

Men's Gathering Weekend, Bryn Athyn, PA

Menshare, Big Sur, CA

Men's Health & Healing Retreat, Wilmington, DE

Men's Health Conference (1st Natl), Arlington, VA,

Men's Health (2nd World Congress) - Sex and Gender Matter: From boys to men, from science to practice

Men, Sexuality, Energy and Spirit

Men's Healing Love Qigong

Men's Health and Well-Being Symposium, Minneapolis

Men's Health Caucus at 141st Annual American Public Health Association (APHA) Meeting and Exposition,

Men's Health Conference: Health Issues for Men and Woman: Andropause (male menopause) & Menopause, 3rd International, San Rafael, CA

Men's Health Days

Men's Health Forum

Men's Health in South London

Men's Health Issues (Nat Conf) - Victoria, BC, Canada

Men's Health Symposium

Men's Initiation Weekend

Men’s Introduction to Massage Techniques

Men's Journeys: Stories with heart

Men's Leadership Training Program

Men's Magical Mystical Massage

Men's Ministries Conference, National Coalition of

Men's Month (International)

Men's Night Out - New York

Men's Quest

Men's Retreat

Men's Spirit Camp

Men's Summer Timeout

Men's Vision Fast

Men's Vision Quest

Men's Weekend Workshop - John Lee

Men's Wellness

Men's Wisdom Council

Men's Work: Gender, Race, and Sexism

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Retardation Awareness Month

Mentone Men's Gathering

Men Who Batter & Community Commitment to End Domestic Violence

Michigan Men's Gathering

Michigan Men's Spirit Camp & Soul Retreat

Midwest Men's Festival

Military Fathers/Deployed Dads

Million Dads March

Mindfulness and the Pursuit of Intimacy

Mind on the Media Fundraiser, Los Angeles

Mind Your Head: Improving The Wellbeing Of Men And Boys Conference

Mini Workshop on Relationships

Minnesota Men's Conference

Minority Enterprise Development Week

Miracle Millennium Mating Magic

Mmmm! Men's Magical Mystical Massage, Vancouver, BC

Moon over Maryland, Men's All-Nude Square Dance Weekend

Mothers & Sons

Mother's Shadow

Mr. Collegiate African American Scholarship Pageant

Ms. Millennium Conference

My culture, your culture, our opportunity congress

The Mystery of Relationships

The Mythic Life: Accepting fate


National Daughter-Daddy Reunion Tour

National Fatherhood Initiative

National Fatherhood Summit

National Health Interview Survey on Disability 1994-95 (NHIS-D):Findings and Applications

National Men's Health Gathering - Australia

National Poison Prevention Week

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Navigating the Health System

Nectar, Nectar, Nectar: The Essence of Rumi

New Beginnings: The Challenge of Change

New Frontiers in Fatherhood Summit

The New Intimacy: Discover the magic of your differences

The New Intimacy for Singles and Couples

A New Paradigm for Love

New Pathways for Fathers & Sons (9-12)

New Warrior Training Adventure

New Warrior Training Adventure Young Warriors Gateway

New Warrior Training Adventurfor Gay/Bi Men

New Warrior Training Adventure for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

New Warrior Training Adventure - Urban Men

New Year's Retreat

The Noah Project

No Future Without Forgiveness

No Name Calling Week

Northcoast Men's Gathering

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention


Omega Kindred Spirits: A Weekend for Single People

Omega Teen Camp

One Like Jesus: Conversations on the Single Life

David Steinberg at "On the Edge" Erotic Photography Exhibition

Opening the Heart Workshop

Opening to Love: The Healing Relationship - Big Sur

Orthodontic Health Month

Our Children, Our Legacy, Washington, D.C.

Our Mothers' Sons

Overcoming Barriers to Condom Use, (4th Annual National Symposium on:) San Franciso


Pacific Men

Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting Awareness Day

Parental Alienation Awareness Day, International

Parenting: Mothers & Fathers

Parenting with Positive Discipline: Techniquese and Interventions

Partnership for Community Leadership


Passionate Journey: A Valentine's retreat for couples

Paternal Instinct

The Pathless Path – Following Spirit, Making Soul

The Path of Parenting: A spiritual approach

Paths of Initiation - Younger & Older Men

Paths of Initiation: Weaving the Creative Soul with Community. A retreat for women and men.

Pathways to Intimacy

A Path With Heart

PC Screening Guidelines: The Experts Explain - Oakland, CA

Peace, Love and Passion: Partnership by Design

PEER I Training in Emotional Release Work

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

People's Campaign for Nonviolence

Pharmacy Month

Physical Therapy Month

Pizza Month

Play for Dummies: It's Never too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

A Poetics of Peace: The Water of Life

Popcorn Poppin' Month

Pornography and Cybersex Addiction: Helping Partners Address Betrayal and Trust

Positive Strategies for Buildilng Parental Involvement Across the Continuum

The Power of Ritual in Community

The Power of Two: An erotic retreat for male couples

Power, Passion, Purpose & Presence: How to Become an Irresistible Man

Preferred Provider Conference, New Orleans

Preparing Youth for the 21st Century

Prevent Child Abuse blue ribbon event

Pride Ride

ProParenting Training, Alameda, CA

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

Prostate Cancer Climb - Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

Prostate Cancer Conference

Prostate Cancer: Dealing With the Issues - Regional California

Prostate Cancer Update

Protecting Human Research Subjects: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?, Garden City, Long Island, NY

Protest Against Circumcision

The PSA Era is Over

Psychology at the Threshold, Archetypal psychology festival

The Psychology of Health & Immunity Disease's Platinum Residential Course, London and Austin's Seduction Boot Camp, London's PUATraining Bootcamp


Queer Fest

Queer Masculinities Conference: What is a Man?

The Quest: A Young Man's Action Weekend

Quodoushka for Women and Men


Race Your Mouse Day

Radical Faerie Gathering

Rainbow Ball

Rainbow Warrior Gathering

Read Across America Day

Real Men

Reclaiming the Inner Voice of the Twin Spirit

Reclaiming the Man in the Mirror: For Gay & Bi Men

Reconciliation & Communion: Fostering transformational healing between women and men

Reconnect to Nature Weekend

Redwood Men's Center annual Men's Retreat, Conference and Gathering

Re-Imagining the Masculine: A day of expressive arts and movement

Relating as a Distinguished Man

Relationship Intensive: Dimensions of Intimacy

Religious Freedom Week

Rendevous: Men and Mosquitoes at the Millennium in Minnesota

Reproductive Health

Respect-for-the-Aged Day

Retreat for Enlightenment

Retreat for Gay & Bisexual Men - Labor Day

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Return to Balance: A Gender Reconciliation Workshop

Reverse Psychology: Taking Relationships in a New Direction

Rhode Island Men's Gathering

Rhythm of Closeness for Men & Women: How to Have True Intimacy Without Losing Yourself

Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Fifth Annual Conference

RMC Annual Spring Men's Gathering

RMC Leadership Council Meeting

RMC Monthly Meeting

Roller Skating Month

Romantic Attractions: The Good and the Bad

Romantic Lover's Adventure

The Roots of Wisdom, the Flowering of Knowledge

Rosie’s Girls® Training Institute

Rowe Junior High Camp

Rowe Senior High Camp

Rowe Transitions Camp

Rowe Vision Quest: A wilderness passage for young adults

Rowe Young People's Camp

Running With Iron John


Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus

Sacred Contracts

Sacred Circle Retreat

Salute to Fathers

Samurai Game

Scotland Aberdeen International Youth Festival

Second Adventure of Life

The Second Level Weekend

The Secrets of Great Relationships

Secrets of Successful Relationships

Seeds for the Fertile Heart

Sensual Heart Workshop

Sensuality Retreat- 3 days

Sensuous Touch for Gay/Bi Men - England

Seven Seasons of a Man's Life

Seventh Day Adventist Kinship Discover

Sex and Gender Matter: From boys to men, from science to practice - Men's Health (World Congress)

Sexology - World Congress

Sex on the Download: When the Internet Disconnects a Relationship

Sex, Power, Freedom

Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community, Jerusalem, Israel

Sexual Attraction, Desire, Behavior, and Experience: Clarifying the Arena of Sex in Our Lives

Sexual Authenticity & Creative Erotica

Sexual Healers Training

Sexual Imagination: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

Sexuality and Intimacy: Conflict, Passion, & Power

Sexual Mutilations

Shadow Work

Shadow Work Introductory Evening

Shadow Work Seminar for People Who Want to Start a New Relationship

The Shadow Workshop

Shaken Baby Syndrome (6th North American Conference on...)

Sharing the Path: A Retreat for Couples

Siblings: The Longest Relationship: How siblings affect our lives

Single Men's Weekend

Skin Care Awareness Month

SkyDancing Tantra: Love & Ecstasy

Smash Out Suicide

Social Work Conference

SoulCollage® for Men and Boys

The Soul in Exile: A mentoring retreat for younger and older men

The Soul of Change

The Soul of Change: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Troubled Times

The Soul of Sex

The Soul's Luminous Song

Southeastern Winter Men's Gathering

Special Olympics World Summer Games

Spinal Health Month

Spirit and Soul Retreat

Spirit Gathering

A Spiritual Gathering of Men - Khalsa Men's Camp

The Spirituality of Laughter Mini-Retreat

Spirituality Weekend (CMG)

Spiritual Partnership

Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training

Spiritual Weekend Retreat (Sixth Biennial)

SRA and Secret Societies Annual Conference

Spring Renewal: New Beginnings: The Challenge of Change

Spring Vision Quest (Death Valley)

Stand Fast My King - Men's Conference, Hatchez, MS

Stay-at-Home Dads - Cincinnati

Stop Domestic Violence Celebration

Stop Domestic Violence Festival (National)

Stop Infant Circumcision

Storm the Gates

Story Games and Tall Tales on Transforming the Culture of Violence

Strengthening the Bond: Progressive Values, Gay Rights & the Faith Community - Kansas City, MO

Stress Awarness

Stronger at the Broken Places

The Strong, Silent Type: Men's Mental Health and Illness

Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Substance-Related Child Abuse

Success in Work, in Love, in Spirit, Esalen, CA

The Success that Matters Seminar

Summit for Clinical Excellence

Summit on Fatherhood

Sunshine Coast Men's Festival

Sun, Stars and Cedar

Supporting A Loved One With Cancer

Survivor Cafe and Social Skills Boot Camp II

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Chld Abuse Conference

The Sweet Fire of Connection

The Sword and the Scepter

Sydney Men’s Festival


Tackling The Spirit of Fatherhood

Take Your Daughter(s) To Work Day

Take Your Kids to Work Week - International

Taking It Lightly

Taking It Lightly Renewal - Sexual Abuse Recovery

Talk About Prescriptions Month

Talking Sticks. Honoring Your Story, Easing Your Journey

Tantra and Beyond: Strength with Heart Men's Retreat

A Taste of MMG (Massachusetts Men's Gathering)

Teen Conflict Resolution

Teenpower Full Force Workshop for Sons

Temple By Telephone!

Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

The Therapeutic Relationship: Creating the context for healing

The Thornfield Workshop on Sexuality

The Twin Cities Men's Center Open House

Time of Transition

The Place

 Time for Brothers, A Time for Sisters

Time Out for Men's Health

Transformational Wilderness Experience


Transgender Day of Remembrance

Treating the SRA/DID Patient and the Importance of Foundational Therapeutic Elements

Toilet Tank Repair Month

Trancedance Visionquest Ritual

Trauma Process Work Training

Tribal Tantra in New Mexico, Light touch retreat for loving men

Triumph Classic Triathlon for Seniors

Turn Beauty Inside Out Leadership Conference, Los Angeles

Two Spirits: An erotic retreat for men & women

Twin Oaks Community Conference

The Two Agreements in Life


Ultimate Men’s Summit

The Unacknowledged: Male Survivors

Undersanding & Treating the Male Psyche

Understanding, Evaluating and Managing ADHD

Understanding Men Who've Been Sexually Abused and How to Treat Them

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery™

Unitarian Universalist Men's Spring Renewal

Unmasking Halloween Dangers Month

Uprising Monterey for Women & Men


Valentine Dance - Father & Daughter

Valentine's Day Reminders

Valentines for Vets Week

Valley of the Ancestors: Ceremonial gathering and long dance

The Values of Violence

Vegetarian Awareness Month

Vets Journey Home

Vets Welcome Home

Violence Prevention Summer Institute, (10th Annual)

Village of Brothers Men's Retreat

The Village of Gender Reconciliation

Vision Quest: A journey to the self

Vision Quest for Men & Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Voices of Veterans - A Bridge Back Home

Voices of Youth: Poetry from the Edge

Voices of Youth, Voices of Community

Voices of Youth Workshop


Walking the Ground of the Soul

Warrior-Monk Training Intensive

Warrior-Monk Training Intensive for Couples

War Toy Transformation Workshop

Way of the Evolutionary Man

Weaving a Path in the World

Web Raffle

The Well of Light

West Coast 2000 2nd Annual Men's Nudist Gathering

What Love Looks Like!

What's Next? Exploring, Discussing, and Planning A Man's Life After 50

What your dad never told you about being a man!

What Will Heal the Wounded King?

When Shades of Gray Meets Sadistic Love

Whole Man Expo - Colorado

Why Men Are the Way They Are--And What Men Are Capable of Becoming

Why the World Doesn’t End

Wilderness Camping Trip for Boys

Wingspan Leadership Conference

Wildwood Fall Men's Festival

Woman's Love, Man's Freedom

Women and Sexual Healing FOR MEN ONLY

Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say

The Wonder of Boys Conference

Work from Home Week

Working Together to End Abuse:  Advocacy, assessment, intervention, research, prevention and policy

Working Together V: A statewide regional conference for fathers of children with special needs

Working with Couples Experiencing Emotional Abuse

Working with Shame

Workshop for Gay and Bisexual Men

World AIDS Day

The World Behind the World: Living at the Ends of Time

World Congress on Men's Health

World Games for the Deaf

World Men's Day

World Vegetarian Day

Writing Like Rivers, Speaking Like Birds




YES Conference

Yoga for Men: Hey, Yoga is for Us Too!

Youth Day - South Africa

Youth Gang Symposium (National)

Young People's Camp

Your Mother's Pillow

Youth Film Series

Youth Services Day - National


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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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