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Menstuff® has compiled information and books on men's health. Here are some tips. Also see the Healthstuff directory.

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December - Have Happy, Healthy Holidays
November - Build a Strong Family
October - Exercise with Care
September - Keep Your Children Safe
August - Get Checkups on Time
July - Be Sun-Smart
June - Take Safety Along
May - Be Ready with First Aid
April - Care for Our Planet
March - Eat Healthy for Betting Living
February - Put Your Heart into Health
January - Focus on Health, Safety & Fun
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Have Happy, Healthy Holidays

Do your best to make the holidays a time for joy and togetherness. Take time to relax and celebrate with good health and safety.

Remember...Put joy ahead of stress this holiday season and make it your best yet!

Build a Strong Family

Respect, love and cooperation strengthen relationships that span generations. Give youngsters a rich legacy by harmonizing family ties.

Remember...Young or old, we all need each other.

Exercise with Care

Regular physical activity and safety precautions go hand-in-hand for optimal well-being. Exercise safely so injuries don't hamper your progress.

Remember...The more you include exercise in your daily life, the better you will look and feel.

Keep Your Children Safe

Children need adults to watch out for them. Teach youngsters the skills they need to protect themselves.

Remember...Educating your children is a lifelong process that builds on small lessons taught every day.

Get Checkups on Time

Keep every family member in the best of health. Preventive healthcare is a vital key to wellness.

Remember...Early detection is the best protection.

Be Sun-Smart

Protect your family from the sun's dangerous rays. Sun safety is essential all year long.

Remember...Your day in the sun is fun only when you take steps to enjoy it safely.

Take Safety Along

Summer is a great time for outdoor family fun. But it takes careful planning to make outings safe.

When planning a trip, a checklist can help you remember everything you'll need. Make sure your car is in good condition. Bring a first-aid kit, a cellular phone, blankets, water and nonperishable snacks.

If you want to camp at a county, state or national park or forest, check into campsite and campfire regulations.

Never leave a campfire unattended. Douse it thoroughly with water to extinguish it, then cover the area with dirt.

If you have a gas barbecue grill, inspect it carefully before use. Follow directions and keep a fire extinguisher within reach.

Learn how to protect yourself against Lyme disease in your area and wherever you travel.

Respect the wilderness when camping, hiking or picnicking. If you pack it in - pack it out!

Remember...Keep safety and good health in mind to fill your summer with memorable family moments.

Be Ready with First Aid

You never know when an emergency or accident will happen. Protect others by knowing how to act quickly and correctly.

Remember...Being prepared can save the lives of those you love.

Care for Our Planet

The earth needs loving care from each of us. We all affect the environment, so we all need to act responsibly.

Remember, how we care for the earth now affects future generations.

Eat Healthy for Betting Living

Make every meal and snack count!  Enhance everyone's health through good nutrition.

Remember, children learn about nutrition from adults around them, so be a positive role model.

Put Your Heart into Health

Your heart silently works for you every day. Keep your "silent partner" on track - treat your heart right.

Remember...You only have one heart - treasure it.

Focus on Health, Safety & Fun

Get set for an exciting year! Give every member your love, support and protection daily.

Remember:  A healthy and safe family needs tender, loving care every day, all year long.

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Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind. - Mary Baker Eddy

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