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Menstuff® has developed this section of several hundred storyideas on some of the over 300 men's issues particularly for members of the press, lifestyle editors and radio and television talk show producers. Where available, we have noted contacts for these programs and stories and a list of advisor's who are available regarding specific topics. See also our Resource listing of Authors.

While any day is a great day to do a story on men, or women and men, some important dates to remember are:

February 14-20 - National Condom Awareness Week
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.
April 1 demonstration against circumcision - Washington, D.C.
April 1-7 - Testicular Cancer Awareness Week - See List of Daily Issues
June 1-30 is International Men's Month - See List of Men's Issues & Book of the Day
June 1-30 is Men's Health Month (US/CAN/UK/NSW)
June 19 - Father's Day
September 1-30 - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
September (Third full week of month) - Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - See List of Daily Issues
November 1-30 - International Impotency Month
December 1 - World AIDS Awareness Day

In addition, we have included over 200 potential topics below along with pertinent authors and specialist who might be of interest. Advisor's are available regarding specific topics and a check of links will reveal many other organizations and groups.

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