Men's Book of the Week 2002

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12/23-29: A History of the Wife, Marilyn Yalom
12/16-22: Booty: Girl pirates on the high seas, Sara Lorimer
12/9-15: Divorce, Annulments, and the Catholic, Church: Healing or hurtful?, Richard J. Jenks
12/2-8: Men's Health on the Internet, M. Sandra Wood, Janet M Coggan
11/25-12/1: Fatherless Women: How we change after we lose our dads, Clea Simon
11/18-24: How to Read a Man or a Woman Like a Book, L. A. Justice
11/11-17: Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation, Olivia Judson
11/4-10: Monster: Adventures in American machismo, Brian Bouldrey
10/28-11/3: The Testosterone Revolution: Rediscover your energy and overcome the symptoms of male menopause, Malcolm Carruthers
10/21-27: Your Penis: A user's guide, Greg Watters & Stephen Carroll
10/14-21: They Went Whistling: Women wayfarers, warriors, runaways, and renegades, Barbara Holland, Anchor Books
10/7-13: Journal of Trauma Practice
9/30-10/6: Terms of Enforcement: Making men pay for what they've done. America's campaign against facts and evidence in the name of justice, Steven S. Richmond
9/23-29: The Prostate Workbook: A practical guide for the prostate cancer patient, Newton Malerman (Prostate Cancer Awareness Week )
9/16-22: (PCAW) Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer: Give yourself a second opinion, Dr. Patrick Walsh (Prostate Cancer Awareness Week )
9/9-15: Real Fatherhood: The path of lyrical parenting, Bob Kamm
9/2-8: The Joyful Family: Meaningful activities and heartfelt celebrations for connecting with the ones you love, John Dacey and Lynne Weygint
8/26-9/1: Dealing With Your Anger: Self-help solutions for men using self-awareness, communication, and negotiation to overcome fear, insecurity and rage, Frank Donovan
8/19-25: The Smoke Jumper, Nicholas Evans
8/12-18: Fast Girls: Teenage tribes and the myth of the slut, Emily White
8/5-11: Yoga for Men: A workout for the body, mind and spirit, Bruce Eric Van Horn
7/29-8/4: Down and Out, Ed Cadenhead
7/22-28: Night-Night: Settle-down activities for easy bedtimes, Cynthia MacGregor
7/15-21: Another Shot: How I relived my life in less than a year, Joe Kita
7/8-14: The Gay Man's Guide to Growing Older, John Lockhart
7/1-7 Between Fathers and Sons: Critical incident narratives in the development of men's lives, Robert J. Pellegrini, Thodore R Sarbin, editors
6/24-30: Dads and Daughters: How to inspire, understand and support your daughter when she's growing up so fast, Joe Kelly
6/17-23: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father, Thomas Hoerner
6/10-16: The Whole Man Program: Reinvigorating your body, mind and spirit after 40, Jed Diamond
6/3-9: The Insiders: A man's recovery from traumatic childhood abuse, Robert Blackburn Knight with Mark Falstein
5/27-6/2: Sleepsex: Uncovered, Michael Mangan
5/20-26: High Country: The sole seeker's guide to a real life, David Alderman
5/13-19: The Modern Martian's Guidebook: Don't leave home without it, Dwight Brown
5/6-12: What Ethnic Americans Really Think: The Zogby Culture Polls, James J. Zogby
4/29-5/5: Bears on Bears, Ron Jackson Suresha
4/22-28: The Night Abraham Called to the Stars, Robert Bly
4/15-21: Nigger: The strange career of a troublesome word, Randall Kennedy
4/8-14: If Men Could Talk: Translating the secret language of men, Alon Gratch
4/1-7: Understanding Circumcisoin: A multi-disciplinary approach to a multi-dimensional problem, George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges, Marilyn Fayre Milos
3/25-31: Breathe: A guy's guide to pregnancy, Mason Brown
3/18-24: Bisexual and Gay Husbands: Their stories, their words, Kritz Klein and Thomas Schwartz
3/11-17: Once and Future Myths: The power of ancient stories in modern times, Phil Cousineau
3/4-10: Prescription Drug Addiction: The hidden epidemic. A guide to coping and understanding, Rod Colvin
2/25-3/3: Sissyphobia: Gay men and effeminate behavior, Tim Bergling
2/18-24: Riot and Remembrance: The Tulsa race war and its legacy, James S. Hirsch
2/11-17: Totally Private: Answers to the questions lovers long to ask, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
2/4-10: Partnership Tools: Transforming the way we live together, Alan Konell
1/28-2/3: Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused,Dean Tong
1/21-27: Depression is a Choice: Winning the battle without drugs, A. B. Curtiss
1/14-20: At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew's search for God with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land, Yossi Klein Halevi
1/7-13: The Elder Within: The source of mature masculinity, Terry Jones
12/31/01 - 1/6/02: Know Thyself, Show Thyself: A guide to becoming the person you've always dreamed of being, Dr. Victor August

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