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To Respond to Media's Portrayal of Men 

Abortion - Unborn Victims Act
Abuse - The Story of the Blue Ribbon
The Abuse of Men: Trauma begets trauma, Barbara Jo Brothers
Abused Boys - Dangerous Dating
Adolescence - Acts of Stupidity
Talk to Your Kids about Tough Issues
A Sure Recipe for Trouble
Good Stuff Happening with Teens!
Virginity Pledges Work for 2.5 Million Adolescents
Juvenile Violence Hurts Young People Most
Students who snooze morning away have lower GPA
Pain Relievers are Overused by High School Athletes;
Afghanistan - The UN Neglect of Afghan Men's Human Rights
The Invisibility of Afghan Men at Amnesty International
AIDS - Gender & AIDS; Teens & AIDS
World AIDS Day December 1
Drug simplifies living with HIV
You Can't Get AIDS from...
Report Finds Young Black Men at Higher Risk for HIV
Drugs giants sue to cut HIV lifeline
Alzheimer's - Researchers Seek Vaccine to Prevent Alzheimer's
Anthrax - What to Look Out For
Asthma - Facts about Asthma
Antioxidant may protect against asthma
Altered gene linked to allergic reactions and asthma
Asthma, allergies may be triggered by the holidays
Asthmatic children see doctor less when parents smoke
Losing a few pounds helps obese asthmatics
Mouse allergy ups asthma risk among inner-city youth
Work may trigger one third of asthma cases
Antibiotics for babies linked to asthma later in life
Breasts - Real or Fake?
Androgyny in Men's Clothing
Enhancements - The Techno Bra
Having a Bust Up
Breasts in the News
Breast Cancer - Men Are Affected, Too, And Have a Role to Play
Acupuncture eases nausea caused by cancer therapy
For women, night work may up breast cancer risk
Breast cancer death rate grows in older blacks
Breast implant websites may be biased
FDA approves first-line option for advanced breast cancer
Perceived cancer risk influences mastectomy decision
Tamoxifen does not seem to help or hurt the heart
FDA advisers back drug for advanced breast cancer
Many doctors avoid using breast-conserving surgery
New method of early breast cancer detection
New scope could look inside milk duct for breast cancers
Surprising finding about dietary fat and breast cancer
Knocking down the color barriers in breast cancer detection
Looking for breast cancer in three dimensions
Breast cancer: Almost everything you need to know -- Part I
Breast cancer: Almost everything you need to know --Part II
How dangerous is breast cancer drug?
Are there interactions between St. John's wort and tamoxifen?
Breast Implants - Breast Implant Web Sites May be Biased
'Sweet 16' Birthday Gift Causes Concern in Britain
Nose jobs are okay, but implants aren't?
Cancer - Acknowledging the Stress of Caregiving
Patients Can Stay Motivated to Exercise During Summer
Can Selenium Reduce Cancer Risk?
Being Open to Spiritual Therapies
The Cancer Is Gone - Why Do I Feel So Uneasy?
Exercise Can Help You Recover From Prostate Cancer Surgery
'Cancer Breakthrough - Read All About It!'
Presenting Bad News
Walking Helps Fight Cancer Treatment Fatigue
No Truth Behind Oral Contraceptives-Cancer Risk Link
No link between cell phones and cancer
Cancer Patients Can Find Help for Depression
Adding Acupuncture to Cancer Therapy
How to Choose an Exercise Program During Cancer Treatment
Disappointment Over "Fiber" Should Spur Further Research into Colon Cancer Protection
How to Stay Physically Active During Cancer Treatment
Supplement Support for Cancer Patients: Making Good Choices
Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe for Cancer Survivors?
Why Protein Foods Are Important for Cancer Patients
Coping with Chemo an Important Part of Dealing with Cancer
Detox for Cancer Patients: Ridding the Body of Harmful Substances
Physical Activity Can Cut Colon Cancer Risk
A Primer on Depression and Cancer
Cancer Prevention Diet
New Grocery Shopping List
No link between cell phones and cancer
Poisonous weed noxious to skin cancers
US panel says estrogen a cancer agent
Acupuncture eases nausea caused by cancer therapy
Cancer diagnosis prompts women to eat healthy
Hormone replacement brings benefits and risks
New platinum-based cancer drug shows promise
Patients tell FDA they need access to cancer drugs
Thalidomide may treat blood cancer
Treating ulcer bug may cut stomach cancer risk
I'm a marine. I survived melanoma. But is male menopause making me a marshmallow?
Why radiation and not surgery to treat the tumor?
Child Abuse - The Big Secret
Things You Can Do to Prevent Child Abuse
Child Slaves Caught in Glittering Traps
Children - What Boys Think
Why Little Boys Need Toy Guns
Parents Shape Body Image, Self-Esteem of Children
Diabetes striking children
Behavior problems often begin at home
Scientists find way to select healthiest embryos
CDC study documents salmonella resistant to important drug for kids
Low-calorie diet may help children shed pounds safely
Prenatal exposure to diabetes ups risk to kids
A 'real' head banger
Children need help to cope with depression
Children Can Overdose on Ritalin
Children's Anxiety at an All-time High
'Kangaroo' parenting in Brazil has good results
Boys Not as Tough as Society Thinks
Antibiotics for babies linked to asthma later in life
Children Now - Top-selling Video Games Virtual Wasteland for Racial, Gender Diversity
Local TV News Distorts Real Picture of Children, Study
Cholesterol - Margarine better than butter, but genes play a role
High cholesterol can limit oxygen supply to heart
Some surprising bad news about olive oil
Not all fats are created equal
Does Lipitor affect the immune system?
Does morning grapefruit interact with evening medication?
Should I take Lipitor, or lose weight?
Circumcision - Circumcision: The root of misogyny
Circumcision not a factor in spread of HIV
Cold - Common Signs of Immune System Imbalance
Condoms - Should There Be Condom Ads on TV?
Reasons Not to Use Condoms
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Girls Love Thoughtful Boys
Crime - Is Wanting to See McVeigh's Execution Voyeuristic?
Dads & Daughters - Study Sheds Light on Technophobic Girls;
DADs Featured in Boston Globe;
Marketers Continue Promoting Violence to Children;
Adoption of Gender-neutral Language Making Headway;
A Tip or Two;
Britney Spears Sends Mixed Media Messages
Teen Magazines-Will They Harm Her?
Tell NBC to Put A Plug in Liquor Ad Jug
Contest: Engineering: It's a Girl Thing
Depression - Men More Depressed when Partner Works
The Warning Signs and Major Risk Factors of Teenage Suicide
Drug can help compulsive shoppers
Antidepressants promote brain cell growth in rats
Children need help to cope with depression
Death wish in terminally ill linked to depression
Hardened arteries may cause depression
Smaller doses of Prozac just as effective
Depression--is medication the only treatment?
Do antidepressants affect weight?
Can Zoloft cause weight gain, agitation and high cholesterol?
Can a folic acid deficiency cause depression?
Seniors prone to loneliness, depression during holidays
Diabetes - Diabetes striking earlier and earlier
Type 2 diabetes drug receives US approval
Afternoon blood tests may miss diabetes
Diabetes drugs may reduce risk of heart disease
Experimental diabetes drug shows promise
Holiday health for diabetics
Many diabetics may have symptomless heart disorder
Prenatal exposure to diabetes ups risk to kids
Two factors key in early diabetes, study shows
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Tied to Mental Decline
Divorce/Custody - Facts, Terms, Kids
Are Family Courts Prejudiced Against Fathers?
A Memorial (4/28/01)
Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence: A Two-way Street;
The "Other" War Congress Declared
Domestic Woes Not a One-Way Street
Men Don't Tell
Report: Maine Conference on Domestic Violence Against Men
Dixie Chicks Continue to Get Away with Murder
Gender Profiling Prevalent in Domestic Violence
Turn in Your Electronic Trash and Hellp Fight Domestic Violence
Another athlete busted for domestic violence
Most Requested Video on CMT Touts Murder of Men
Another athlete busted for domestic violence
Super Bowl Bound Ravens Afraid to Play the Best
Most Requested Video on CMT Touts Murder of Men
Down Syndrome - Early warning over Down's risk
Safe test for Down's Syndrome
What is it?
Draft - Will There be a Draft?
Drinking - Communication may curb binge drinking
Ecology - Roll Your Own Black Out the First Day of Summer
Vanishing Wildlife
Mounting Danger
What They're Saying
Loud and Clear
Global Warming
Take the Pledge
Oil Drilling and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Euthanasia - Euthanasia - Dying with Dignity
Fathers - You've Come a Long Way, Dad!
Do Mom's Create Tom Boys?
Cost to Raise a Child
Are Today's Fathers Overworked and Stressed Out?
Father's Hormones Fluctuate Around Childbirth
NIH Expands Fatherhood Research
Father's Day - Public Changing Tables
Making Dad Happy
What it costs ... to make Dad happy
Fathers' Stories - The Best Gift
A Good Name,
Making a Difference - It's So Easy
Fraternities - Black Fraternity Announces Two-Year Prostate Cancer Global Awanress Campaign
Gay/By/Trans - Latest News
Important Anti Gay Constitutional Amendment
Gay Health - Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Guns - Most children are shot at home, not in the street
Health - The Standard Checkup? Well, Not Exactly
Female Hormone Stunts Male Growth
The Spare-Tire Syndrome
UNICEF Discriminates Against Men;
Women's Growing Health Insurance Gap
Men Live Sicker and Die Younger, yet They Shun Healthcare
Are You Fit to Fly?
Lyme's Disease
Project Aims to Find Out about Men's Health Needs
Take Back the Campus
The Exclusion of Women from Medical Research Perception vs Reality
DHHS Proposes $0 for Men's Health, $27 million for Women's Health
Time Is of the Essence
Men's Health Act
The Wind Chill Factor: Impressive on TV, but not in real life
Aerobic fitness slows down artery disease
Beefy male centerfolds mirror muscle obsession
New polio symptoms can arise 30 years later
Men's increased risk of severe asthma cited
Waist circumference can help diagnose disease
It's All Over After Age 45
Man remarkably fit despite his heaviness
Keeping yourself safe from drug dangers
In faltering economy, older workers' health at risk
Sick Americans seek solitude
Men help other men stay strong; family helps women
Why can't women park a car -- is it depth perception?
HMOs: 'Come and see us when you get sick'
British Men Gobble the Chips, Skip the Fish
International Journal of Men's Health to be Launched
Heroes - This triumph of the spirit belongs to men
Homophobia - Death in Cortez, CO
Men in Skirts
Humor - Men are More likely to Have BBL
She Said, He Said
Sex for Dummies Exam
Image - Spaghetti Straps Outlawed
Impotency -Viagra at bedtime may prevent erectile dysfunction
What's Wrong with My Penis?
Male sexual dysfunction device approved for over-the-counter
New Impotence Treatment may be on the Horizon
Scientists find way to select healthiest embryos
Singapore pioneers babies from frozen eggs, sperm
When fertility technology can't help
Contents: One Penis, Assembly Required
Topical ointment may help premature ejaculation
Infertility - Infertile Sons May Have Mom to Blame
Kidstuff - New Booster Seat Law for Kids 4-6 and 40-60 lbs;
Unwanted Calls During that Talk With Your Kid
Only Dumb Parents Don't Wear Helmets
Movie Ratings for Kids
Male Rape - FBI Discounts Male Rape
Manliness - Welcome Back, Duke: From the Ashes of Sept. 11 Arise the Manly Virtues
Marriage - Sex, lies and monogamy
Men At Risk - Hey, Superman, You Won't be Invincible Forever
Mental Health Resources
Materialism - Materialism and the Holidays
Men's Groups - Common Ground Facilitated Men's Groups
Mentors - He Played the Game
Take this quiz - Then Consider Becoming a Mentor
Mortality - Why Do Women Live Longer than Men?
Male Mortality Rate Higher Than Female Rate in Almost All Species
Multicultural - Understanding One Another's Differences is the Only Real Anti-Terrorist Weapon We Have
Mr. Collegiate African American Scholarship Program
Do the Lives of Black Men Count for Less?
The Real Story Behind the Ray Lewis Story
Mythology - Becoming Whole Men
Office of Men's Health - Women and Medical Research;
Feminism is Bad for Women's Health Care
Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis under-diagnosed in men
Low estrogen levels in men linked to osteoporosis
Fatty diet could lead to thin bones
Hormone replacement brings benefits and risks
Low estrogen levels in men linked to osteoporosis
Get your calcium!
Is osteoporosis preventable?
Parenting - Parents Shape Body Image, Self-Esteem of Children; The Parent Trap
Breast milk feeding boosts preemies' IQ
Surgeon General Targets Children's Mental Health
Babies Who Can't Sleep Alone Risk Sleep Troubles Later
Mental illness can pass from parent to child
Opting out of vaccinations boosts disease rise
Parkinson's - Genes Help Determine Parkinson's Risk
Pregnancy - Teen Pregnancy
STDS and Pregnancy
Prison - Rape in Prison
How to Survive the Slammer
Poems from Inside Prison
Prison Rape - 22% of Male Inmates Are Victims of Rape
Prostate - Studies Back Value of PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer
Lycopene: A Colorful Prostate Cancer Fighter
The U.S. Senate passes SR 138, designating September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Prostate Cancer Research Institute Alert: Another Important Research Project May Fail If Men Don't Show Up
Prostate Cancer Awareness Stamp Taken Off the Market
Safeway Cares - Finally
Number of Sex Partners Linked to Prostate Cancer
Docs Don't Talk to Men about Prostate
Men don't get full benefit from relatively new test
Study Sheds Light on Prostate Cancer Screening
Saw Palmetto may Fight Prostate Cancer
Vitamin E may protect against prostate cancer
Natural Medicine Online: Therapeutic Choices in BPM
Relationship - Her Secret Checklist
Never Meet Her Parents
What Not to Say
Reproduction - Game Over
Girls Love Thoughtful Boys
Safety - Lucky 13 Tricks for a Safe Halloween Treat
Senior Health - 10 Managed Care Tips for Caregivers
Senior Health - Keeping yourself safe from drug dangers
Alzheimer's Early Treatment can Make a Difference
Many people may be deficient in vitamin B-12
Shingles vaccine trial under way
Changing diet can help autoimmune disease
Tai chi for arthritis
Effective new drugs for rheumatoid arthritis?
Don't scoff at gin-soaked raisins?
Home remedies work for old knee injury?
Dementia May Change Musical Tastes
Medicare HMOs drop nearly one million members
Seniors donate time, brains to Alzheimer's research
Seniors' health costs projected to skyrocket
Homelike design make extended care facilities more livable
Home care improves satisfaction and quality of life. Exercise may strengthen immunity in older folks
Home remedies work for old knee injury?
What exactly is macular degeneration?
What is meant by age-related macular degeneration?
Seniors prone to loneliness, depression during holidays
Seniors' exit from HMOs linked to drug benefits
Death wish in terminally ill linked to depression
Study shows Alzheimer's drug is safe, effective Old Age Childless Adults Just as Content as Parents
Living Healthy to 120 Years Not a Pipe Dream
Alzheimer's Drug may Work for Other Types of Dementia
Feeling in Control can Prolong Life
Caring for the Caregivers
Household Hazards Not Main Cause of Elderly Falls
It's All Over after Age 45
Seniors - How to Pay for Residential Care
Does Your Loved One Need Help Managing Money?
Sexual Harassment - Sexual Harassment
A Touchy Subject
Sexuality - 100 Mighty Sex Facts!
Is sex good exercise?
Sexuality Gay/Bi/Trans - Still About "Manhood"
Genital Surgery Pandering to Social Prejudices
Single Fathers - Single Dads Wage Revolution
Becoming a Bachelor Parent
Single Life - Best Places To Be Single
Smoking - Non Smoking Celebrities
Smoking and Teen Sports
What if Cigarette Ads Told the Truth?
Dangers of Fireplace Smoke
Baby sitters may expose infants to second-hand smoke
Asthmatic children see doctor less when parents smoke
Social Security - What You Should Know
Sports - How to Avoid Shark Attacks
Sports-Women/Girls - Why Do Young Female Athletes Lose Their Periods?
STDS - Women Lead in Gonorrhea Infections
Stress - Stress: How does it affect by body?
Substance Abuse - "Abolish CSAP!" The right reaction to the Sommers CSAP Outrage
Suicide - Teen Suicide,
Suicide in Men over 50: An Epidemic
National Suicide Prevention Plan
A Memorial
Tattoos - Environmentalist or Not, Don't Go Green
Teens - Images of Teenagers in TV News
Teen Health - Wrestlers may Leave the Mat with Fungal Infection
Adults should get more involved with kids in community
Kids say sports, hobbies help them avoid drugs
Study suggests Ritalin abuse occurs on campus
'Sweet 16' Birthday Gift Causes Concern in Britain
Nose jobs are okay, but implants aren't?
Alcohol-abusing teens risk long-term problems
Program helps young girls accept their body size
Educators say oral sex increasing among teens
Pain relievers are overused by high school athletes
Teen drug use holds steady in Y2K
Teen ecstasy use bucks positive overall drug trends
Young marijuana smokers at highest addiction risk
Teen Sex - Educators say Oral Sex Increasing Among Teens
Morning After Pill: Reduce Pregnancy Rate, Increase STDS?
Talk of the Birds, Bees and STDS may Curb Risky Sex
Virginity Pledges Work for 2.5 Million Adolescents
Teen Violence - The Trench Coat Mafia
TV Violence - Why TV Is Good
Reasons to Turn Off the Tube
Testicles - Get a Grip! Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign
Mountain Biking can be Rough on the Testicles
Blue balls or why our testicles turn blue
Sperm banking aids fatherhood after testicular cancer
Testicular Cancer - Doctors Say Fewer Men Dying of Testicular Cancer
The Young Man's Cancer
Young men think they are indestructible - a true story
High-dose chemo battles recurrent testicular cancer
New drugs may hold promise for testicular cancer
undescended testicle

Testicular Cancer Likely to Be Cured, Even When It Recurs
Survival High with Early Treatment
Male Fertility Problems Linked to Testicular Cancer
Experts Raise Eyebrow at Link Between Exercise in Teen Years and Testicular Cancer
Testosterone - 'Testosterone revolution' urged for older men
Testosterone Implants Effective Contraception for Men
Try testosterone when you're over the hill
Toilets - Toilet Seats - A Men's Issue?
Toy Safety - 'Dangerous Toy' List Helps Parents keep Children Safe
Transition - Treating this Heavy Midlife of Men
Hot Flashes for Men?
Life Neither Begins nor Ends at 40, It Slows Down
Violence - Violence & Cardiovascular Risk
Living and Publishing at Ground Zero
The Abuse of Men: Trauma begets trauma
Let's Get Ready to Fumble
Sibling violence may have serious consequences
Super Bowl Bound Ravens Afraid to Play the Best
War - War, What is it Good For?
Butt-Kickin' Babes of the Golden Era
Will There Be A Draft
Lower Manhattan: Living and Publishing at Ground Zero
Acts of Terror
Prayers for Peace
America: The Good Neighbor
Song of the Forgotten Soldier
Women's Sports - Title IX
Women's Violence - Male Victims of Women's Violence Slowly Overcoming Skepticism
Older Men and Community Building
Work - Dangerous jobs
Fear of Layoffs Raises Men's Blood Pressure
In a Rut or a Groove?
Fewer Men Going Into Teaching

To Respond to Media's Portrayal of Men
 What the media are talking about

Get ready

With his wife filing for divorce, it won't be long now before Eminem's in the market for a new Mrs. Shady (and he'll probably end up writing a song about killing her too). He's just that kind of guy:

Autopsy Report of Dale Earnhardt

While the Orlando Sentinel wages a contentious legal fight to examine autopsy photos of Dale Earnhardt (a move vehemently opposed by the late NASCAR star's family), the autopsy report itself seems to provide more than enough detail about the driver's tragic death:



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Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter. - Max Beerbohm

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