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To Respond to the Media's Portrayal of Men   

Adolescnece - The Boy Crisis in Education--and What Can Be Done About It
iVillage Stands for Brain Washing Young Girls Around Their Lack of Beauty
Agent Orange - Supreme Court Takes Up Old Agent Orange Settlement
AIDS/HIV - Merck Starts Global Test Of AIDS Vaccine
One AIDS Treatment Plan Found Ineffective
China's Denial Of AIDS Problem Propels HIV/AIDS Spread
U.N. Tells Asia-Pacific To Fight AIDS
Brazil Starts Patent Breaking AIDS Drugs
WHO Director-General Calls For "Urgent Treatment" For People With AIDS In Africa 
Head Of U.S. Conference Of Mayors Urges Action On AIDS
S, African AIDS Activist Takes AIDS Drugs 
One-Step HIV Test May Be Cheaper, Faster, Less Wasteful
Bacteria May Show Promise In AIDS Fight
Russia Reports Rise In HIV Cases
WHO Warns Asia Of Wider HIV/AIDS Epidemi
U.S. Senators Tour AIDS-Ravaged Africa
Asian AIDS Experts Agree To Promote Condom Use Among Prostitutes
Gov't Harasses HIV Prevention Group Again
Hepatitis Viral Infection can Lead to Death
Blood Transfusion: Safer Than Ever
Human Rights Group Wants Law To Protect AIDS Vaccine Trialists
CDC's HIV Prevention Plan Faces Criticism
House Rejects Bid To Block Sex Research
Spermicide Might Help Spread Disease
Doctors Urged To Discuss HIV Prevention
Experts: More Expensive To Not Treat HIV
Personal Care Home Settles AIDs Complaint
More Women Than Men Seek AIDS Tests In Mozambique
Pain, Poor Coping Skills Diminish Quality Of Life For HIV Patients
Emory Scientist's AIDS Vaccine Tested In Humans
Progress Reported On Cheaper AIDS Drugs
The Plague Century
Can We Avoid The Coming Plague?
Sexual Health Mini Profile
My Relationship Had A Negative HIV Test. Are They A Safe Sexual Partner?
Juvenile Prisoners Need HIV Prevention Education
Some With HIV Have Unprotected Sex Without Disclosure
Study Profiles HIV Patients Who Best Comply With Medication Schedules
Low-Cost Drugs For Poor Countries Urged
Treatment For Cocaine Addiction May Reduce HIV Risk
Living Longer With HIV Therapy
U.S. Aid Targets Rwanda's AIDS Orphans
Bayer: Trading Lives for a Better Bottom Line
Living With AIDS
Gastrointestinal Manifestations Of HIV
HIV Drugs Not Causing Rise In Vascular Disease
New AIDS Drug To Cost 20,000 Dollars A Year
Albania Urged To Act Quickly To Keep AIDS Cases Low
Trends In Leading Causes Of Death In Los Angeles County
Nutrition A Tool In Fight Against AIDS
New AIDS Vaccine Shows Some Promise
History Repeats Itself in Global AIDS Struggle
AIDS Vaccine's Failure May Spur Advance
U.N. Reduces Global Population Estimate For 2050 By 400 Million Because Of AIDS And Lower Birth Rates
Blacks Seen Wary Of AIDS Vaccine Testing
Pregnancy In Perinatally HIV-Infected Adolescents And Young Adults
HHS Issues First Clinical Guide On Supportive And Palliative Care For People With HIV/AIDS
Black Americans Fighting Back Against AIDS
Private Sector Must Do More To Fight AIDS, Business Group Says
Fewer Cambodian Men Paying For Sex, Condom Use Rising
Infection Control Remains An Issue For Tattoo, Piercing Shops
Mutant HIV In San Francisco Men Resists Drugs
Young HIV Carriers Unaware Of Virus
Kenya To Offer Free Drug To Combat Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission
Afghans Fear A Newcomer: HIV
HIV Patients Try To Remedy Gaunt Appearance
Anthrax: Can A Killer Turn Into A Healer?
S.D. Towns Deal With HIV Fears
Parenthood Help For Men With HIV
Behavior Must Change
Nonoxynol-9 Ineffective In Preventing HIV Infection
Cardiac Differences In Infants Born To HIV-Positive Mothers May Persist
Experts See Dangerous Trend In Use Of Viagra With "Party Pills"
Protein Essential For Switching On T-Cell Response
HIV Therapy During Pregnancy More Likely To Help Than Hurt
Rich Nations Failing To Do Their Part To Stop AIDS, U.N. Official Says
France Launches Graphic Anti-AIDS Campaign
Scientists Warn On Primate Meat Sale
New AIDS Treatment Program To Offer Lifelong Care For Families In Thailand
Blood Supply Safety Varies Between Developed And Developing Countries
500 Patients Traced After Health Worker Found To Have HIV
NIAID Phase III HIV Vaccine Trial To Determine Correlates Of Protection Will Not Proceed
Government Launches Trial Of Gel To Protect Women Against HIV Infection
Bill Gates And Jimmy Carter Plan AIDS Tour Of Africa
Drugs Raising Number Of HIV-Infected
Exposure To Hepatitis C Has No Effect On Antiretroviral Treatment Outcomes In HIV Patients
Young HIV Carriers Unaware Of Virus
Allergies - Echinacea Products Often Mislabeled, Survey Says
Cold Therapy
Metal a Common Cause of Skin Allergy
Working With Your Health-Care Provider
Oxygen Therapy
Your Voice Holds Clues to Your Health
Don't Let Mold Put Your Life on Hold
Helping Hay Fever
Hope Springs Eternal: New Help for Seasonal Allergies
Is Breast Feeding Best?
Farm Kids Less Likely to Have Allergies
Animals Reduce Allergy Risk
How the Inner Ear Comes to Be
The Buzz on Bee Stings
Chronic Sinusitis: A Condition That Affects Millions
Tips For Those Living With Allergies
Latex Allergy In Children
Effects Of Dust On Farmers Studied
Help for Chronic Sinusitis
Stepping Down Inhaled Steroids Can Cut Side Effects
New Ways to Treat Allergies
The Misery of Itchy, Watery Eyes
Don't Let Mold Put Your Life on Hold
Hope Springs Eternal: New Help for Seasonal Allergies
Trial Nicotine Gum Quickly Quells Cravings
Common Cold Doesn't Come Cheap
Consent Forms Deemed Too Dense to Inform
Seasonal Allergies Affect ADHD
Helping Hay Fever
Spring Allergy Alert
Itching For a Change?
Lead, Secondhand Smoke Risk Down For Kids
Metal a Common Cause of Skin Allergy
Pecan And Egg Allergy Alert For Lotts Pound Cakes
Milk Allergy Alert For Campbell Soup
Peanut Allergy Alert For Girl Scout Chocolate Covered Raisins
Almond Allergy Alert For Quaker Cereal
Fish Allergy Alert For Two-Lightful Blue Cheese Dressing
Egg And Soy Allergy Alert For Vogel's Breads
Almond And Walnut Allergy Alert For Honey
Tree Nut Allergy Alert For Ice Cream
Allergic to Penicillin - Maybe Not
Smallpox Vaccine Not for Everyone
Rhythms Of The Night: Sleep Patterns May Sound A Wake-Up Call For Modern Medicine
Echinacea Has No Effect on Colds
Flu Medicines Not Perfect, But Useful
Fish Allergy Alert For Dressing
Egg Allergy Alert For Cheeseburger Sandwich
Growing Allergy Relief Is Nothing To Sneeze At
WTC Pollution To Have Little Effect
New Research Supports Link Between Upper And Lower Airways In Allergic Disease
Treating Hay Fever
Allergen Exposure Puts Inner City Children At Risk For Asthma
Specialists Provide Allergy And Asthma Care Consistent With Guidelines
Alternative Medicine - Alternative Health - Get Off Drugs and Get Well
The Benefits Of Chocolate
Chinese Herbal Weight-Loss Products Caused Liver Damage In Japan
Alternative Medicine as an Alternative
Raw Food Risks
Alzheimer's - Air Pollution May Damage Brain, Heart
Drug Effective for Alzheimer's Disease
NSAIDs May Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Cases Expected To Rise At A More Rapid Rate 16 Million Americans May Be Afflicted By 2050
DHEA Supplement Shows No Effect On Alzheimer's Disease
New Hope for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Sufferers
The Good and Bad of Experimental Alzheimer's Vaccine
Arthritis - Pain Of Juvenile Arthritis May Reduce School And Social Activity
Swimming Can Contribute To Rebuilding Bone Strength
FDA OKs New Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug
Jailed Conn. Man Donates Stem Cells
Be Sure Your Exercise Program Supports Your Recovery
Study Shows Enbrel Treats Psoriasis
Social Stress Related To Depression In Arthritic Patients
Common Forms Of Arthritis
Valuable Web Site for Those with Arthritis
U.S. Debates Risks Of 4 Arthritis Drugs
Mediterranean Diet Soothes Aching Joints
Strong Quadriceps May Not Help Knee Arthritis
Winter Fitness
Asthma - Throat Clearing May Be Sign of Asthma in Kids
Inhaled Steroids Do the Trick With Mild Asthma
Nonsteroidal Asthma Drugs Fall Short
Day Care Won't Protect Kids if Mom Has Asthma
Controlling Sinus Problems Cuts Asthma Risk
Asthma Now Afflicts 15 Million Americans
School Screening for Asthma, Allergy in Works
Does Cleanliness Lead to Asthma?
Animal Study Finds 291 Asthma Genes
Classify Your Asthma
Dogs Are Pet Peeve to Asthmatic Lungs
Does Cleanliness Lead to Asthma?
Air Pollution May Worsen Asthma Attacks
Bacteria Beats Eczema
Mild to Moderate Asthma Does Not Affect Growth and Bone Density in Kids
Controlling Sinus Problems Cuts Asthma Risk
Asthma Now Afflicts 15 Million Americans
Making Peace With Milk
Throat Clearing May Be Sign of Asthma in Kids
Free Asthma Screenings Underway
Diet Can Ease Asthma
Asthma Researchers Present New Results, New Perspectives On The Disease
A Look At Groups Offered Smallpox Vaccine
Family History Has Limited Predictive Value For Asthma Risk Kicking The Habit: Smoking Cessation A Good New Year's Resolution For Asthma Sufferers
Study Links Pollution, Asthma
Children Genetically at Risk for Asthma
Managing Asthma Across The Lifespan
Asthma Education For Patients And Caregivers Improves Self-Management
Researchers Explore Ways To Better Manage Asthma
Autism - Autism
Birth Control
Body PiercingBody Art
Breast Implants
Cancer - Standard Treatment For Lung Cancer Should Be Changed, Say Scientists
Lumpectomy" seems OK for some testicular cancers
Child Cancer Survivors Examined In Study
The European Cancer Patient Coalition -- Challenges For The Future
Cancer Deaths Leveling Off
DNA Repair Activity May Be Associated With Risk Of Lung Cancer
N.Y. Issues First Cancer Prevention Plan
Lung Cancer Risk Varies Dramatically Among Smokers
After the Chemo -- Do You Remember
Carbohydrate And Sugar Intake Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Colorectal Cancer
Men: Add Some Green To Your Life
In Vitro Study Suggests Acrylamide Causes DNA Damage
New Research Model Shows That Where Carcinogens Settle May Be A Key Factor In Developing Lung Cancer, The Leading Cause Of Cancer Death
New Analysis Doubles Previous Estimates Of Hereditary Adrenal Gland Tumors
Chemotherapy Use Rises Among Terminal Patients; Economic, Familial Pressures May Drive Its Growing Use
High Gene Mutation Rate May Contribute To Hereditary Skin Cancers
Concerted Global Action Is The Only Answer To Rising Cancer Deaths
The End of Cancer as We Know It
FDA Approves Photofrin For Treatment Of Pre-Cancerous Lesions In Barrett's Esophagus
Men Usually Slow to Detect Breast Cancer
Going Vegetarian?
Fiber Reduces Risk of Colon Polyps
Side Effect Tarnishes Blood Cancer Drug's Luster
Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal
High-Fiber Diet Helps Prevent Colon Cancer
Drugs No Substitute for Colonoscopy
Vitamin B-6 Fights Cancer
Cancer May Spread Earlier Than Thought
Getting More Folks to Check for Colon Cancer
Selenium May Guard Against Breast Cancer
Heart Hormones Slow Growth of Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Residents Say "No" To Mammography
Trust Your Instincts, Skin Cancer Survivor Urges
Childhood Sunburn Can Lead to Skin Cancer Later
Antisense" Drug May Be Making A Comeback
Anemia And Cancer
The Language Of Cancer
Intentional Weight Loss Is Not Associated With Higher Death Rates
Cancer Risks Grow With Waistlines
Fighting Cancer from Within
Organically Grown Foods Higher In Cancer-Fighting Chemicals Than Conventionally Grown Foods
Government Moving To Protect Infants And Toddlers From Environmental Risks
Checklist Of Claims May Signal Trouble On Internet Cancer-Treatment Sites
Aspirin May Lower Colon Cancer Risk
Greater Height Associated With Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer Over Age 50
Portugal Quarantines A Million Fowl Due To Suspected Use Of Banned Antibiotic
Women Catching Up To Men In Lung Cancer Deaths: Gender Equality?
Significant Decline In Mortality Rates Shown For Los Angeles County
A Prospective Study Of Body Size Parameters And Risk Of Prostate Cancer
FTC Sues Canada Co. Touting Cancer Cure
Still Squeamish About Screenings?
DNA Repair Capacity Associated With Cutaneous Malignant Melanomar
Natural Compound Shows Promise As Lung Cancer Chemoprevention Agent
Cancer Vaccine One Step Close
DNA Methylation And Pancreatic Cancer Cell Invasiveness
OK-432 Immunotherapy And Toll-Like Receptor 4
Exercise May Cut Cancer Risk
More Than 10 Million Developed Cancer In 2000
Exercise May Cut Cancer Risk
For Painful Bone Metastases, Single-Fraction Radiotherapy As Effective And Saves Money
BRCA2 Mutations May Be Associated With Some Hereditary Pancreatic Cancers
Dietary Selenium Decreases DNA Damage In Dog Prostate
Perforation Twice As Frequent During Colonoscopy As During Sigmoidoscopy
Artemis: A Little Bit Is Not Enough
Allele Associated With Decreased Response To Chemopreventive Agents
HRT Risks Outweigh Benefits
Senate Panel OKs Colon Cancer Bill
Study Questions Drinking-Lung Cancer Link
FDA Allows Compassionate Use Of New Lilly Drug
New Procedure Fights Brain Tumors
Substantial Improvements In Cancer Trials Not Likely Caused By Placebo Effects
Diet During Puberty Influences Sex Hormone Levels, Possibly Breast Cancer Risk
Exposure To Contaminated Polio virus Vaccine Not Likely Linked To Rare Cancer
Engineering A Tool To Fight Cancer
Study Questions New Lung Cancer Test
Mutations In Gene For Rare Disease Associated With Risk Of Colon Cancer
Fighting Back Against Lymphatic Cancer
Radio Station Hopes "Joe Chemo" Will Inspire Teens To Quit Tobacco Use
Cancer Patients May Lower Their Expectations To Maintain Emotional Equilibrium
Use Of Home Health Kits Blossoming
Nutrients Are Key To Preventing Cancer
L'Haim - Concord Grape Juice Helps Prevent Cancer
Transplant Drug Could Improve Success Of Cancer Radiotherapy
Caregivers - Guardianship & Caregiving
Child Abuse - Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment
Children - Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?
Childhood Obesity Linked to Depression
Snacks for Kids
Breathe Easy
If Your Young Daughter is Small in Stature
Be Careful With Kids' Meds
October 9th is "Lights on Afterschool" day
Helping Kids Cope With Worries of War
Chemical May Be Toxic to Women, Girls
Talk Like a Pirate Day
The Facts About Fractures and Broken Bones
The Shape Of Children's Heads
New Method Of Determining Treatment Effects In Young Patients With Cystic Fibrosis
Staying Safe While in the Water
Why Do I Shiver?
Taking a Good Look at Glasses
What Is Hyperactivity?
The Facts About Fractures and Broken Bones
The Real Deal on Repeating a Grade
What's a Booger?
Changing Schools Tough on Kids
WORD! A Glossary of Medical Terms
Fatty Acids Help Babies in the Future
Depression: A Hidden Childhood Illness
Fruit Juice a Two-Edged Sword for Kids
Young Insomniacs Often Drugged to Sleep
Childhood Sunburn Can Lead to Skin Cancer Later
New Kids' Respiratory Virus Identified
Bacteria Beats Eczema
Soothing the Shot
Sibling Rivalry
If It's Not Colic, It Might be GERD
Deterring Dementia: Prevention Is The Focus In War On Memory Disease
Air Pollution May Worsen Asthma Attacks
Oooh, Your Aching Head
When Sinuses Attack!
Living With Grandparents
Are Your Bowels Moving?
How the Body Works
Steering Your Way to Bicycle Safety
Angry Children Hurt Their Heart Health
How Harmful is Childhood Trauma?
Lyme Disease
What Happens in the Emergency Room?
What Acne Is and What You Can Do About It
What Medicines Are and What They Do
The Brain Is the Boss
Let's Hear It for the Ear
When Snack Attacks Strike
All About Puberty
Seeing stars
Is Dieting OK for Kids?
How Do People Get AIDS?
Rainy Day Fun
Saying You're Sorry
What's the Deal With Dialysis?
Figuring Out Food Labels
Need Braces?
Playing It Safe Around the House
The Real Deal on the Digestive System
What's Earwax?
Taking the Bite Out of Bruxism
Nation's Dentists Will Care For 1 Million Kids But Acknowledge That "Silent Epidemic" Will Continue
Prevalence Of Overweight Among Los Angeles County School Children
Meat Groups, Vegetarians Bid For Youth
Terrorism Preparations Give Children Short Shrift: Experts Decry Dearth Of Kid-Size Treatments
The Health of Boys Around the World
Playnation Play Systems Announce Recall Of "Fun Buckets" On Backyard Play Sets
Deaths Of 5 Va. Children Trigger Inquiry
Excerpts From Medical Consent Forms
Incidence And Cost Of Severe Sepsis In U.S. Children
Baby Tubs And Plush Toys Are Recalled
School information for public, private and charter schools nationwide
Veneman Outlines Administration Goals For Child Nutrition Programs
Flulike Outbreaks Behind Rash Of Severe Illness, Deaths Among Children
Father's Genes May Play A Role In Timing Of Birth
Government Moving To Protect Infants And Toddlers From Environmental Risks
Drug May Reduce Life-Threatening Syndrome
Study Examines Children's Medical Errors
Random House Announces Recall Of Children's Board Book Sets
New Guidelines for Ear Infections in Children
Family Mealtime Is More Than Just Sitting At The Table
Lowering Your Sugar Intake
What Kids Who Are Moving Should Do
"You Need Braces"
The Big Story on Bones
Gun Safety
Health And Education Groups Offer General Guide For Schools, Families To Help Students With Chronic Illnesses
Honestly Yucky Questions
Lactose Intolerance
A Big Look at the Eye
Physical Therapists and Psychologists, Doctors and Dentists
What Medicines Are and What They Do
All About Puberty
The Story on Self-Esteem
Mainstreaming in Classrooms
What the Flu Does to You
The skin is the largest organ in your body!
Chicken Pox
The Brain Is the Boss
Where'd That Come From?
Bell's Palsy
Playing It Safe With Sports Safety
"I need a CBC, STAT!"
Why Do Eyes Water?
Children Of Divorce Need Expert Help; Counseling Helps With Coping Skills
Science Offers Parents Clues On How To Help Their Children Build A Good Life
When Will My Voice Change?
When It's Just You in an Emergency
Cancer in Kids is Scary
Growth Disorders
Should We Help To Create Disabled Babies?
How the Body Works
Circumcision - Circumcision in India
Colon Cancer - Colon Cancer Drug May Also Slow Kidney Cancer
Depression - Depression-Physical Illness Link Examined
Some Are Missing Out
on Depression Treatment

Concussions Linked to Depression
Veteran Journalist Shines Light on Depression's Darkness
Depression Can Forewarn of Alzheimer's Disease
Expectant Moms Battle Depression More Than Thought
Fish, Pregnancy And Depression
Fish-Heavy Diet May Prevent Pregnancy Blues
Recurrent Concussions May Be Linked To Depression
Social Stress Related To Depression In Arthritic Patients
Life's Events Can Trigger Depression
Many Elderly Undiagnosed For Depression
Older Adults And Depression
Depression and Drug Reactions in Elderly
Long-Term Antidepressant Use Cuts Relapse
Survey Seeks To ID Depressed Teens
Panel Pushes Depression Screening
Depression Hurts Heart Bypass Recovery
Diabetes - Tracking Autoimmune T Cells In Diabetes
HHS Awards 13.7 Million Dollars To Support Community Programs To Prevent Diabetes, Asthma And Obesity
Insulin Pumps Not Waterproof
FDA Eyes Diabetes Warning For Antipsychotics
Feds Target Programs Against Obesity
Can The Fast-Food Industry Lead Us To Better Health?
Liver Injury from Diabetic Medications
Baboons Give Clues to Obesity, Diabetes in Humans
Man-Made Form Of Lizard Hormone Controls Blood Sugar, Hunger
"Tight" Control Of Blood Sugar Is Critical, Study Suggests
Preventing Type 1 Diabetes Eludes Researchers
Keeping An Eye On Insulin
OutFOXing Obesity
Metabolic Abnormalities
Diabetes Prevalence Among American Indians/Alaska Natives And The Overall U.S. Population
Expert Reviews Cannot Be Trusted
Health Report Cards Help Parents Address Kids Obesity
Play The Fat Away: Running, Jumping -- Just About Anything That Isn't Sitting -- Helps Keep Children Healthy
Diabetes Affects Many Organs
Another Piece Of The Puzzle By Which Insulin Controls Blood Sugar And Fat Mass
Is It Time to Enroll in a Clinical Trial?
Put your diabetes knowledge to the test
Young Diabetics at Risk
Disabled, But Still Sexy
Diabetic Vets Are Frequent Users Of Health Care System
Less Fit Teens More Likely To Have Precursor To Diabetes
The Role Of Diet And Exercise
Report: Diabetes Plagues Calif. Hispanics
New NIH Study Seeks Kidney And Heart Disease Links And Solutions
Dangers Of High And Low Blood Sugar
Light Drinking May Cut Diabetes Risk
Japanese Kids Gaining Body Fat, Heart Risks Like Western Counterparts
Family Teamwork Can Help Teens Control Diabetes
Light Drinking May Cut Diabetes Risk
Traveling With Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
Diabetes Origin: Free Fatty Acids?
Diabetes And High Blood Pressure Increase Risk Of Serious Eye Disease Among Blacks
A Derivative Of The Green Tea Leaf May Help With Metabolic Syndrome X, A Potentially Deadly Disorder
Glucose Testing: After-Meal Fingerstick
Health Problems That Diabetes Can Cause
Diabetes Quiz
Less Fit Teens More Likely To Have Precursor To Diabetes
New Contact Lens May Measure Glucose
Comprehensive Care To Prevent Complications
Diabetic Vets Are Frequent Users Of Health Care System
Another Number to Note
Advances In Diabetes Care
Feeding Future Disease
Pregnant, With Diabetes
Diabetics Helped More By Vitamins
APOE Genotype Identified As Risk Factor For Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Two Diabetics Regain Freedom Following Islet Cell Transplants
Benefits Of Physical Activity For Disease Prevention
Stem Cells: From Bone Marrow To Pancreas
Lung Function And Elevated Blood Glucose Levels
Managing Chronic Disease Online
Proinsulin, Diabetes, And The NOD Mouse
Diabetes Costs Soar To Almost $92 Billion
Study Will Test Best Ways To Lower Risk Of Heart Disease In Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
Ethnic Differences In Metabolic Syndrome Among Americans
Ramipril Use In Canada
All the Elderly at Risk for Diabetes
Thiamine Derivative May Halt Diabetic Complications
Drugs Restoring Eyesight In Seniors
More Than The Patch: New Ways To Take Medicine Via Skin
FDA Approves New Sweetener Marketing
Mechanism Suggested For Insulin And Colon Cancer
New Research Addresses Confusion About Juice
Lower Blood Pressure Decreases Heart Attack Risk In Diabetics With Clogged Leg Arteries
Infection Can Complicate Root-Canal Treatment In Diabetics
Can Diabetics Benefit From Removal Of Fat? Scientist Tests Theory; Subjects Undergo Liposuction Procedure
Obesity In Middle Age Cuts Years Off Life
Obesity, Diabetes Still Increase In U.S.
Forerunner To Insulin May Predict Coronary Heart Disease
Men With Diabetes Father Smaller Babies
Diabetics Misjudge Disease
Leptin Reverses The Symptoms Of A Rare Form Of Diabetes
Stem Cell Study May Aid Diabetics
Processed Meat, Diabetes Link Found
Growth Hormone, Sex Steroid Combination "Not Ready For Prime Time"
Footwear Used By Individuals With Diabetes And A History Of Foot Ulcer
Testing Urged To Diagnose Pre-Diabetic Condition
Disability - Kids With Disabilities At Risk
Divorce - Casualties
After The Divorce, First Take Care of Yourself
Domestic Violence - DoBatter Intervention Programs Work?
When True Love Turns Ugly
Studies Challenge Domestic Abuse Myth
Physicians Less Likely To Screen, But More Likely To Intervene, On Domestic Violence
Super Bowl Myths: Nonsense, Bad Data, Have Sullied Reputation of Game and Its Fans
Drinking - Frequency Of Alcohol Use Cuts Heart Risks
Eating Disorders
Ecology - Bush's Ecology Plan - Disaster
How the West Was Lost
How Old will You be in 2037?
The White House Goal - Increase Pollution - Act Now!
Bush Claims Drug Money not Oil Money Supports Terrorism
Elder Abuse
Elder Care
Fathers - The Fatherless Household
Elite Junior Skaters Frequently Injured
Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency Sheet
Equal Custody vs Joint Custody
Watch Out for a Paternity Act in Your State
Preventing Children's Sports Injuries
Homework Basics
Restricting Children's Food Intake May Actually Promote Overeating
Lunch Lessons
Bend It Like Beckham - Dads, see this movie
Homemade Chemical Bombs Endanger Lives
Backpacks And Bad Backs
Earlier Rather Than Later Ear Tube Insertion May Not Improve Long-Term Cognitive Development
Single Dads Less Likely to have Health Insurance
Experts: Put Kids In Back Seat Of Car
Cooking Without Heat
Sports Physicals
Preventing Greed
Do You Have 'Boomer Ear'?
Large Portion Sizes May Encourage Children to Overeat at Meals
Money Mentoring Team for Your Kids
Many Teens in Intimate Relationships Are Abused by Their Partners
Sons of Mothers With Lupus Are at Increased Risk for Learning Disabilities
Child Support Casualties
Food Safety for Your Family
Staying Safe While in the Water
Helping Your Teen Decide What to Do After High School
How to Talk to Your Child's Doctor
Young Teens Who Drink Are at Risk for Problems in Late Adolescence and Adulthood
Eye Injuries in Soccer Players
Woods and Camping Safety for the Whole Family
Sun Safety
Lower Back Pain in School-Age Children
Hereditary Hemochromatosis
Insect Stings and Bites
Gearing Up for Bicycle Safety
Relations Between Parents and Children
Forget the tie! Father’s Day Presence
Violence Influence On Teens
Keepin' It Real About Sex
Divorcing? Take the Time You Need
Discipline and House Rules after Divorce
A Parent's Guide to Kids and Alcohol
Parents' Anger and Jealousy are Damaging to Children after Divorce
Gun Safety
Exposure to Violence Linked to Substance Use in Teens
Neighborhood Construction May Put Infants at Risk for Botulism
Rainy Day Fun
Strength Training and Your Child
Many Teens Exposed to Secondhand Smoke Through Parents and Peers
Talking to our Children About War and Violence
Food Portion Sizes Have Increased in Restaurants and at Home
Family Food
Hot Water From Household Sinks Can Cause Severe Burns
Fast Food + Boob Tube an Unhealthy Recipe
Cheerleading Can Be Dangerous
The Food Guide Pyramid
Smoking Decreases Men's Chances Of Fatherhood By IVF And ICSI
Body Basics
Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Once-Invisible Sperm Donors Get To Meet The Family
Child Suffocation Risk From Toys and Containers
Male Reproductive Health a Moot Issue?
The Sperm Stops Here!
Talk to You Kids About Tough Topics
Intestinal Malrotation
Happy Father's Day
Frequent Marijuana Use Associated With Depression and Anxiety in Teen Girls
Kids and Teens With Anorexia Eat Fewer Calories Before the Onset of Illness
Why Doctors Order Laboratory Tests
Child Custody Practices
Fluoride and Water
Blood Culture
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Teens With Asthma
If Your Child has to go to the Hospital
New Combination Vaccine May Mean Fewer Shots for Babies
Do Most Children Receive Vaccines on Schedule?
Dos and Don'ts of Pregnancy
Gel Candies: A Dangerous Snack for Children
Becoming Dad: Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood
Tomboys: Born or Made?
Helping Her Cope with Stress and Uncertainty
Helping Families of Incarcerated Fathers
Fitness - Are Organic Foods Better for You?
Men Provide a Pit Stop for Stressed Women
Should Pregnant Women Eat Soy? New Consensus Document Issued For Most Common Cause Of Sudden Cardiac Death In The Young
Run With the Wind
Echinacea Products Often Mislabeled
Suburban Sprawl Making Us Heavier
Can The Fast-Food Industry Lead Us To Better Health?
NHLBI Study Finds Moderate Physical Activity Promotes Weight Loss As Well As Intense Exercise
Swimming Can Contribute To Rebuilding Bone Strength
Age-Appropriate Exercises For Men
On The Road To Breakfast
Yoga's Popularity Now Includes Youngsters
Hiring A Personal Trainer
Caffeine-Herbal Ephedra Combination Alters Cardiovascular Response Prior, During And After Exercise
IRS Clarifies Weight Loss Tax Breaks
Power Bars, Power Calories
10 Manly Tips For An Aging Workout
Men: Stay Fit As You Age
Do Physical Traits at Puberty Determine a Woman's Health Risks?
Food Chemical Causes DNA Damage in Lab
Lightning Doesn't Call "Fore!"
Raw Food Risks
In Need of TLC
Regular Fasting Seems To Improve Health
Men, Mirrors, and Mayhem
A Healthy Breakfast on the Road
Be Careful: New Weight-Loss Programs May Pose Health Risks
An E-Mail-Based Program For Nutrition Intervention
Give Your Body a Good Stretch
Scientist Finds The Gene That Determines Major Sensitivity To Bitter Taste
Fatal Degenerative Neurologic Illnesses In Men Who Participated In Wild Game Feasts
Super-Sized Food Portions Became The Norm
Nutrition A Tool In Fight Against AIDS
Freshmen Feasts
Multivitamins Appear To Decrease The Frequency Of Minor Infections
Physicians Target 'Fad' Diets
Log On and Lighten Up
Fasting May Stave Off Huntington's Disease
Exercise, The Right Prescription For Patients With Heart Failure
Red Meat + Fats + Pasta = Colon Cancer
Winter Sports Call for Water Bottles
The Fight To Curb Concussions: League's Moves Paying Off, But Injury Still Prevalent
Want to Lose Weight? Beef Up
Study Finds Meal Portion Sizes Growing
Weight-Loss Experts Say Adults Must Go Slowly, Set Better Example
The Fight To Curb Concussions: League's Moves Paying Off, But Injury Still Prevalent
Athletes Can Benefit From Water Training
As Weight Goes Up, Life Span Goes Down
Nutritional Quality in Drinks Fizzles as Kids Age
Fish Keeps Arteries Fit
Caffeine Tied to Sleepless Students
Shellfish Surprise
Before You Blow It . . .
Food of the Future: Healthier, Safer ... Tastier
Holy Cow! Now That's Progress
Can You Be Overweight And Healthy Too?
Putting The Squeeze On Diet Scams
Maternal Feeding Practices Are Linked To Childhood Obesity
Providers Need Increased Awareness Of Patients' "Self-Treating" With Supplements
Cyclists' 'Blood Doping' Associated With Cerebral Blood Clots
Athletes Test Positive For Drug Use
"Economy Class" Lawsuits May Proceed Soon
American Heart Association Weighs In On Fat Substitutes
Fraternities - New Federal Antihazing Proposal Needs Input and Scrutiny and Rewriting
Hazing - High-School Hazing: What It Is and What You Can Do About It
Health - Your Flu Questions Answered
Fast-Food Market Hustles To Get In Shape
Circumcision in India
Top 10 Health Risks
The Benefits Of Chocolate
New Weapon Against The Flu?
Super-Sized Sodas
Scientists Developing Blueberry Burgers
Neckties May Increase Glaucoma Risk
List Of Tips To Reduce Salt Consumption
NFL, Ditka To Tackle Men's Health Issues
Influenza Vaccine Supply Expected To Meet Demand
The Great Water Debate
Troop Illnesses Stump Army
Love Blooms in Doubt
Stiff Competition
A Pain in the Glass
Personal Problems
Are your height and weight compatible?
Sesame Oil Lowers Blood Pressure
What's your BMI?
FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Heartburn Drug
A Wake-Up Call
Alternative Medicine as an Alternative
Fat City
What You Should Know About Trans Fatty Acids
Male Cyclists Risk Impotence
Your Voice Holds Clues to Your Health
Compound Developed From Mussels May Lead To Safer, More Effective Medical Implants
'Y' You're Male
Public Willingness To Be Vaccinated Against Smallpox Depends On Whether Physicians Choose To Get Vaccinated And Whether Deaths Result From Early Waves Of Vaccination
Regular Fasting Seems To Improve Health
Red Cross May Have Released Unsafe Blood
Implantable Device May Monitor Organs
Antidepressant May Ease Apnea
Good Carbs, Bad Carbs
Music Mirrors Your Mind
Tired to the Max -- And Then Some
Soothing Nerve Pain
Kellogg Foundation Announces $3 Million for Minority Men's Health
Medical Advances Kept From Patients by Broken System
Many Benefits of a Good Physical Therapist
Health Advocates Issue Wake-up Call on Men's Health
Quitting Smoking Offers Benefits; Unsuccessful Attempts May Change View Of Health Risk
Sex-Specific Genes For Depression
'National Crisis' Killing Patients
Both Antidepressant Therapy And Counseling May Help Smokers Achieve Short-Term Abstinence
Cold Therapy
Cause of SARS Found
The 15 Most Expensive Medical Conditions
5 More Countries Eyed for Deadly Respiratory Illness
Officials Target Cause of 'Mystery' Disease
Long-Term Antidepressant Use Cuts Relapse
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - SARS
Foodborne Illnesses Deadlier Than Thought
HHS To Launch Medicare Demonstrations To Improve Health Care Through Capitated Disease Management Demonstrations
Optimistic Outlook May Benefit The Lungs
CDC Gives Mixed Report On U.S. Health
What Are Cold Sores?
Excuses Pile Up As Pounds
How Much Time Does It Take To Stay Healthy?
Pedometers Help Walkers Stay On Track
Alcohol's Effects On Testosterone
Patient Simulator Will Enhance Training For Medical Emergencies In Space
Chocolate Treats For The Heart
Symposium Aims To Boost Fruit And Vegetable Consumption
Worsening Bulimia May Deplete Hormone That Regulates Appetite
FDA OKs Speedier Medication Reviews
Do You Have 'Boomer Ear'?
From Designer Milk To 'Green' Cows: Predictions For Milk And Dairy Products In The Next 50 Years
Vegetarians Have Beef With Tennessee Governor
Study Records Elevated Mercury From Diets Heavy With Fish
Open Wide: Need a Little Pampering? Visit the Dentist
Restraints Reduce Whiplash
Pig Genes Modified For Organ Uses
Patients With Chronic Illness Not Benefiting From Advances In Care
Computerised Guidelines Are No "Magic Bullet"
Grandpa's Diet Affects Grandkids' Well-Being
Many Don't Grasp Info on Risks of Medical Research
Heart - Genes Can Individualize Treatment For High Blood Pressure
Air Pollution May Damage Brain, Heart
Tooth Loss and Stroke
Study Cites Angioplasties Effectiveness
Channeling Solutions For Hypertension
Doctors At Texas Heart Institute Promote Heart Pump 
Consumer Group Renews Attack On Diet Drug
New Reason For Heart Failure Patients To Exercise
New Evidence That Heart Rate Recovery After Exercise Predicts Risk Of Death
Elevated Heart Rates After Exercise
New Test Warns of Heart Attack
Lower Bad Cholesterol in One Month Without Drugs
Doubling up on Cholesterol Drugs Makes a Difference
Fruits And Veggies Everyday
Microparticles Cause Pre-Eclampsia
Technique Could Spare Patients From Invasive Medical Tests
Hospitals Accused Of Improper Charges
Getting a Leg Up on Heart Health
Study Links Weight Gain, Likelihood Of Stroke
New Study Ties Moderate Beer Drinking To Lower Heart Attack Risk
Should You Try the New Test?
Tips For A Good Blood-Pressure Exam
If You Lose Just A Little, You'll Gain A Lot
10 Heart Disease Questions
Doctors Debate New Blood-Pressure Cuffs
Carbon Monoxide May Aid Arteries
5 Heart Myths
Women's Sexual Arousal Is All-Encompassing
Relaxation Therapy's Effect On Heart Now Under Study
Sesame Oil Lowers Blood Pressure
Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Heart Disease
Penalty Shootouts Impact Health
Counseling Cheers Depressed Heart Attack Patients
Gender Differences in Stroke
Avoid Winter Heart Attacks
The Diuretic Diet
No Gender Difference In Heart Aid
Angry Children Hurt Their Heart Health
Silent Stroke Makes Itself Heard
Doubling up on Cholesterol Drugs Makes a Difference
Aspirin Within Two Days Of Ischemic Stroke Reduces Deaths
Statins Before Procedures Reduce Cardiovascular Events And Death
Homocysteine And Stroke Risk
Heart-Felt Stress Can Be More Dangerous To Immune System
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agent May Shield Brain From Stroke Damage
Link Found Between Spontaneous Abortion And Heart Disease
Old Medicine Effective On Blood Clots
Atrial Fibrillation As A Contributing Cause Of Mortality And Medicare Hospitalization
Heart Stress Test Can Predict Risks
ACE Inhibitor Drug Reduces Heart Failure In High-Risk Patients
Doctors Seek To Raise Awareness Of Clots
HHS To Launch Medicare Demonstrations To Improve Health Care Through Capitated Disease Management Demonstrations
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Big Killer
Side Effect From Stroke Drug Kills 40 In Japan
BIDMC Researchers Identify Source Of Preeclampsia
Drug May Reduce Life-Threatening Syndrome
Sleep Apnea May Help Cause Heart Failure
Morning Surge In Blood Pressure Linked To Strokes In Elderly
Heart Disease Prevention Should Start With Tots
Baby, Coated Aspirin Don't Thin Blood as Well
Helping Stroke Patients Breathe Easier
Men Who Don't Shave have Less Sex, More Strokes
Relaxation Therapy's Effect On Heart Now Under Study
The Myth of Female Undertreatment for Heart Disease
Vitamin C, Fish, And A Gout Drug Target Artery Damage From Smoking
Link Between Stress And Heart Disease May Be Premature
Tips For A Good Blood-Pressure Exam
Tips For A Good Blood-Pressure Exam
Vitamin C, Fish, And A Gout Drug Target Artery Damage From Smoking
Heart-Filling Problem Prevalent and Deadly
Doctors Debate New Blood-Pressure Cuffs
Ex-Football Great Stars in Safe Heart Campaign
Widely Used Surgical Device Doesn't Benefit Older Patients
Arthritis Drugs May Help The Heart
Lack Of Awareness And Control Of Risk Factors Still Contributing To Preventable Heart Attacks And Strokes
Food Combo as Good as Cholesterol Drugs
Vampire Bats Help Treat Strokes?
Resources To Help Americans 'Act In Time To Heart Attack Signs'
Cooling The Body Appears To Prevent Brain Damage After Cardiac Arrest
Pump Saves Lives, And Raises Questions
More Research In Heart Patients Questions Hormones Benefits
Fish-Rich Tribal Diet Linked With Low Leptin Levels
Methods Are Many To Reduce Blood Pressure
Men Can Reduce Stroke Risk By Eating Fish
Heart Disease Is A Pediatric Problem: New Guidelines Point To Lifestyle 'Training' In Childhood
Aneurysm Screening Saves Lives
Artificial Heart Advocates Upbeat
Hepatitis C - Hepatitis C Treatment Said Improved
Humor - A Love Story
Bullshit Bingo
FBI to use Non-Intrusive System to Track Your Internet Usage
How Shit Happens
Kids Talk - Humor
Latest on Weapons of Mass Destruction
Which Job for You?
Swami Beyondananda's 2003 State of the Universe Address
Impotency - New Impotency Drug Levitra Taking Off
Marriage - Adultery: the Intimate Fraud
Test Your Own Marriage Satisfaction
Does getting married make you happier?
Materialism -
Memorium -
In Memory of Mr Rogers
In Memory of Harry Hay
Men at Risk
Mental Health - Bipolar Disorder
Big Boys Do Cry
Causes of Depression
Report Cites Harm To Bullies And Victims
Wyeth Warns Of Kid Suicide Risk With Drug
Major Depression In Adolescence Can Reoccur In Adulthood And Diminish Quality Of Life
The Wage Gap Favoring Men Doesn t Just Hurt Women s Pay, According To New Research
Men to get Counselling for "Postnatal Depession."
Zoloft Helps Depression In Kids
Parents May Be Less Likely To Kill Selves
Why did he kill himself?
Statins Improve Mood
Experts Say Happy Thoughts Tend To Dominate Memories
Study Links Weight Gain, Likelihood Of Strokers To Care
Stress May Lead To Chronic Hair-Pulling
New Program Treats Rural Youth And Targets Barrie
Getting a Leg Up on Heart Health
Psychiatrist Sees Promise in Bipolar Drug
Noise Can Be Good For You
Three Different Types of ADHD
Hostility, Depression May Boost Heart Disease Protein Level
U.S. Lags in Treating Mental Illness
Wanted: Insurance Parity for Mental Illness
Medicaid Privatization Hurt Schizophrenics
Women are the Hardier Sex...
Newer Antipsychotic Drugs May Not Be Better After All
Abusive Supervisors May Get Employees To Meet Deadlines At The Expense Of Their Company's "Bottom Line"
MR Technique Shows Brains Of Alzheimer's Patients Similar To Immature Brains In Children
New Study In Rats Matches Genetic Influences And Cognitive Impairment
Child And Adolescent Bipolar Disorder
Gene Enhances Prefrontal Function At A Price
Finding A Mental-Health Provider
Understanding Your Partner's Feelings
Adjusting To Retirement
Friendship: It's a Special Relationship
Psychologists Help Crew On Space Station
Combination Therapy For Obsessions More Effective Than Drugs Alone
Both Antidepressant Therapy And Counseling May Help Smokers Achieve Short-Term Abstinence
Self-Control Comes In Limited Quantities, Must Be Replenished
Survey Seeks To ID Depressed Teens
Quitting Smoking Offers Benefits; Unsuccessful Attempts May Change View Of Health Risk
Eating Disoders A Complex, Controversial Issue
Media May Facilitate Suicidal Acts
Variety Of Casual Acquaintances Affects Success And Health
Court Considers Forced Medication Case
Shuttle Video Should Comfort
At-Home Exercise Helps Caregivers Care For Themselves
Teens More Likely To Inflict Wound
Baby Talk Said To Be Educational
Attention Deficit Rate Tops Estimate
Broken Homes Harm Kids More
Tots Can Pick Up Emotions At Early Age
Human Gene Affects Memory
Night Blindness May Explain Fear Of The Dark
Why Am I Anxious In The Dental Office?
French Bank Workers Get Stress Hot Line
Alternative Therapies May Help People With Dementia
Our Emotional Brains
Treat Addicts' Mental Illness
Study Sheds Light on Brains, Emotion
Decision Is Mixed In Paxil Patents Case
CDC Study Finds Autism To Be Less Rare
Failure To Seek Medical Advice For Early Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease Results In Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment Which Is Often Regretted Later
Users' Higher Depression Rates
Spiritual Beliefs And Existential Meaning In Later Life
Kids' Health Study Needed
High Hostility May Predict Heart Disease More Than Other Risk Factors Such As Cholesterol And Smoking
Living In Large Groups Could Give You A Better Memory
Exploring The Relationship Between Alcoholism And Serotonin One Step At A Time
Teen-Age Girls, Depression, Alcoholism, And Brain Activity
Miscellaneous - Moreover Technologies Launghes First Enterprise-Grade Weblog Search
Bush in 30 Seconds - Last call to vote
Support greeting card companies that only distribute positive cards - Here's one and it's not Hallmark or American for sure
Brain science reveals what men are really thinking
Teen Minds: What Are They Thinking?
Driving when Drowsey Could Get You Jail Time
CA offers textbook case of political correctness
Full Moon Effect on Behavior Minimal
Women in Combat: The myths
Languages of the World
Splints and Braces Take the Pressure Off
G, more strings attached
FBI to use Non-Intrusive System to Track Your Internet Usage
The Changing Face of Patriotism
10 Questions For Ann Coulter
Funding Available in Florida for Fatherhood Programs
Medical Marijuana
UNICEF & Gender Equality
Woman Dies after Amateur Fight
Stress Out, Stroke Out
Competition Expected For New, Improved Psoriasis Drugs
Charity Disparity
Gambling and Drinking Is a Losing Hand
Zoloft Cleared for Another Use
A Directory of Feminism
Amidst Iraq War, UNICEF Spotlights Ongoig Crisis in Southern Africa
Use Lung Scans With Care
Dogmatism Over Common Sense
A New Concept to Reduce Gas Prices
Gas Prices Up
Big Gut, Other Factors Can Kill You
Testosterone Levels in Older Men Predict Cognitive Status
Fighting Autoimmune Diseases
Purdue Pharma, Maker Of Painkiller Oxycontin Starts Ad Campaign
Nelly Furtado on Scantly Clad Women
Fraud and the Elderly
Who's Chicken at Chicken Soup
Multicultural - Report Hate-Crimes
Predictions for this Fall's NFL Season
UNICEF: African Men are Less Deserving of Humanitarian Aid
The Health Crisis of Black Men
Segregated Neighborhoods Lead To Poor Health
Nutrition - Study Fleshes Out The Food-Stress Link
See no fat! Hear no fat! Eat no fat?
Worst Snack Foods
Japan's Schools Still Avoid Beef In Meals Due To Mad Cow Fears
Men's Bread
Schools Scrap the Junk Food
Steroid Can Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups
Stroke 'Belts' Tied to Long-Ago Malnutrition
The Goods on Garlic
Eating and Aging
Bread and Cereal for a Healthier Heart
Veneman Outlines Administration Goals For Child Nutrition Programs
Briefcase Breakfasts
Family Mealtime Is More Than Just Sitting At The Table
Lowering Your Sugar Intake
Pediatricians Have Important Role In Identifying And Treating Eating Disorders
The Perfect Couple on Valentine's Day
Obesity - Obesity
Overweight Is 20 Percent Among Los Angeles County Public School Children
Europe Getting Too Fat, WHO Report Says
Belly Full Of Danger: That Gut Is Called Visceral Fat, And It's The Deadliest Kind
Obesity In Middle Age Cuts Years Off Life
Obesity Cuts Life Span For Young Adults
Obesity In Middle Age Cuts Years Off Life
Caveman History Blamed For U.S. Obesity
The School Lunch Debate
Parenting - How to Help Your Teen Resist Peer Pressure
Strep Screen/Throat Culture
Family-Focused Program Benefits Kids of Depressed Parents
Bullying at School
Growing Pains
What Parents Need to Know About Bedwetting
Teething Tots
How Much Activity Do Physical Education Classes Really Provide?
A Parent's Guide to Fitness for Kids Who Hate Sports
Enhanced Drug Education Programs Are More Successful at Preventing Risky Behaviors
Medical Error Rates Higher Among Children With Special Medical Needs
Cooking Without Heat
Mouth and Teeth
Cochlear Implant Surgery May Lead to Improved Development and Ability to Understand Speech
Dog Bite Injury Rates Are Highest Among Children Ages 5 to 9
The Obesity Epidemic - Positive Changes on the Horizon
Too Many Sweetened Drinks Negatively Affect Nutrition
The Obesity Epidemic - Positive Changes on the Horizon
Too Many Sweetened Drinks Negatively Affect Nutrition
Encopresis (Soiling)
Breastfeeding a Baby while Driving is Okay in Michigan and Ohio
Parents May Not Understand the Potential Dangers and Side Effects of Herbal Therapy
Infants Who Sleep on Their Backs Do Not Have an Increased Risk of Illness
Growth Not Impaired in Girls With ADHD
Iron-Deficiency Anemia
External Otitis (Swimmer's Ear)
Will the Tooth Fairy Don a Lab Coat?
Study Gets Handle on Deadly Heart Condition in Kids
Exposure to Tobacco During Pregnancy Affects Behavior in Newborns
Apnea of Prematuri ty
Children Benefit by Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing TV Time
Lyme Disease Awareness Month
Ear Infections and Ear Tube Surgery
A Low-Carb Diet May Help Some Overweight Teens Achieve Short-Term Weight Loss
Eat As I Eat
Eye Patching for Treatment of Amblyopia
Is Aspartame Safe for My Child?
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Hearing Deficits, Personal Stereos, and Childhood Ear Infections
When Your Baby Is Born With a Health Problem
Mild to Moderate Asthma Does Not Affect Growth and Bone Density in Kids
Girls With Higher Body Fat Levels More Likely to Enter Puberty Earlier
Bat In A Run Instead Of Sliding Into The Emergency Room This Spring
Day Care or Nanny?
CPSC Says Deadly Products Are Still In Use Despite Warnings And Recalls
Kids With Disabilities At Risk
Child's Weight & Height Says A Lot
When Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Pacifier Use in the Early Weeks of Life May Interfere with Duration of Breastfeeding
SARS: What Parents Need to Know
Fighting the Biting
Children in Day Care Experience More Upper Respiratory Infections Between Age 3 and 5
Children With Behavioral Disorders Are at Greater Risk for Injuries
Is Your Child Fit?
Exercise Doesn't Affect Immunity Proteins in Breast Milk
Your Child's Weight
Benefits Of Living With Father Depend On Dad's Antisocial Behavior
Teaching Your Child to Use 911
Sun Safety
Eating Disorders Not Always Obvious
About your child's behavior
Infant Colic Usually Doesn't Cause Long-Lasting Maternal Distress
Birthing Classes
Cost Of The Common Cold
Breastfeeding Reduces Pain During Newborn Procedures
Antidepressant Paroxetine May Pose Risk to Newborns
Choosing Safe Baby Products
What Are Germs?
Teaching Your Child Tolerance
Your Child's Immunizations
Seasonal Link to Celiac Disease Uncovered
Your Child's Behavior
Toilet Teaching Your Child
Your Child's Weight
First-time Parents Encouraged to Read-up Before Birth
Is It a Cold or the Flu?
Mothers Who Smoke May Put Their Babies at Risk for Pyloric Stenosis
No Amount of Alcohol Safe for Expectant Moms
Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap)
When Your Baby Has a Birth Defect
Looking for information on a specific infection?
How TV Affects Your Child
Choking Risks for Children
Stroller Injuries Are Common Among Young Children
Parkinson's - Parkinson's Drug Studied
HRT Minus Java May Keep Parkinson's at Bay
Pain Relievers And Parkinson's
Iron, Manganese, and Parkinson's, Oh my!
Prison - Prisons - Confronting Prison Rape
Reform Plan Targets Prison Rape
Prostate Health - Prostate - Researchers Identify Molecular Cause of Drug-Resistant Prostate Cancer
American Cancer Society refutes Men's Health magazine's claim that women die of prostate cancer
Prostate - Aspirin a Day Can Do Wonders for the Aged
Secretary of State Colin Powell has Surgery for Prostate Cancer
Healthy Lifestyle Can Halt Prostate Cancer
Prostate exam every 4 years misses few cancers
Prostate Cancer Death Rates Down
Prostate Cancer Runs in Families
American Cancer Society Examines Cancer Trends In Hispanic/Latino Americans
Cancer Deaths Leveling Off
Brothers of Those with Prostate Cancer Face Highest Risk
Deciphering Viagra's Heart Benefit
Men Choose Prostate Over Colon for Cancer Screening
Bone Loss Prevention Drug Showing Promise In Advanced Prostate Cancer
Doctors Praise Robotics' Role In Prostate Procedure
Heavier Men May Have A Lower Risk Of Prostate Cancer
A Gene That May Block Prostate Cancer's Spread
The Prostate Workout
Can Genetic Research Yield Cancer Cure?
Polymorphism May Be Associated With Prostate Cancer Risk
A New Way to Target Cancer Cells
Study Offers New Insights Into Angiogenesis Inhibitors
Hybrid Cancer Therapy
For Cancer Cures, the Future Starts Now
Selective Inhibition of the ETS2 Gene shows the Potential for Stopping Cancer
Androgen Suppression Can be Discontinued in Some Prostate Cancer Patients
The Antioxidant Serum Micronutrient Gamma-Tocopherol Appears to Lower Risk
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II is a Target for Cancer Gene Therapy
Emory University to Lead $10 million Project
Pharmagenesis enters Agreement for Anticancer Drug based on Chinese Herbs
Drug Prevents Prostate Cancer
Arthritis Drug Suppresses Cancer Development by Stopping Action of Key Protein
Drug Prevents Prostate Cancer
Arthritis Drug Suppresses Cancer Deveopment by Stopping Action of Key Protein
Lost Protein Key to Prostate Treatment?
A New Photosensitizer Advances the Use of Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer
External Beam Radiotherapy can Relieve Metastatic Bone Pain
Prostate Cancer Patients with Highest Risk of Progression
Inhibitors of Novel Cancer Target Attack Tumor on Two Fronts
HRT Patches for Men: They help in prostate cancer fight
Study Recommends Secord Test Before Prostate Biopsy
Tumor Suppression and Increased Survival Following Treatment of ARUYS Antibodies What is TUNA Therapy?
The average woman's chance of dying of prostate cancer - 0.001%
The role of endothelin axis in cancer therapy merits further investigation
Sequence Matters When Using Novel Agent
Power Over Prostate
Fosamax Type Osteoporosis Drugs Noted to Cause Serious Eye Problems
Sea Slug could Save Lives in Britain's Fight Against Prostate Cancer
HRT Patches Helping Men With Prostate Cancer
Lifestyle linked to prostate cancer risk
Thalidomide used in cancer battle
NASA's Solution for Urine Control Could Help Fighter Pilots Avoid Urinal Bags; New Product Helps Men Stay Dry Despite Circumstance or Incontinence
A man thing
The Truth About the Tests You'd Rather Skip
Non-impotence-causing bike seats
Frequent Ejaculation Won't Prevent Prostate Enlargement
A Very Male Dilemma
Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer
Fighting Cancer with a Vaccine?
Causes of Prostate Cancer Still "Poorly Understood"
Freedom WITH Incontenence - External Incontinence Device Available
Idea for Prostate Treatment Based on Breast Cancer Discovery
A Prospective Study Of Body Size Parameters And Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Men Seek the Truth on Prostate Treatments
Yearly Prostate Cancer Testing Not Necessary For Millions Of Men With Low Readings
Greater Height Associated With Increased Risk Of Prostate Cancer Over Age 50
Flaxseed helps mice with prostate cancer
Neoadjuvant therapy
Prevention of Cancer in the Older Person
Incontinence Websites Provide Guidance
Prostate Specific Antigen Bounce Phenomenon
Combining Chemotherapy Followed by Surgery
For Patients with Poor Prognosis Locally Advanced PC
Combining Therapies when Hormone Therapy Doesn't Work
Hormone Therapy Following Radical Prostatectomy
Japanese Emperor Admitted To Hospital
Disability Benefit comes at Expense of Pension for Veterans
Emperor Akihito Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer
New Program Matches Newly Diagnosed with Survivors
AVI's Combination Antisense Strategy Inhibits Tumor Growth In Human Prostate Cancer Models
Post-Treatment Impotence Widespread
Providers Need Increased Awareness Of Patients' "Self-Treating" With Supplements
Herbs That Fight Prostate Cancer
Reduced risk of prostate cancer among patients with diabetes mellitus
Clinical results on high intensity focused ultrasound presented at congresses
Prostitution - Brothel debuts on Aussie stock market
A Real Man
Relationships - What Would Casanova Do?
Is Your Relationship In Trouble?
Is Your Relationship In Trouble?
When Differences Make a Difference
What Women and Men Want Most In Each Other
Reproduction - Indian Scientists Discuss Cheaper Treatment For Arthritis
In Vitro Fertilization
Can a Gay Couple have a Baby?
Researchers Tout New Form Of Natural Birth Control
Bush to Appoint Dr. W. David Hager to head the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee
Don't Turn To Assisted Reproduction Too Quickly
New Report Links Birth Defects, Premature Birth To Being Overweight Before Pregnancy
Scleroderma - Scleroderma Research Receives A Boost From Multiple NIH Grants
Senior Health - Let Anger go, Save the Headache
Through Sickness and in Health
Some Are Missing Out on Depression Treatment
'Silent' Strokes Linked to Dementia
Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs Don't Do it All
For Many Seniors, Sleep is an Elusive Dream
Pumpernickel Promotes Pump Health in Elderly
People Keep Their Distinctive Patterns Of Cognitive Ability As They Age, Contrary To Prior Speculation
Ceramics Offer New Promise In Hip Replacements
Alzheimer's Cases Expected To Rise At A More Rapid Rate 16 Million Americans May Be Afflicted By 2050
Alzheimer's Cases Expected To Rise At A More Rapid Rate 16 Million Americans May Be Afflicted By 2050
New Theory On Aging
Gov. Kempthorne Focuses On Long-Term Care
Exercise Reduces The Decline In Pulmonary Function In Aging Men
Oldest American Dies at 113
One-Third of Older Men Report Erection Problems
Vitamin Deficiency Screening for the Elderly
Rx for High Cost of Prescription Drugs
Veteran Journalist Shines Light on Depression's Darkness
Nerve Cell Receptor Linked to Bowel Disease
Iron, Manganese, and Parkinson's, Oh my!
Depression Can Forewarn of Alzheimer's Disease
Through Sickness and in Health
CDC Looks To Prod Americans To Exercise
Light Therapy May Boost Hormone Levels
Older Adults: Depression and Suicide Facts
Retinal Abnormalities And AMD Associated With Hypertension And Pulse Pressure
Deterring Dementia: Prevention Is The Focus In War On Memory Disease
The Science of Gray Hair
Memory Loss Not Normal Part of Aging
A New Link to Parkinson's Disease
Old Antidepressant Eyed for Treating Alzheimer's
Surgery Better Than Drugs For Serious Lack Of Blood Flow To The Heart
Bush Pledges To Support Rural Medicare
Common Forms Of Arthritis
Older Americans With Coexisting Respiratory Conditions Particularly Susceptible To Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution
Sudden Death Not Surprising In Many Women
Five Studies Look At Risks Of Differing Particulate Matter, Including Exposures On 9/11
Older Adults And Depression
Strong Quadriceps May Not Help Knee Arthritis
NSAIDs May Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease
Age Discrimination
Screening the Elderly for Depression
Depression and Drug Reactions in Elderly
Institutional Abuse
Tailor Things for the Elderly
Benefits Of Physical Activity For Older Americans
Seniors' Sleep Habits
Many Elderly Undiagnosed For Depression
Census Finds 2.4 Million Grandparents Taking Primary Caregiver Roles Again
Oldest American Man, 113, Dies In Florida
A Population-Based Analysis Of Mortality Due To Pneumococcal Disease In California
HHS To Launch Medicare Demonstrations To Improve Health Care Through Capitated Disease Management Demonstrations
New Bill Could Help Modernize Medicare
To Keep Your Teeth, Brush And See The Dentist
Vitamin D Helps Seniors Avoid Fractures
A Battle for the Ages
Morning Surge In Blood Pressure Linked To Strokes In Elderly
Is It Hypothermia? Look For The "Umbles" -- Stumbles, Mumbles, Fumbles, And Grumbles
A Little Exercise Can Go a Long Way
Long-Term Pill, Short-Term Memory
Hip Protectors Prevent Fractures in Elderly
The Nonphysician Will See You Now
Winter Full of Risks for Seniors
Scientists Study Why The Elderly Fall
Carbon Monoxide May Aid Arteries
Tainted Polio Vaccine Not Linked to Rare Cancer Increase
Aging Boomers' Medical Costs May Be Less Than Thought
Flu's Toll Higher Than Thought
Senate Probe: Abuse In Nursing Homes Not Treated Like Other Crimes
'Safe home' design may prevent injuries in elderly
Doctors Say Trendy Supplements Not Necessary If One Eats A Balanced Diet
Lilly Offers Prescription Card
Drugs Restoring Eyesight In Seniors
Stopping Statins While Hospitalized
Aneurysm Screening Saves Lives
Study On Suicide Reveals Faith, Social Ties As 'Protective' For Older African Americans
September 11
Sex Roles - Gender Sameness/Difference
Sexual Harassment -
Sexuality - Sexual activity and mens' health
MSM Often Don't Complete Hepatitis Vaccination Series
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis or the "Morning After" pill
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sex Talk
Sex "Addiction" Is Real But Exaggerated
Human eggs created from male embryos?
How Does a Man Find Out If He's Infertile?
Mouse Stem Cells Can Grow Into Eggs
Can A New Gel Make Men More Virile?
Pesticides Tied To Semen Trouble
Increase Your Penis Size?
Sexual Response Cycle
The New Playboy Centerfold
What's Going on With Your Protection?
Muant Sperm Win Race to Ovary
Your Guide to Masturbation
Miracle Birth Signals Male Moms?
A Guy Thing
Sperm-Saving Has Little Value
Designer Baby
Study Identifies Triggers For Risky Sex Among Gay Men
Snow on the Roof Doesn't Douse Fire Below
Michigan bill legally defines birth
Genetic test blunders risk needless abortions
Date Rape Drug
Playboy Centerfolds Becoming Androgynous
Condoms Not Popular Among Unmarried U.S. Adults
All About Female Sexual Problems
Sexual Problems in Men
Alabama legislature votes against legalizing sex toys
Erectile Dysfunction: Learn More Because It Could Save Your Life
High Court Strikes Down Sodomy Law
Scientists Identify Crucial Male Fertility Gene
U.S. lags on sex laws
Understanding Family Planning
Important Points To Consider When Choosing Birth Control
A Look At The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
A Puppy Called Puberty
Know The Symptoms Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
A Look At The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Clinical Trials Of Herpes Drug Suspended
Supreme Court Denies Abortion Law Appeal
Researchers Tout New Form Of Natural Birth Control
U.N. Reduces Global Population Estimate For 2050 By 400 Million Because Of AIDS And Lower Birth Rates
A Look At The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Sponge Contraceptive On Sale Again
Science Peers Behind Veil Of The Unborn: Today's Testing Carries Power And Responsibility
Designer Body Parts
The Sweet Smell of Sweat
The Lowdown on Cheating
Did You Miss the Queer as Folk series on Showtime?
Participate in a Sex Survey
New Study Shows Most Healthy Couples Conceive Within Two Years
Women's Top Ten Sexual Complaints
Britain IVF Mix-Up Raises Concerns
Kentucky Board Retains Health Program
Iran's Clerics Tout Vasectomies To Curb Baby Boom
Experts See Dangerous Trend In Use Of Viagra With "Party Pills"
Widespread Prenatal Scans Aid Chinese Couples To Abort Unwanted Girls
Child Sexual Abuse Cases Harder To Track, Verify
Viagra Challenger On The Way
Sex Savviest Cities
Fertility Declines Earlier
Participate in a Sex Survey
British Teachers Must Provide Better Sex Education, Government Inspectors Say
Vitamin C Transporter Gene Discovery In Mice
OB-GYNs Warn High Insurance Costs Could Provoke Health Care Crisis
Twins Said More Identical Than Clones
Sperm Donor Women Fear Time
Over-The-Counter Test Gauges Male Fertility
What is she selling?
Boys Cause More Problems During Labour
Second Cloned Human Has Been Born
Gulf War Chemical Cocktail May Jeopardize Reproduction
Nipple Piercing Led to Lactation
Taiwan rules oral sex isn't adultery
Male Hormonal Contraceptive For U.S. Market
FDA OKs Chronic Hepatitis B Drug
Temple to gay love unearthed near Rome
L.A. County Copes With Syphilis Outbreak
Potential Treatment For Patients With Hepatitis B
Casual Sex Making a Comeback
Syphilis At All-Time Low In U.S.
Sexuality-Gay/Bi/Trans -
Smoking - Smoking Gun
Lung Disease Diagnosis Spurs Smokers to Quit
Smokers' Sense Of Time Examined In Study
Italy Bans Smoking In Most Public Places
Lead, Secondhand Smoke Risk Down For Kids
Big Tobacco Accused of Manipulating Study
Millions Of U.S. Smokers Ignore Warnings
Negotiations On The Tobacco Convention
Study Looks At Nicotine's Role In Cancer
Sports - A Guide to Eating for Sports
Leveled Playing Field? Title IX Opened Some Sports to Women, Closed Others to Men
Teens - Teen Depression
Teens - Dealing with Divorce
What to Do If You Can't Sleep
Is Homosexuality Normal
Young Driver Alert
Sports and Exercise Safety
Teen Dies After Taking Abortion Pill
Young Men Risking It All
The Power of Packing
Talking to Your Parents - or Other Adults
Note from a Surfer
Teen Sports
Volunteering: Why Helping Out Is In
Driving Safety
Young People Skipping Sunscreen
Uneven Tanning Laws
Abuse Claims in Scout-Police Program
Am I in a Healthy Relationship?
When Will I Start Developing?
All About Menstruation
Self-Defense Basics
How Can I Deal With My Anger?
The Tanning Taboo
Date Rape: What You Should Know
Getting Along With Your Teachers
May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month!
Cutting Through the Hype
What's the Right Weight for My Height?
Going to College
Coping With Common Period Problems
A Guide to Eating for Sports
The Basics on Genes and Genetic Disorders
Body Image Problems
The Fabulous Food Guide Pyramid
Body Image and Self-Esteem
Cooking Up a Storm
Getting a Grip on Growth
Going Over Seas
Cold-Weather Sports
Am I in a Healthy Relationship?
Anti-Bullying Pledge - Students
Safely Surf the Net
Dealing With Divorce
Focus on Friends
Finding a Summer Job or Internship
Be Safe when you Surf
There are lots of kind of family relationships
My Friend Is Talking About Running Away. What Should I Do?
Lessons in Netiquette
Send Your Secrets
They Hate Her!
What You Should Know About Date Rape
Teens & Drinking - Sobering Data On Student DWI Habits
Keeping Tabs On Teens May Curb Alcohol Use And Risks
Teens Drink One-Fifth of U.S. Alcohol
Teens & Drugs - Teen Dies After Taking Abortion Pill
Teen Health - National 5 a Day Week
Earth Day
Can Acne Scars Be Prevented?
Major Depression In Adolescence Can Reoccur In Adulthood And Diminish Quality Of Life
Orthopedic Surgeons Offer Tips To Prevent Scooter-Related Injuries
Taking Care of Your Vision
Hunger and Malnutrition
What's the Right Weight for My Height?
Milk Allergy Diet
What Causes Bad Breath?
Acne Quiz
Are Changes in My Vaginal Discharge OK?
Fears and Phobias
Egg Allergy
Urinary Tract Infections
Knee Injuries
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
What to Do if You Can't Sleep
Migraine Headache
"How can I tell if I'm depressed?"
Teens Prescription Drug Abuse On The Rise
What causes bad breath
Why Do I Sweat So Much?
Spotlight on Stress
Caffeine Tied to Sleepless Students
1,200 People Die in the United States Each Day
Understanding Anemia
Taking Care of Your Vision
Flu Facts
Risky Parents, Risky Teens
von Willebrand Disease
Glow Stick Risks
Kick off spring with TeensHealth
What's Mono?
Is Exercise Safe for Teens?
What's My Lyme Disease Risk?
Lyme Disease Awareness Month
Heart Disease May Increase Risk of Infection From Body Piercing
Teen Pregnancy - One Million Teen Pregnancies Each Year
She Can't Get Pregnant If...
Fact Sheet on Adolescents who have Babies
Birth Control: What You Need to Know
(Number of babies born to mothers under 15
so far this year.)
Teen Sexuality - Does Condom Availability Increase Teen Sex?
Genital Herpes
A Guide to the Reproductive System
How Do People Get AIDS?
Casual Sex Making a Comeback
Close Ties to Un-Wed Birth-Fathers Best for Kids
How Age of First Date Relates to Age of First Intercourse
When will I start developing?
Family History Influences Sexual Behavior In Black, Hispanic Teens
Teen Smoking - Smoke Screen
Tobacco Companies Keeping Tab on You
Smoking, Drinking At School May Be Contagious For Teens
Teen Suicide - "My friend is talking about suicide. What should I do?"
Teens Working
Testicular Cancer - Risk Of Testicular Cancer Determined By Early Environmental Exposures
Lance Armstrong Says Tour De France Is Easy Compared To Battle With Cancer
Testicular Cancer Cure Rates Now So High Patients May Be More At Risk From Treatment
Title IX - Game Point for Girls: Law That Leveled Playing Fields Turns 30
Title IX Turns 30: Transcript: Donna Lopiano, Women's Sports Foundation
Valentine's Day
Vets - How quickly we forget
Stressed Vets at Higher Risk for Autoimmune Diseases
Violence - When Is It Rape?
Abortion Doc Killer Expects "Reward"
Global Move To Scale Up Response To Violence
Fear on Campus: The Problem and Prevalence of Stalking
What to Do If You Become a Stalking Victim
Bullying Linked to More Serious Violent Behaviors
Boys and Girls Affected by TV Violence
Teen-Agers Who Watch More Television Are More Prone To Violence
Report Hate-Crimes
War - A Chill Wind is Blowing in this Nation
Brady Kiesling's Letter of Resignation
The 9-11 Dollar Bill
Amazing War Images Promote War
Talking to Your Kids about War
How quickly we forget
Get the Picture?
A Naked Bid to Redraw World Map
Stamp Out Mad Cowboy's Disease - over 25 web sites
No Bush - Taking It One Step Further The birth of Osama bin Laden's terrorism network
Man's Antiwar T-Shirt Lands Him in Custody
What Countires has the U.S. Bombed since WWII?
Women Should Be Drafted
We've Already had a nuclear war in Iraq
No Bush - Taking It One Step Further
Stamp Out Mad Cowboy's Disease - over 25 web sites concerning the war
We Stand Passively Mute
Baring Witness - You've gotta see this!
Madonna's Anti-War Anthem
FOR WOMEN ONLY: Honestly, guys, pass this one on to your significant other. You won't regret it.
Women's Violence - A Mother Gone Wild
Adultery: the Intimate Fraud
Professor Accused of Slitting Her Babies Throat
The WHO Violence Report: Does the Sex of the Perpetrator Matter?
Celebrity Criminals
Grandmother Still at Large after Killing Baby
Work - The No Vacation Nation
Top 400 pay 22% income tax. How do you match up?
Unemployment Rises to 6 Percent
Which Job for You? - Humor
Over 10,400,000 American's Out-of-Work

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