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To Respond to the Media's Portrayal of Men 

Abuse - Psychological, Physical Abuse Equally Harmful To Health
Does the Sex of the Perpetrator Matter?
Reporting Laws: Clergy as Mandated Reporters
Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community
Sex, Shame & The Catholic Church
He Didn't Ask for it Either
Adolescnece - Single-sex education works
It's Not Fair
Sexual Harassment at School
AIDS/HIV - Increases In Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
China Allows AIDS-Related Marriage
Charges Filed In Canada Blood Case
Vietnamese HIV Carriers Estimated To Exceed 154,000 By End Of This Year
Syphilis Outbreaks Increase In N.Y.
Magic Johnson Free Of AIDS Symptoms
Editorial Questions Whether HIV-Related Admissions To The ICU Will Continue To Decline
Significantly Improved Survival In Intensive Care For HIV Patients
Cambodian Leader Says AIDS More Deadly Danger Than Land Mines
DA OKs Fast, Easy HIV Test
United Nations: Cost Of AIDS Prevention And Treatment Will Surpass 10 Billion Dollars Per Year By 2005
U.S. Withdrawal from U.N. AIDS Effort
AIDS Drugs Intended For Africa Illegally Sold On European Market
Women Who Stayed HIV-Free Studied
Viacom, Kaiser Plan AIDS Project
Host Of New Ailments As Aging AIDS Population Continues Antiviral Treatment
FDA Approves First Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) System To Screen Whole Blood Donors For Infections With Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) And Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Technique May Improve Safety Of Donated Blood
Secretary Thompson Signs Agreement With Mozambique
Along Mexico-U.S. Border, Fears Of AIDS Growth Come Into Focus
Preventing HIV Infection In Newborns
Spermicide Promotes HIV
Millions Of Grandparents In Developing World Caring For Grandchildren Orphaned By AIDS
AIDS Deaths Around the World
HIV Prevention Messages Failing To Convince Gays: Condom-Free Anal Sex Keeps Virus On Increase
Researchers Document Rare Case Of Second HIV Infection With Different Strain
China Says The Number Of Its People Infected With AIDS Virus To Reach 1 Million By End Of This Year
Elton John Urges More AIDS Funds
EU Pledges More Money To Fight AIDS In Poor Countries
Significantly Improved Survival In Intensive Care For HIV Patients
De Beers Becomes Latest Company To Make AIDS Drugs Available To Its Employees
Parents Claim AIDS Children Are Dying Due To Shortage Of Drugs
Chinese Version Of Anti-AIDS Drug Available By Year End, Says Manufacturer
China Announces Jump In AIDS Cases
AIDS Cases Nearly Triple In Russia
HHS Awards Millions To Ensure Medical Care, Support Services And Prescription Drugs For People With HIV/AIDS
HIV Vaccine Testing Under Way In Texas
AIDS Conference Ends On Hope That Rich Are Listening
Immune Cells In Breast Milk Protect Infants From HIV
Condom-Free Anal Sex Keeps Virus On Increase
Along Mexico-U.S. Border, Fears Of AIDS Growth Come Into Focus
Millions Of Grandparents In Developing World Caring For Grandchildren Orphaned By AIDS
Preventing HIV Infection In Newborns
Technique May Improve Safety Of Donated Blood
Drug Manufacturers: Approving Generic AIDS Drugs
Company Withdraws AIDS Drug Application
Court Rules Government Must Provide Key AIDS Drug To HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Despite Appeal Proceedings
Drug Manufacturers: Approving Generic AIDS Drugs Could Reduce Quality
HIV Infection Cases Surging Among Latinos
Initiative To Promote Access To Quality HIV Medicines Releases First Batch Of Results
California Is Tightening Rules On HIV Care
Helms Pledges To Seek AIDS Funding
California Is Tightening Rules On HIV Care
Swedish Medical Company Reports Strong Results In Early Tests Of HIV Drug
South African AIDS Rates Slightly Lower
Debate Over AIDS Prevention Bill Frays Tempers In Cambodia's Parliament
Bush To Propose AIDS Initiative
Drug Used In Treatment Of Alcoholism May Have Role In Treatment Of HIV
Scientists Optimistic That AIDS Vaccine Could Be Developed In Africa
Researchers Develop HIV Fighter
Europe Becoming Complacent Over HIV Prevention
Protesters Rally Against US Role In AIDS Fight
South African Gold Mining Giant Finds Up To 30 Percent Of Work Force Is HIV Positive
AIDS Fund Issues Million In Grants
We Can Beat AIDS, TB And Malaria, UN Agencies Say
WHO Issues Essential Medicines List
South Dakota Governor Says Hundreds Will Be Tested For AIDS
AIDS Fund Issues Million In Grants
Allergies - FDA OKs Over-The-Counter Claritin Sales
Mold In Schools Draining Funds
Peanut Allergy Alert For Chocolate Covered Raisins
Agency Will Track Kids' Diseases For Environmental Link
Tokyo Court Orders Government To Pay Damages For Asthma Caused By Auto Exhaust
Family Wants Perfume School Ban
EPA Plans More Asthma Research
CDC Provides West Nile Virus Update
Occupational Airborne Exposure Raises Incidence Of Respiratory Symptoms And Asthma
Almond And Walnut Allergy Alert For Honey
House Dust Endotoxin Associated With Decreased Allergic Sensitization In Kids
Tree Nut Allergy Alert For Ice Cream
Health Authorities In Thailand Warn Against Pinkeye Outbreak
Study: Breast-Feeding Won't Protect Against Allergies
Managing Asthma Across The Lifespan
Common Foods Worsen Hayfever Symptoms, Pose Danger In Some Patients, Doctors Say
Green Acres Keep Kids Asthma-Free
Taking the Sting out of Bug Bites
Simple Ways To Limit Hayfever Symptoms
Dirt and Dust Arm You Against Allergies
Summer Scourges: Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac
Adverse Effects Of Fetal Exposure To Maternal Smoking Uncovered In Genetically Susceptible Children
Emergency Care Improving
Egg Allergy Alert For Ravioli
Milk And Soy Allergy Alert For French Fried Onions
Humming For Your Sinuses
Asian Pollution May Be Fatal
West Nile Virus An Epidemic That Could Spread To Pacific Coast
Smoking By Family Members Associated With Asthma Diagnosis Before Age 6
Three Key Steps For Managing Your Child's Asthma
The Puzzling Red Wine Headache
Tomato Pies Recalled Over Milk
Alzheimer's - Alzheimer's, Other Diseases, May Benefit From First Live Studies Of Key Cell Structures
Statin Drugs May Lower Risk Of Alzheimer's
Arthritis - What types of exercise are best for people with arthritis?
Personal Health: First Step In Treating Arthritis -- Keep Moving
New Knees When Other Options Fail
FDA OKs Device To Treat Back Pain
Common Knee Surgery Doesn't Work
HHS Issues Report On Medical Innovation And Seniors
Staph-Link Protein May Help Arthritis
Labeling Changes For Arthritis Drug Celebrex
Arthritis Drug Can't Be Labeled As Safer
Was Celebrex's Safety Overstated?
Ways To Avoid Lyme Disease Infection
New Approach Against Lyme Disease
Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis at Home Sweet Home
Research Shows Promise For New Class Of Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Arthritis Drug May Cause Liver Damage
Report Links Vioxx To Meningitis
Limited Mobility Bra
Medical Uncertainty
Geriatrics Society Guidelines Give Hints To Older People On How To Live Without Pain
New Studies Add To Vioxx Debate
Widely Used Arthritis Pills May Be New Treatment For Cancer
Rheumatoid Drug May Prolong Life
Risks Of Arthritis Drugs Studied
Supermarket Chain Pulls Oxycontin
Clinical Trial Protections Sought
Rheumatoid Drug May Prolong Life
Risks Of Arthritis Drugs Studied
Cartilage Attracts Immune Attack
Boomers Search For Relief From Aging
Arthritis Drug May Cause Liver Damage
Home Cat Allergen Concentrations Relate To Asthmatic Disease
Asthma - Asthma Treatment Strategy Shows Promise
U. Of Wisconsin To Study Asthma In Kids
Treating Acid Reflux Reduces Asthma Symptoms And Improves Quality Of Life In Patients With Asthma
How Can I Deal With My Asthma?
Children With Asthma Are Often Exposed to Smoke and Pets
Asthma In Kids Can Be Controlled
New Research On Gender And The Development Of Asthma
California Examines Micro-Pollution
Asthma May Have Leveled Off In Kids
EPA To Relax Utility Pollution Rules
Asthma Isn't Only A Childhood Disease
Update On National Asthma Guidelines Released
Is Your Home Causing Your Child's Asthma Attack?
Asthma Kills Woman Near Colorado Fire
Students Join Scientists In Search Of Asthma Triggers
Gardening: Plants That Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid
Haze From Canadian Wildfires Lingers Over Northeast; Health Advisories Issued
Asthma Airway Remodeling Starts In Childhood And Continues Into Adulthood
Breaking The Mold: Toxic Growth In Homes, Offices Allegedly Making People Weak, Sick
Too Many Patients Diagnosed With 'Psychogenic Cough'
The Perils Of Pollen: Global Warming May Make Things Worse
Experimental Therapy Stops Allergic Reactions In Mice
Population Breathing Bad Air
Obesity And Smoking Increase Asthma Risk
Raising An Asthmatic Child
pH Offers Simple Test For Airway Inflammation
Report Finds Smog A Killer In L.A. County
Panel Pushes Asthma Campaign
Gearing Up For The Allergy Seasons: New And Old Treatments For Allergies And Asthma
Pets And Parental Family History Increase The Risk Of Developing Asthma
New Zealand Researchers To Test Theory That Rural Environment Provides Resistance To Asthma

Study Links Single Molecule To Body's Healing Process

Tepid Temperatures Speed Allergy Season
Treating Conditions Associated With Asthma Reduces Emergency Department Visits
Treating Seasonal Allergies Early Keeps Children Healthy Now, In Future
AAAAI Sponsors Poster Contest For Children With Asthma
Medications for Children
Seasonal Allergies
U.S. Asthma Rates May Be Declining
Allergens And Viruses Act Together To Worsen Asthma
Autism - Microsoft, UW develop program to treat autism syndrome online
Autism Today Presents…..Temple By Telephone!
Differences found in autistic brains
Birth Control - Women: Because the Moment Matters with Your Husband
Body Piercing - Snippets
Breast Implants - Can a Wife with Breast Implants Breastfeed
Breasts - Become a Breast Ambassador
Cancer - New drug could help target cancer cells with deadly accuracy
Study Links Cancer Rates, Prevention
Scientists Take New Approach to Fight Cancer
Magnets Could Be Cancer Killers
Garlic May Prevent Cancer
Another Great Reason to Eat Your Veggies
Monkey Virus-Cancer Link Debated
Visualising Potential Outcome Of Cancer Treatment
Holiday Meal Full Of Cancer Agents
Hope For Patients With Advanced Bowel Cancer
Protect Production of Medical Isotopes for Cancer Treatment
Breaking the Bad News to the Family
Scientists Find Clue To Carcinogen
How Long will You Live after Diagnosis?
No Link Between Deodorant and Cancer
Gene Alterations Predict Survival From Renal Cancer
Tumor Variations May Affect Response To Antiangiogenic Therapy
A-Bomb Survivors At Increased Risk Of Nervous System Tumors
Study Finds Melanoma Declines In 20- To 44-Year-Olds
Breast Self-Exam Is Unproven
Avoiding Wishful Thinking Over New Drugs - More Trials Should Be Double-Blinded Say Cancer Experts
Cancer Society Promotes Good Diet
Anti-Smoking Groups Call For Movie Ratings To Factor In Tobacco
Smokers Disillusioned And Over-Optimistic About Quitting
Cancer Study May Help Motorola Suit
Doctors Freezing Away Tumors
Radiation Pill Distributed In Illinois
Scientists Begin Urgent Meeting On Cancer Fears From Acrylamide In Food
Men With Breast Cancer Go Public
New Leukemia Drug Appears To Restore Color To Gray Hair
Medical Physicist Treats Spinal Tumors Faster With New Procedure
FDA OKs Advanced Colon Cancer Drug
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: New Publication Shows Need For Further Research
Gene Therapy May Increase Cancer Cure Rates, Medical Physicists Show
Aspirin Lowers Colon Cancer Risk
Lung Cancer Drug Shows Promise
Cancer Nutrition Tips
Protein Analysis Helps Treat Cancer
Childhood Cancer Survivors Often In Dark About Disease As Adults
Marker For Progression Of Colon Cancer Identified
St. John's Wort Weakens Cancer Drug
Experts Skeptical Over Cited Link Between Cancer And Starchy Foods
WHO Announces Urgent Meeting On New Food Cancer Scare
Cancer Patients Need Weight Kept On
Cancer Nutrition Tips
Study Finds Pill Increases Cervical Cancer Risk In Some Women
The Pill May Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer According To A Large Study Of Younger Women
Scientists Develop Markers Capable Of Detecting Minute Numbers Of Cancer Cells In Blood
Smokes Deadlier Than Labels Suggest
Cancer patients need to be educated about pain medications
60% of Men Burning in UK Sun
Mom Was Right, Broccoli Good For You
Experts to examine safety of chips, french fries
Trace Proteins in Stool May Point to Colon Cancer
Global Alliance Between European Commission And WHO To Fight Against Communicable Diseases, Tobacco And Other Health Threats
Lawsuit: Cancer Drug Maker Illegally Kept Cheaper Generic Off Market
Pharmaceutical Companies Opt for Copy-Cat Drugs Instead of Researching for New and Better Solutions
Expanding Horizons, And Expectations, In Cancer Care
New Testicular Cancer Warning
War On Tobacco Rages On Multiple Fronts
Cancer And Childbirth: Mutually Exclusive No Longer
Even Moderate Caloric Restriction Lowers Cancer Risk In Mice
New Breast Cancer Gene Identified
Potato Chips, French Fries May Contain Cancer-Causing Substance
New Technology Spots Lung Tumors
Diluted Drugs May Impact Thousands
Child Abuse - Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment
Child Abuse Costs $257,744,882 a Day!
Children - Food Poisoning
Articles written by kids who have different illnesses and conditions
The Truth About Transfusions
Homework Help
More Kids Are Developing Adult Diseases
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Safe And Effective In Children
Sick School Syndrome
How Do Pain Relievers Work?
Basic Outdoor Safety Skills
Kids Getting Hooked
Is TV Really So Bad for Kids?
Effective Treatment For Children With ADHD And Chronic Tic Disorders
Kids Afraid of Life
The 'Boy Parent Dilemma'
Families Torn By Childhood Disorders Finding Hope
Shared Custody Could Prevent Abductions
High-Profile ‘Deadbeat Dad' Raids Won't Fix Child Support System Badly in Need of Reform
Can Abolishing Sole Custody Curb Divorce?
Michigan Reform Plan Fights Rising Paternity Fraud
California Governor Gray Davis Preserves and Protects Paternity Fraud
Tennessee Moves Forward as California Becomes More Backward Truly Caring for Its Children
Infection Can Spread Fast to Others
Kids' Allergies Tied to Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy
What to Do When You Don't Like School
Did You Know...Skin is an Organ
Take a Look at Cooking
Swimmer's Ear
Treatment Of Bipolar Children Encouraging
Delayed Speech or Language Development
 A Kid's Guide to Adoption
Dealing With Bullies
When It's Just You After School
Child Obesity On The Rise
The Real Deal on the Digestive System
When It's Just You After School
Infections may be catching  
What Kids Should Know about Alzheimer's
What Girls AND Boys Should Know about Breast Cancer
Surviving Stepsiblings
How Do You Deal with Your Feelings?
Friends can Make You Laugh and Cry
Having Your Tonsils Out
Memory Matters
Why Does My Nose Run?
When It's Just You in an Emergency
What Are Freckles?
Why Does Eating Ice Cream Give Me a Headache?
 Diets, Caffeine, Cooking
Intervention in Over 50% of Births
Should You Child See a Therapist?
Wearing a Bicycle Helmet
FDA Suspends Drug-Testing Rule
Getting Calcium On Young Girls' Radar
Kids and Alcohol
My Child Is Shoplifting
Am I Too Fat or Too Thin?
Make Room in Life for Some Serious Laughter
Good Nutrition Today for a Healthy Tomorrow
DADs' Dating Poll - How do you measure up?
Test Your Women's History I.Q.
How to Skip School & Get Away With It
Kid-Friendly Internet Domain
DADs Asks Teen Mags to Take YM's Step and the Next
Celebrating Innovators
Growth in Women's Sports Spawns New Career Opportunities
Women Are Having More Children Children of the Gender Wars
Children's Memorial Day
Shaving cream art
Cholesterol - New Drug Raises Good Cholesterol
Circumcision - Doctor's Mistakes Causing Penis Problems
Colon Cancer - Colon Cancer Awarenes Campaign
Condoms - Laos Pulls Goldfish-In-A-Condom Ad As Too Explicit
Happy VD (Valentine's Day)
The Love Glove Quiz
23 Reasons NOT to Use a Condom
The Condom Promised Land
Like a Virgin - Madonna Condoms
The Consent Condom
Your Personal Condom Case
Daughters - Listening to Black Fathers and Their Kids
Independent Means Newsletter
Contest: Engineering: It's a Girl Thing
Tell NBC to Put A Plug in Liquor Ad Jug
Diabetes - HHS Launches Diabetes Campaign
Diabetic Heart Disease Risk Studied
Tropical Diabetic Hand Syndrome
FDA Cracks Down On Cosmetic Contacts
Preventive-Care Practices Among Persons With Diabetes
Obesity Gene Discovered?
Afraid to Walk the Walk?
Gene Causing Double Trouble
Taking Precautions
Are You Living Yourself to Death?
New Brochure Says 'Cuide Su Corazón' To People With Diabetes
Diabetes and Heart-Disease Risk: Either Doctors Aren't Telling Patients, Or Patients Aren't Listening
Obese Teens' Suit Blames McDonald's
Schools Waging Obesity Fight
Weight Loss Ads Called Misleading
Five-Year-Old Girls With High Cholesterol Are More Likely To Be Overweight At Age Twelve
Moderately High Homocysteine Tied To Stroke, Alzheimer's Risk
Biotech Cos. Race To Replace Needles
Practical Stress Management Program Found To Improve Health Of People With Type 2 Diabetes
New Approach To Insulin Treatment Improves Patients' Lives
Sleep-Disordered Breathing In Mildly Obese Men Associated With Glucose Intolerance And Insulin Resistance
Whole Grains Reduce Long-Term Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes In Men
Australia And U.S. To Develop Vaccine Against Juvenile Diabetes
Oral Diabetes Drug Shows Promise In Preventing Miscarriage In Common Infertility Disorder
How Much Exercise Is Enough?
Early Nephrologist Care Associated With Better Outcomes For Kidney Disease
Significant Health Disparities Threaten Native American Children And Youth
Doctors Treat Diabetes Personally
Monitoring Blood Sugar Painlessly
Obesity And Even A Few Extra Pounds Raises Risk Of Developing Heart Failure
Epidemic: More Kids Get Type 2 Diabetes
Drug Development For Obesity
Study Gives Hope To Minority Diabetics
Inflammation May Be Diabetes Risk Sign
Diabetics May Be Taking Wrong Drug
Study Evaluates Children With Diabetes
Heart Health Should Be The Front Line Of Diabetes Care
Can A New Treatment Reverse Autoimmune Diseases?
Children In Lower Socio-Economic Backgrounds At High Risk For Type-2 Diabetes
Study Confirms Recommended Dialysis Dose
127,000 Children Have Diabetes
WHO Advises Basic Exercise To Beat Heart Disease, Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus
A Peptide, Responsible For A Wide Range Of Disorders, Is Produced At A Higher Rate In Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome
Children And Diabetes
Tips For Preventing Diabetes
More Tests For 'Pre-Diabetes' Urged
Don't Be Fooled About Your Oral Health: AAP Uncovers Common Misconceptions
Waist Circumference And Body Mass Index Predict Body Fat And Disease Risk
Delayed Childbirth May Have Long-Term Health Consequences For Mother
Study Links Diabetes Drug To Heart Failure
Diabetics Think They Can't Avoid Complications
Traveling with Diabetes
Interactive Baseball Meal
Can A New Treatment Reverse Autoimmune Diseases?
Moderate Drinking May Fend Off Diabetes
Study Gives Hope To Minority Diabetics
Compound Identified In Grapes May Fight Cancer And Diabetes
Study Raises Questions On Widespread Prescribing Of Diabetic Footwear
Diabetes to Double in Ten Years
New Study Finds Need For Improved Nutrition For Low-Income African Americans
New Indicators For Predicting Hypertension In African-American Males
Obesity Epidemic For Children Brings Pain Of Diseases, Social Stigma
Mild Kidney Disease Doubles Risk Of Death After Angioplasty Or Bypass
New Evidence That Dietary Soy And Flaxseed Have Positive Effect On Obesity And Diabetes
Diabetes Tied To Altering Of The Heart's Circadian Clock
Is your diabetes out of control?
Basic Exercise To Beat Heart Disease, Diabetes
Disability - Raising a Child with a Disability
Exercise Combats Diabetes
People With Disabilities
Diversity - Fight for Your Rights
Divorce - Dealing with Your Parents' Divorce
12 Tried and True Rules for Dealing with Your Ex after Divorce
Can a Spouse Quit Work Just Before and During Divorce Proceedings?
U.S. Divorce Statistics Compiled
Canadian panel votes to release arrest files of the innocent to employers
Work Stress and Divorce a Deadly Combo for Men
DNA - Gene Activity Separates Us from Primates
Domestic Violence - Creed's lead singer gets smashed - in the face by his former wife
Battered Men: Research Reveals A Secret Side To Domestic Violence - Women Are Doing The Abusing, Too
"Teach Early" About Domestic Violence
Alcohol, Drugs And Violence Between Intimate Partners
The Missing Persons of Domestic Violence: Male Victims
Safety Plan
T-Shirts for Future Wife Beaters
Drinking - Binge Drinking's Swift Toll
Drugs - Pot Luck: Do You Know What You're Getting?
Cocaine Use May Cause Increase In Coronary Calcium, An Indicator Of Atherosclerosis
The New (Legal) Killer Drugs
Drug Prevention Campaign
Eating Disorders - Eating Disorders In Men
Ecology - Waste
Let's Get Rid of Whales and Dolphins
The Feds Won't Act, So California Does
California Takes Lead on Auto Emissions
White House Announces Gigantic Timber Sale in Montana
Elder Abuse - Prisoners in Their Own Homes: Male Victims of Elder Abuse
Elder Care - The Basics of Probate
What is Elder Law?
Euthanasia - UK Doctors Forced to be Ethical
Fathers - From Princess Diaries to All-American Girl
What if She Doesn't Like Sports?
10 Things That Might Surprise You About Being Pregnant
You Really Can Buy Good Toys This Year!
Duct Tape Treatment Is Effective for Wart Removal
How to Talk to Your Child's Doctor
Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Increasingly Common Among Teens
Fewer High School Students Are Having Sex
If Your Child Starts Losing Mobility
Choosing Safe Toys
Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections and Related Conditions
Body Image
Preventing Abductions
Gymnastics and Bone Density
Teens, TV, and Smoking
Don't Delay Flu Shots for Babies and Toddlers This Fall
Swaddling May Reduce the Risk of SIDS for Some Infants
Living With Lupus
When a New Baby is on the Way
Farm Safety
Violently Injured Teens Often Experience Persistent Stress Symptoms
Premature Babies Have Long-Term Behavior Problems and Lower Cognitive Test Scores
Dads' Surprising Postpartum Work Habits
Building Strong Daughters
Keep Speaking for Title IX
Free Bullying Resource
"She Started It!" - Calming Sibling Rivalry
Stroll With Me...
Helping Young Women Athletes Succeed
Young Men Reluctant to Marry?
Discipline is a Gift
Consequences of Divorce on Father-Child Relationships
Let Her Open Doors for You
Importance of Father Love for Child Well-Being
Listening to Black Fathers and Their Kids
Research on Dads
Recruiting Foster Parents
"Fragile Families" Findings
Spokes-Dads Needed
New! "KidsHealth Guide for Parents: Pregnancy to Age 5"
5 Year Olds Show Signs of Body Image Problems
Intestinal Malrotation
Physical Therapy
The Truth About Teeth
Top Ten Father Facts
What's a Funny Bone?
Dental Care Begins Before the First Tooth
Fighting the Biting
When Your Teen Is Having a Baby
What's It Like to Have a Cerain Illness?
Choosing a College with Lower Admission Standards
The Scoop on Strep Throat
What Is Ritalin?
How to Let Your Father Know You Care
Testosterone test offers clue to a man's fidelity
The Greatest Gift My Dad Ever Gave Me
Some Things to Thank Your Father For
Take a Video Store Field Trip
Ten Ways to Encourage Daughters' Participation in Sports
Lives Improve Through Engineering: LITE Program for Girls Only!
Tell Scholastic to Stop Sponsoring the Exploitation of Children
Ten Ways to Encourage Daughters' Participation in Sports
Real Sports Features Women's Pro Soccer in 2002 Collectors' Edition
Woman's Work? A day for girls is evolving to include the boys
Fight the Stigma of Alcohol
Woman's Work? A day for girls is evolving to include the boys
Work At Home Dads Help Promote Parenting, Professional Balance
Working Towards Equitable Language in Sports
Delayed Childbirth May Have Long-Term Health Consequences For Mother
Creating Safe Space: A Collaborative Journey in the Art of Facilitating Young Women's Talking Circles
Life Without Father: What Happens To The Children?
Free Curriculum on Daughters
The Making of a Modern Dad
Pregnancy Symptoms in Men
Deployment Manual and Training Guides for Military Fathers
No Paternity Leave say Most CEOs
Both Warmth and Control are Needed from a Step Dad
Can a Wife with Breast Implants Breastfeed
Fatherstories - The Littlest Firefighter
Fitness - Mountain Biking Linked To Infertility
Food Fight: Expert Blames Overeating On Industry Marketing
Longevity Runs In Families: Study Looks At Genetics, Environment
Exercise Hits Cholesterol Risk
Iron-Binding Compounds Decrease Body Odor
Runner's High? Fiction, Many Scientists Say
Alternative Fitness Program Offered
Exercise May Cut Cancer Risk
Fitness Quest Announces Recall Of 'Total Gym' Exercise Machines
Gaining Insight About Losing Weight
Sugared Soft Drinks Make You Softer in Middle
Seniors Need to Stay Fit
Doctors' Group Takes Aim at Atkins Diet
Keeping Kids Kinetic
The Effect Of Laws Mandating Bicycle Helmet Use
New Appetite Hormone Is to Diet For
BikeE Corp. Announces Recall Of Recumbent Bicycles
Academy Issues Skateboard Guidelines
A Few Picnic Tips
L'Oreal, Nestle To Make Cosmetic Nutritional Supplements
Vitamin-Rich Foods May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
Scientists Begin Urgent Meeting On Cancer Fears From Acrylamide In Food
Running May Cut Stroke Risk
Creatine May Help Older Men
Older Adults Can Exercise Just Once A Week To Maintain Muscle Strength
You're Getting Faster: Athletes Exercise Their Mental Muscles With Hypnosis
HHS Urges World's Kids To Be Active
Fraud Fighters Target Ab Belts
Teens Use Yoga To Relieve Stress
Obesity Rises Among Canadian Adults
HHS Urges Community Partnerships To Improve Physical Activity
Group Warns Of Soccer Head Injuries
Some Foods Raise Dehydration Risk
Health Secretary Heeds Own Advice
Regular Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure In All Groups Of People, Study Shows
New Material To Patch Injured Knee Ligaments
Overweight Kids To Get Pedometers
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
High-Intensity Physical Training Improves Cardiovascular Fitness In Obese Adolescents
Doctor-Patient Collaboration Necessary To Change Unhealthy Behavior
Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
Health Clubs Need Defibrillators
Government Study: 7 In 10 Not Exercising
WHO Advises Basic Exercise To Beat Heart Disease, Diabetes
Health Officials Warn Against 'Epidemic' Of Sedentary Lifestyle In Asia
New Hope For Weight Loss
Getting Adults To Exercise May Hinge On Providing Paths And Pretty Scenery
Biological Evidence Can Persuade People To Change Unhealthy Habits
Letter Home: Your Child Is Overweight. Signed, Your School
At-Home Exercise Helps Caregivers Care For Themselves
More Exercise, Less Smoking May Extend, Enhance Life Even At Advanced Age
Crash Diet And Exercise Key To Reducing Obesity
Doping Widespread In Britain
Creatine: A Parent's Nightmare
Pop a Pill, Get in Shape
New Findings Represent The First Aerobic Capacity QTLs Identified In Genetic Models
Gender Differences In Fatigue Explained By The Use Of The Body's Aerobic Pathways
High Protein Diets Cause Dehydration, Even In Trained Athletes
Dip In Icy Water May Help Runners
Gossip - Gossip and Lies Hurt People
Health - Tests And Procedures: Answers For You
Need a Little Pampering? Visit the Dentist, Open Wide and Relax -- Really!
A look at the alternative in medicine
Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine
Scales Tip In Favor Of New Food Pyramid
Bread Crust And Stuffing Rich In Healthy Antioxidants
Potato-Based Powder Stops Bleeding Instantly
Bariatric Surgery Used On Obese Kids
Holiday Survival Guide
Renewing CPR Skills Benefits Others
Toxins in 20% of U.S. Food Supply
Iron Deficiency In The United States
Britons Try Subsidized Golf
2,000 Extra Steps A Day: Colorado Walking It Off
Healthy Living: Get Moving! Add Daily Exercise To Fitness Mix
Small Study Suggests Dietary Supplement May Slow Parkinson's
Snuff Maker Reportedly Settles Case
Smokers Learn Hard Lesson ; Celebs Regret Habit; Hope For The Quitters
Experts: Get Flu Shot Now If You're At Risk
Kidney Disease Linked To Lower Heart Attack Survival
Blood-Test Labs Bypass Doctors, Spurring Debate
Patients Often Miss Out On Nutrition Counseling, At Cost To Health
Evaluating Health Web Sites
Men Die Young - Even if Old
Sceenings for Men
Study Hints Lean Means Longer Life
Study Offers New Insights Into Overcoming Disparities In Health
Increased Risk Of Cancer In Long-Term Hodgkin's Survivors
Vitamin C to Soothe the Damaging Effects of Pollution?
Arthritis - Your Reward For Wear And Tear
Drug Leaflets
The Doctor's Visit
Flu Vaccine Good For All Adults, Not Just Elderly Or Ill
Endangered Species - Men
Labels For Trans Fats
Improved Drug Regimens Help Patients Take Their Medicine
Men Needed To Solve Nurse Shortage
700,000 American Men have Died Waiting for Congress to Act
Improving Communications And Support For Doctors, Patients And Partners
Rubeola (Measles)
Tinea (Ringworm, Jock Itch, Athlete's Foot)
Why Does Eating Ice Cream Give Me a Headache?
Why You Should Smile
Paying Cash for Medical Visits
Husbands Of Fibromylagia Sufferers In Slightly Poorer Health, More Depressed Than Other Men
New York Men Tell It Like It Is
Kellogg Foundation Releases Landmark Report on Men's Health
Tetanus and be Fatal
Illness In Alzheimer's Vaccine Study
Steroid health dangers a "foul ball"
Men's Health Act Introduced in the Senate
Climate change linked to disease epidemics
Scans can warn of Alzheimers
Caffeine may Damage Arteries
Why do doctors and surgeons use stitches?
Microsoft, UW develop program to treat autism syndrome online
Does Stress Really Cause Heart Disease? Scottish Study Questions Link
Pharmaceutical Companies Opt for Copy-Cat Drugs Instead of Researching for New and Better Solutions
Very Early Lyme Disease Rash Is Red Throughout, Not A Bull's-Eye
In Folding Proteins, Clues To Many Diseases
HHS Issues New Statistical Look At Women's Health
Making Medicines From Foods
Male Hip Fractures to Double
More Benefits of Folic Acid
Scots Still Die Young
Nicotine Shows Anti-Depressant Effects In An Animal
Model Of Depression
Smart Supermarket Shopping
Why Does Hair Turn Gray?
Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
What You Should Know About Steroids
Still No Effective Treatment For Post-Lyme Disease Symptoms
Medical Information about Cancer
Helmet and Head Injuries
Why Does Hair Turn Gray?Migraines
Study Urges Increase In Angioplasty
Men Get Road Maps To Health
Testosterone May Reduce Risk Of Stroke In Men; Estrogen Levels Not Related To Stroke
Cigarette Maker Removes "Light" From Packaging
Advocates Praise Medicare Changes
Are you depressed?
The New Depression
The Problem No One's Treating
A Blurry Gray Zone
Regular Exercise And Blood Pressure
Sunlight Offers Cancer "Relief"
Men's Reproductive Health Care Gets New Emphasis
Dead Tired
Study: Lifestyle Contributes To Cancer Rate
Male Breast Problems
Hormone swings affect men too
If You Think It's a Stroke
It's National Nutrition Month
Exercise your memory
Teens who use herbals more likely to abuse drugs
Fake Meat
What You Eat Or Drink May Help Fight Prostate Cancer
Turning the Food Pyramid Upside Down
Mobile safety debate heats up
Riding the Bus to School May Be Hazardous for Your Kids Health
Health Impact of 911
Not An Olympian? Get in Shape Anyway
The Eyes Have It
What's Afoot on Capitol Hill for Men's Health?
January is Birth Defects Prevention Month
What's Wrong with Men's Health in the UK?
Men's Health Week in England and Wales
Heart - Study Eyes Religion, Recovery Links
Statins Help Those With Heart Valve Problems
New Test Speeds Diagnosis Of Chest Pain
Utah Researchers Discover Clues About Clogged Arteries
If Your Child Has a Heart Defect
A Scary Statistic on Heart Failure
FDA Expands Use Of Heart Pumps As Permanent Implants
In Moderation, Nuts Can Be Good For Heart
Heart Attack Predictions Need Update
Job Stress, Work Strain Double Risk of Death From Heart Disease
Pill May Prevent Stent Complication That Re-Blocks Arteries
Stroke Can Hit Young
Non-Traditional Tests May Be Dynamic Duo In Predicting Heart Problems
Slice" Scanner Latest Advance In Early Detection Of Heart Disease
NHLBI Funds New Heart-Health Education Projects In High-Risk Communities
NHLBI Launches Innovative Proteomics Centers
Expanded Use For Clot-Busting Drugs
Group Aims To Close Cardiac Care Gap
Reduced-Fat Snacks
Food Companies Refine Marketing Of Fats
Genetic Double-Whammy In Blacks May Explain Their Higher Rate Of Heart Failure
Active Aging: Moving Hearts For Health
Non-Traditional Tests May Be Dynamic Duo In Predicting Heart Problems
Gene Treatment Creates Biological Pacemaker In Guinea Pig Hearts
Health And Fitness Facilities Need Defibrillators
Johnny Unitas, NFL's Iconic Quarterback, Dies At 69
HHS Issues Report Showing Dramatic Improvements In Americans' Health Over Past 50 Years
Linoleic Acid Intake May Help Cut Stroke Risk
High Nighttime Blood Pressure Can Be An Ominous Sign
Artificial Heart Man Gets Battery
Study Suggests Womb Environment May Influence Adults' Blood Pressure
Doctors Using New Test To Watch For Heart Disease
Mexican Americans More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease Than Caucasians
FDA: Blood Pressure Drug Too Risky
More Fallout From Plaque Ruptures In Store For Heart Attack Survivors
Less Inflammation, Better Heart Health In Physically Fit
Dutch Study Links Tea Drinking To Reduced Heart Attack Risk
Cancer Nutrition Tips
Three Studies Show Benefits Of Fish Oil On Heart Health
Fatty Acid From Fish Oil Fights Arrhythmias, Sudden Death
High-Fat Meal Increased Triglyceride Levels And Reduced Blood Flow
'Obesity Sleuths' Find Chronic Diseases Are Linked To A Breakdown Response To What Our Human DNA Is Expecting
Heart Association Recommends Screenings 
Regular Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure In All Groups Of People
Gout Drug Shows Promise In Treating Chronic Heart Failure
Eating nuts lessens heart risk
Link Between Bypass, Mental Decline
New Blood-Pressure Drug Lowers Stroke Risk
Angioplasty Beats Clot-Busting Drug Treatment
Boy Receives Artificial Heart Pump
Prolonged Use Of Ramipril Prevents Stroke
Newer Kind Of Blood Pressure Pill Found Better At Preventing Strokes
Quick Test Accurately Diagnoses Congestive Heart Failure 
Study Can't Confirm Off-Pump Benefits In Heart Bypasses
Eliminating Health Disparities Requires Community Involvement
While-You-Wait Implantable Heart Assist Device Appears Effective
High Blood Pressure Drug Eases Vessel Stiffness, Lowers Systolic Pressures
Screening Families With A History Of High Cholesterol Is Most Cost Effective Way To Cut Heart Deaths
Magnesium Prevents Eclampsia And Saves Lives
State-Specific Trends In Self-Reported Blood Pressure Screening And High Blood Pressure
Men - Study: Looks, Heart Tops For Single Women
Mexican Americans More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease Than Caucasians
FDA OKs Guidant Aneurysm Treatment
What Causes Patients To Delay Seeking Medical Help?
Public/Private Partnership Expands To Boost Promotion Of Healthy Eating To Reduce The Risk Of Disease Young Adults Don't Heed Warning Message Of Heart Attack Or Stroke In Family
Mercury Ups Heart Disease Risk
Non-Traditional Roles May Boost Risk Of Heart Disease And Death
Triggers For Sudden Cardiac Death Differ By Gender
Hospitals Face Prospect Of More Angioplasties
Waiting to See if You Die
Cool It
Hepatitis C - Tattoos & Hepatitis C
Heptatis C - The Stealth Virus
Hepatitis C on Toothbrushes?
Your or Someone You Know has Hepatitis C
Why a 12-Step program for HCV?
Humor - Things You Learn from Kids
Kidstuff - Holiday Decoration Safety
Manliness - Welcome Back, Duke: From the Ashes of Sept. 11 Arise the Manly Virtues
Marriage - Study Finds Married Men Live Longer
Live-In Likely to Break Up
iVillage's Take on Relationship
No prenuptial
Materialism - Materialism and the Holidays
Men at Risk The Typical American Man
Collecting Items for Homeless Men
Mental Health - China Moves To Stop Suicides
Suicide Risk Persists Many Years After Attempted Suicide
Deliberate Self Harm Is Common In Adolescents
Depression More Dangerous For Elderly Men Than Women
To Reduce Stress, Spend Time With The Family
Nature Meets Nurture; Behavior Problems Not As Simple As XYY, Scientists Are Learning
Chronic Stress Can Interfere With Normal Function Of The Immune System, Suggests New Research
Scientists Test Common Medicines And Mental Exercise As Preventives For Alzheimer's
Can Caviar Cure Depression?
Sleep Apnea Ups Heart Disease
Sniper Stress is Not Just a Local Issue
Young Children May Cope Better If They Remember Medical Procedure Details
Psychologists Draw An "Architecture Of Attention," Outlining At Least Three Brain-Based Building Blocks
Parents' Stress May Affect Behavior In Children With Heart Defect
The Power of Personal Appearance
Cocaine-Exposed Children Subject To Stereotyping
Counselors Say Order Birth Affects Behavior Of Adults
Mental Health Benefits of Marriage
Woman Gives Birth After Pre-Pregnancy Test Is Used To Screen For Early Alzheimer's Gene
Kids' Meanness Might Mean Health Risks When They Grow Up
Managing Stress Key To Success
Mistaken Beliefs Beset Mental Illness
Poor Health Of Gulf Veterans Not Related To Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Cancer Patients' Emotional Needs Often Undetected By Oncologists
Introverted Persons Are More Likely To Become Tired At Work
Home-Based Preschool Helps Disadvantaged Kids Later
Attacks Force New Thinking On Mental Health And Trauma
9/11 Caused Stress In Many Americans
Breast-Feeding, Intelligence Linked
Psychiatric Drug Found Tampered With
Iodine Deficiency, A Main Cause Of Mental Disabilities, Will Be Eliminated In Three Years Across The Globe
Geriatrics Society Guidelines Give Hints To Older People On How To Live Without Pain
Dentists Have More Memory Disturbances, But Is Mercury To Blame?
New Resources Now Available at
Gene May Link Alcohol Drinking And Stress, Mouse Study Suggests In Sciencet
NYC Kids Suffer From Stress Disorder
Having Intimate Talks With Children Is Part Timing, Part Art
Just Say "Stop" When You Put Yourself Down
Experiments Strengthen Link Between Fish Oil, Mental Problems
Drug Reduces Hallucinations And Improves Cognitive Performance For Parkinson's Patients
Recognizing Stress And Some Ways To Take The Pressure Off
Smoke Gets In Your Mind
Marijuana's Impact On Intelligence
Failure To Make Children Feel Valued And Loved Causes Lasting Damage
Lawsuits Link Mercury With Autism
Proteins Blamed For Alzheimer's
Bereaved Pet Owners Seek Support
Experiment In Mice May Lead To Early Test For Alzheimer's
Black Male Suicide Rates Increase
Women And Depression
Husbands Of Fibromylagia Sufferers In Slightly Poorer Health, More Depressed Than Other Men
Stressed? Frazzled? Fried?
Depressed People More Likely To Develop Parkinson's
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Now Recognized In Children
Long-Term Cognitive Impairment Found In Crack-Cocaine Abusers
Dopamine May Play Role In Cue-Induced Craving Distinct From Its Role Regulating Reward Effects
'Cheerleader' Brain Signal May Act As A Task Master, Science Study Suggests
Research Yields New Insights Into Molecular Control Of Addiction
Brain Signal Boosts As Monkey Nears Reward
Research Yields New Insights Into Molecular Control Of Addiction
Anticonvulsant Drugs Found To Impact On Epileptic Children's Ability To Recall Information
Exercise your memory
Study: Heavy Pot Use Impairs Brain Functioning
Superstition Can Be Hazardous To Health 
Tired And Angry? Both Emotions May Predict Heart Attacks
Bush May Back Mental Health Coverage
Research Yields New Insights Into Molecular Control Of Addiction
Newborn Mice Deprived Of Serotonin Experience Adult Anxiety
New Study Says People Take Mental Stress To Heart
Alzheimer’s Disease With Psychotic Behaviors Aggregates In Families
It's National Nutrition Month
Exercise your memory
Study: Heavy Pot Use Impairs Brain Functioning
Superstition Can Be Hazardous To Health
Miscellaneous - Men With Osteoporosis Often Overlooked
Dental fillings don't last forever
The Biological Time Clock
Reports Probe Safety Of Water Births
The World of Spam
Helping Minorities Gain Technology Skills
Federal Appeals Court Hears Government's Arguments Over Ban On Hemp Foods, Medical Marijuana
Fire Ants Adapt To Cold Weather
What do you know about teeth whitening?
Critics Say Food Industry Lacks Consistency In Labeling
Why Put Your Kids Through Emergency First Aid Training?
Global Disparities in Male Longevity
Canadian panel votes to release arrest files of the innocent to employers
St. John's Wort Not Effective In Treating Depression
iVillage's Take on Relationship
Federal Appeals Court Hears Government's Arguments Over Ban On Hemp Foods, Medical Marijuana
What is the WHO Doing for Men's Health?
Refuting the Myth of Biological Advantage
The Toilet Seat is Fine Where I Left It: Confessions of a Sensitive Man
A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing
Lyme Disease Warnings Renewed As Pest Population Appears to Rise
The Fight Against Global Warming
One Pound Baby Pearl
Would you give a kidney to a stranger?
For The Guys: Building An Effective Men's Movement
The invisible men in the child-care debate
Test Drug Drives Up 'Good' Cholesterol
Binge Drinking's Swift Toll
Things You Learn from Kids
Gene Activity Separates Us from Primates
Multicultural - Over 235,000 Oregonians vote to Exclude "Negroes"
Hitler's Black Victims: The historical experiences of blacks in Nazi Germany
Report Hate-Crimes
10 Best Cities to have an Interracial Relationship
10 Worst Cities to have an Interracial Relationship
Nutrition - Americans Get Bulk of Nutrition Info from TV
USDA Kicks Off National School Lunch Week By Promoting Nutrition Education And Food Safety Awareness
Kids Getting A Steady Diet Of Fast Food On The Tube
Public/Private Partnership Expands To Boost Promotion Of Healthy Eating To Reduce The Risk Of Disease
Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
Texas Tech Study On E. Coli
Weight-Conscious Have Been Fooled By "Low-Fat" Labeling
OK Of Engineered Canola Sought
FDA Warns About Formula Infection
Dangers Abound, But Obesity Often Ignored, Accepted
Struggling To Keep Afghan Kids Alive
Green Tea Extract Polyphenol May Have A Protective Effect On Parkinson's Disease
Someone Is Sneaking Onto New York Dairy Farms And Contaminating Milk With Antibiotics
Fatty Acid Could Offset Postpartum Depression And Improve Babies' Development
Eggs With Antibodies Need Rules
Enhanced Baby Food Headed For Stores
Officials Discuss Food Vulnerability
USDA Plan To Downgrade Texas Cattle
USDA To Purchase Bison Meat For Nutrition Programs
Malaysian Fruit And Vegetable Exports Rejected For High Pesticide Levels
Energy Expenditure Differs By Race, Sex, And Weight Among Louisiana School Children
Peanut Allergy Alert For Cookies
Fast Food Piles On Calories
Generation X-Tra Large: Americans Getting Fatter Younger 
Fast Food At Nation's Top Hospitals
Unholy Guacamole: E. Coli Found In Mexican-Style Hot Sauce Samples
Meta-Analysis Of Zinc Supplementation Shows Positive Growth Effects For Infants And Children
Nutritional Value Of Enriched Egg Yolks As A Weaning Food For Infants
FDA Seizes New Choice Food Gel Candies
North Dakota Researcher Looks To Lower Flatulence From Bean Products
Carcinogen Found In Organically Grown Wheat Used As Chicken Feed
Dad Was Right, Broccoli Good For You
New Evidence That Dietary Soy And Flaxseed Have Positive Effect On Obesity And Diabetes
Basic Motion Measuring Technology May Be Alternative To More Expensive Testing Procedures
Obesity Epidemic For Children Brings Pain Of Diseases, Social Stigma
Even Moderate Caloric Restriction Lowers Cancer Risk In Mice
Four New Studies Strongly Suggest That Components From Three Types Of Red Berry Fruits Help Arteries
It's National Nutrition Month
Obesity - World Health Organization Toughening Approach To Obesity Battle
American Obesity Ballooning
Food for Thought for Obesity Experts
Dangers Abound, But Obesity Often Ignored, Accepted
Child Obesity On The Rise
Overweight Kids To Get Pedometers
Kids Getting A Steady Diet Of Fast Food On The Tube
Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
Weight-Conscious Have Been Fooled By "Low-Fat" Labeling
Dangers Abound, But Obesity Often Ignored, Accepted
'Obesity Sleuths' Find Chronic Diseases Are Linked To A Breakdown Response To What Our Human DNA Is Expecting
Parenting - PTA president hires stripper for sons 16th birthday party
"I wish they all could be California girls."
Women After 50 Can Have a Safe Pregnancy
Getting Help: Know the Numbers
Many Parents Are Misinformed About Booster Seat Use
Playground Safety
Treating Hemangiomas in Infants
Proper dental care begins even before your baby's first tooth appears?
Are Ear Thermometers Accurate?
What Keeps Children From Walking or Biking to School?
Guiding Your Child Through The Early Years
Girls Need to Learn to Run Like Boys
A Tip or Two
Keeping Your Toddler Healthy
What Keeps Low-Income Dads Involved?
Success with More than English-Only
Does Marketing Harm Kids?
Misleading Diet Ads are Widespread
Conference on Aggression in Girls
Halloween Safety Tips
Infections That Pets Carry
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Breastfeeding and Infant Growth
Kids and Speech Therapy Childhood Cancer: Osteosarcoma
Preventing Violence in Schools
Having Intimate Talks With Children Is Part Timing, Part Art
FDA Warns About Formula Infection
Today's Moms and Dads say They're as Good as Their Parents  
Poetry - Poetry Contest
Prison - Prison Rape - It's No Joke
The Rape of Men to be Banned?
Prison Rape - It's No Joke
America's Prison Generation
Prostate Health - Korean Red Ginseng May Treat Impotence
Cancer Test Shows 100% Sensitivity and Specificity
New programs aim to support men diagnosed with prostate cancer
Man's Migraine Linked to Soy Consumption
Three Prostate Cancer Monotherapies Provide Equivalent Relapse-Free Survival
Medarex Initiates Phase II Clinical Trials of MDX-010 for Metastatic Melanoma and Prostate Cancer
Online Insight for Men Who've Had a Prostatectomy
Breast Gene Fault Increases Prostate Cancer Risk
Vitamin D for Prostate Cancer
Cancer Therapy Causes Devastating Oral Complications
Avoiding Prostate Biopsy
Herbal Extract May Compromise Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy Drug
Study Shows Cancer Cells are Vulnerable in New Ways
Researchers Find Gene That May Signal Deadly Form Of Prostate Cancer
Genetic Link to Prostate Cancer Found
Prostate Cancer Isn't Just a Guy Thing
New Predictive Marker Found for Prostate and Colon Cancer
Got Soy? New Research Focusing on Soy Role in Prevention of Prostate Cancer in U.S. Males
BYU Study Finds Prognosis Is Worse for Prostate-Cancer Patients in Their 40s
Biphosphonate Reduces Bone Complications From Spread Of Prostate Cancer
Zometa Effective for Debilitating Bone Complications
Facing Fears: Prostate Cancer Screening
Prostate Cancer Cell Growth Inhibited by Red Wine
Cancer's Effect on Relationships under Scrutiny
Prostate Tissue Could Treat Bone Disease
Revolution in Prostate Therapy Led by Microwave Thermotherapy
Scientists Develop Tomato that Packs More Cancer-Fighting Punch
Dogs Key to Understanding Advanced Prostate Cancer
Prostate Predictor Less Reliable in Hispanic Than in White Populations
Prostate Surgery Preserves Potency, But HMOs Are Putting Up Barriers
Into the Light - Survivors' groups and researchers raising awareness of prostate cancer
An Update On Brachytherapy
Modified tomato may protect against cancer
Return of Prostate Cancer First Seen by MRI, Not Biopsy
Heart Disease Gene Linked to Prostate Cancer
Wake Forest-John Hopkins Team Discovers Prostate Cancer Gene
Novel Gene Product Facilitates Suicide Gene Tracking in Male Cancers
Casodex Reduces Disease, Tumor Progressions
Dietary Change May Prevent Disease Progression
Men "Unwilling" to Discuss Cancer
Tackle Prostate Cancer
Golfer Bruce Fleisher Glad He Took Advantage of free PSA Test
Men "Unwilling" to Discuss Cancer
Fighting Prostate Cancer: 'Go Get a Checkup'
A patient's view
Limiting PSA Testing To Men with a Family History of Prostate Cancer "Misses Most Prostate Cancers"
Louise Hay on the Prostate and Prostate Cancer
Bicalutamide Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer Progression Regardless of Disease Stage, Lymph Node Status, Study Shows
Men "Unwilling" to Discuss Cancer
Group Wants Weedkiller Off Market
Nurses Call for Improvement in Prostate Cancer Treatment
New Drug Delivery Works Against Prostate Cancer
Location Plays Role in Cancer Survival
Late-Stage Immunotherapy
TIG1 Identified As Tumor Suppressor Gene For Prostate Cancer
Vitamin E Identified as Possible Prostate Cancer Treatment
Anterior Prostate Cancer Harder to Diagnose
Lance Armstrong Inspires Cancer Patients
Cancer, Vasectomy Connection Disproved
Genetic Test May Help Diagnose Prostae Cancer
Prostate Cancer Hormonal Therapy May Increase Sexual And Physical Problems
Effect Of Diet On Risk Of Benign Prostate Disease In Middle-Aged Men
Free Prostate Cancer Treatment for Men in California
Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Test May be Influenced by Ethnicity
Cancer, Vasectomy Connection Disproved
Stem cell injection offers hope for prostate patients
Learn about constipation
Information for men with advanced prostats cancer
Notes about the prostate cancer screening controversy
PSA debate highlighted in Pittsburg paper
New Test Identifies Most Dangerous Prostate Cancers
Vitamin E Disables Receptor Responsible for Prostate Cancer
You Can Impact 2003 Govenment Spending toward Prostate Cancer Research. Act Now!
Prostate tumours 'kill one an hour'
Workplace Prostate Info Works
Two-Drug Therapy Is Best For Symptomatic Prostate Enlargement
New Prostate Cancer Vaccine to Be Tested
San Diego-Based Biotech Firm Corvas Explores Using Anthrax to Fight Cancer
Re-Reading Lessons: Seeking a Second View
The Prostate Plan
University Scientist Tests Prostate Cancer Vaccine
CancerNew Prostate Cancer Marker Tested
Treatment Guidance for Prostate Cancer Patients
Red Meat Gene Linked with Prostate Cancer in Study
Prostatectomy Outcome Variation
Hopkins Scientists Find Genetic Link Between Diet and Prostate Cancer
Can New Diet Fight Prostate Cancer?
Testosterone Aids Older Men's Brains
Homing in on Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cells
Laparoscopic Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Justified
Neoadjuvant Androgen Deprivatoin before Radical Prostatectomy
Antioxidants: No Magic Bullet
Could an Aspirin a Day Help Keep Prostate Cancer Away?
Vasectomy and Cancer Risk
Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer Join To Build Awareness
Studies Show Soy Can Aid Both Sexes
What's a Guy to Do? A different Perspective on PSAs
New Health Guidelines Emphasize Physical Activity
PLCO Screening Study To Enter Third Stage
Celebrity Chefs are Joining the Fight Against Prostate Cancer
What's a Guy to Do? A different Perspeective
Tomato Products May Ward Off Prostate Cancer
Fear Of Screening Contributes To Undetected Prostate Cancer
More Than Half of California Men Fail to Take Their Prostate Health SeriouslyInspiration For A Prostate-Healthy Diet
AFUD Offers Online Resource Guide For Dealing With Prostate Cancer Inspiration For A Prostate-Healthy Diet
Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer
Declining Deaths from Prostate Cancer
Gender & Cancer
Free Prostate Cancer Treatment for Some Men in California
Action Needed: Prostate cancer screening -- Is it worth the pain?
Prostitution - Legalized Prostitution
PTSD - NYC Kids Suffer From Stress Disorder
A Real Man - Effects of a Full Moon
The Typical Man
Relationships - iVillage's Take on Relationship
Family Ties
Men Behaving Sadly? It Might be the Hormones
New Holiday March 20 - For Women Only
"I'm Not the Cheating Type, But..."
The War Between the Sexes is Over
Men Behaving Sadly? It Might be the Hormones
New Holiday March 20 - For Women Only
"I'm Not the Cheating Type, But..."
The War Between the Sexes is Over
Happy VD (Valentine's Day)
Top 10 Things to Do on Valentine's Day
Those "Sweet Nothings" Are Really Something
Reproduction - Planned Parenthood Counseling Patients About Voluntary Recall of the Once-a-Month Injectable Hormonal Contraceptive Lunelle
U.S. births hit 30-year high, but teenage fertility rate drops to all-time low
Men's Reproductive Health Care Gets New Emphasis
Senior Health - Care By A Rheumatologist Means Better Treatment For Many Arthritis Sufferers
CDC: Not Enough Seniors Getting Flu Shot
Life-Saving Properties Of Beta Blockers Extend To More Patients
Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients With HMO Coverage May Not Have Access To New Medications
Drugmakers Restore Discounts to US Seniors
Fracture Treatment Differs
Memory Training May Help Some Alzheimer's Patients In The Early Stages Of The Disease
Elderly Can Tolerate Strong Cancer Drugs
Dietary Intake Of Vitamin E May Reduce Risk Of Parkinson's Disease
Ouch! The Receptors Mediating Acidic Pain Sensation
Caregiving: A Man's Job
Polishing The Crystal Ball: Risk Prediction Methods Need Update
Hearing Study Reveals Surprises
Cholesterol Fighting Drugs May Also Have Protective Effects Against Multiple Sclerosis

Nutrition And Exercise Boost Effectiveness Of Flu Shot In Older People
Two Drug Companies Scale Back Discounts
Healthy Living: Get Moving! Add Daily Exercise To Fitness Mix, Experts Say
MRI Can Predict Risk Of Heart Attacks
Dietary Supplement May Slow Parkinson's
Nursing Homes Kill Thousands
Secretary Thompson Hails 30th Anniversary Of The Older Americans Act Nutrition Program
Forgetfulness Is No Laughing Matter
Operating On A Beating Heart Shows Benefit In Elderly
Senate Probe: Abuse In Nursing Homes Not Treated Like Other Crimes
Dilemma On Prostate Cancer Treatment Splits Experts
Health Benefits Eroding For Workers
Flu Vaccine a Must for the Elderly
Is Male Menopause A Myth?
Gray hair can be a signature life event
Census Finds 2.4 Million Grandparents Taking Primary Caregiver Roles Again
Exercise Can Prevent Falls In Older People
Senator: Drug Companies Oppose Lower Prices
Geriatric Day Care Great For Patients, But What About Caregivers?
Nutrition Status Affects Cognitive Impairment In The Elderly
Macular Degeneration Difficult; Vitamins Offer Some Hope
Census: More Elderly Live Together
Macular Degeneration Difficult; Vitamins Offer Some Hope
Dry Mouth Affects Eating Habits And Teeth
Males 65 And Older At Higher Risk For Bacterial Pneumonia
HHS Report Promotes Benefits Of Physical Activity For Older Americans
Cost of elders' drugs rising sharply
High Protein Diet Along With Calcium And Vitamin D Increases Bone Mineral Density
Alzheimer’s Disease With Psychotic Behaviors Aggregates In Families
Epilepsy Mistreated In The Elderly
High Protein Diet Along With Calcium And Vitamin D Increases Bone Mineral Density
114-Year-Old Japanese Woman With Taste For Sake Becomes Oldest Living Human
Mixed Review For Geriatric Treatment
Massive Increase In Eye Disease Predicted For United States
Chemotherapy Trial Proves The Worth Of Including Elderly Patients In Clinical Trials
The Pope's Message To Doctors
Past Socio-Economic Factors Influence Present Quality Of Life For The Old
Improper Medicare Payments Rate Declines Again In 2001
Medicare To Assist Chronically Ill
The Zinc Link to Alzheimer's
HHS Launches Effort To Support Ombudsmen's Efforts To Use Nursing Home Quality Data To Assist Families
Supportive Spouse, Family, Friends Contribute To 'Successful Aging'
More Exercise, Less Smoking May Extend, Enhance Life Even At Advanced Age
Obesity Threatens Americans Over 50
State-Specific Mortality From Stroke And Distribution Of Place Of Death
Baby Boomers Care For Parents At A Distance
A Popular Japanese Plum, Now Available In The US, May Help Prevent The Onset Of Cardiac Disease
Walking Aids Older People's Arterial Elasticity, Helping Heart
High Protein Diets Cause Dehydration, Even In Trained Athletes
Nutrition Status Affects Cognitive Impairment In The Elderly
Exercise Said Best For Blood Pressure
U.N. Conference On Aging Seeks To Spur Action To Fight "Taboo" Problem Of Elder Abuse
Gene Scientists Find Clues To Why We Age
UN: People Over 60 Will Quadruple
For The Elderly, Dry Mouth Affects Eating Habits And Teeth
Boomers Age, Housing Needs Change
Among Childless Elderly, Unmarried Men are more at Risk of Loneliness and Depression than Unmarried Women
Triumph Classic Triathlon for Seniors
Widowers Peak: As Males Live Longer, More Are, Unexpectedly, All Alone
September 11 - Resources to help kids cope
New York Lottery Draws 9-1-1 on 9/11/02
The Hero Dilemma
Raising the Sept. 11 Generation
Helping Children Cope
How to heal when there's pain in your life...
Sexism - The West Wing on Sexism
Sexual Harassment - Men Behaving Badly
Alert: evidence of common sense at Harvard?
Sexuality - One Million Teen Pregnancies Each Year
Birds and Bees Updated -- Online Help for Parents and Teens
Woman Claims West Nile From Sex
Bayer, Glaxo Prepare To Market Erectile Dysfunction Drug
Herpes Can Help Cause Cervical Cancer
How to Know When to Stop Treatment
Alternatives To Viagra
Good Sex
Boxers or Briefs?
Planned Parenthood Protects Medical Privacy of Patients in Iowa
Why Women's Libido Wanes
Douching Linked to Higher Risk of Vaginal Infections
Implantable Birth Control for Men Looks Promising
Married Couples Often Get Same Diseases: Shared Environment and Lifestyle Likely to Blame
Contraceptive Being Recalled
HHS Won't Support Pregnancy Bill
Childhood Sexual Abuse of Boys Tied to Psychological Problems when they become Men
Nasal Spray Treats Low Sexual Desire
Is Everything Up To Date in Kansas City?
Safe Sex Should Be Promoted On TV Soaps, Doctors Say
Researchers Study Healthy Sperm
More Older Women Having Babies In Britain
Politics Hold Up Health-Center Bill
Suburbs See Rise In Low Birthweights
FDA Advisers Plug Hepatitis B Drug
Catholic Colleges Debate Sex Policy
Alcohol Use, Thrill-Seeking Prove Bad Mix For HIV-Positive Men
No Link Between Epidurals And Backache
Foreskins, Cervix Cancer Linked
Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community
DNA Tests Confirm Quadruplets Born In Kansas Are Two Sets Of Identical Twins
Live From The Womb, A 3-D Performance
Woman In Clone Program Said Pregnant
Medicalising Sex Damages Relationships
NYC To Require Abortion Training
Unable To Say "Condom," Iran Grapples With AIDS
Birth Defect Risk Lower Than Expected For Cousins Who Have A Child
Stress: What's Sex Got to Do With It
In Sex Appeal, The Nose Knows
Why Women Live Longer than Men
Women Tout Contraception Bill
Myths Surrounding the Sexual Abuse of Males
The Pill May Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer According To A Large Study Of Younger Women
Predictive Testing For Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer: Its Effect On Women
Men's Reproductive Health Care Gets New Emphasis
Controversial Condom Ads Make Kenyan Adolescents Squirm And Adults Fume
Single Men Testosterone Driven
New Drug Boosts Female Sex Response, Liquid Heightens Arousal When Applied to Female Genitals
New Erectile Drug Lasts Longer Than Viagra
Sexual Dysfunction Drugs Pending FDA Approval
Nuva Ring
Catholics more obsessive?
Genital herpes affects one in six American men
Condom Kids on French TV - You've got to see this one if you're over 17 in the US or any age in most other countries.
Gonorrehea on Comeback Trail
Selecting & Installing Condoms
Teacher had sex with boy, 13
Report Finds No Evidence That Abstinence-Only Counseling Prevents Teen Sex, Pregnancy, Disease
Panel Votes On Sexual Abstinence Anyway
Interim Report Says Abstinence Programs Are 'Changing The Local Landscape' In Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts
Cloning Doctor Claims Three Clone Pregnancies Under Way But Offers No Details
Strange Signals From Breastfeeding
Couples Who Smoke Are More Likely To Produce Baby Girls
Anti-Abortion Group's Bid Fails
Reaction to Victoria's Secret fashion show aired on ABC-TV
"My boyfriend raped me in his sleep!"
Medicalising Sex Damages Relationships
STDs Not Always Reported
Study Suggests Anthrax Vaccine Doesn't Hurt Women's Fertility
Gastrointestinal Problems Common
Morning After Pills Covered In California
Study Supports Triple Combination Therapy For HIV
Sex, Shame & the Catholic Church
Health Officials: Gonorrhea Leveling Off, But Many Cities Hit Hardest By High Infection Rates
Everything You Wanted to Know About Oral Sex
Be a Sexual Dynamo
A Most Sizzling Sex Survey
The Stuff Sexopedia
If the Phone Rings During the Height of Sex, What are Your More Likely to Do?
The 'For Sex Only' Affair
Girls Come Out
Wal Mart Encourages "No Boundaries" in Valentine's Day Campaign
Is There Anything Wrong with Being a Nymphomaniac?
Slut...Just Another Four-Letter Word?
A Man's Guide To Celibacy (One man's perspective.)
Sexuality-Gay/Bi/Trans - Being Gay in Pakistan
Sleepsex - Sleepsex: A newly-discovered sleep
Is sleepsex a sleep "disorder?"
What kind of sex do people engage in during sleepsex?
Can having sleepsex be problem?
What causes sleepsex?
Can sleepsex be treated?
Where can people with sleepsex experiences find information and support?
Smoking - Smokeless Tobacco
Smoking Can Hurt Male Fertility
Pregnant Women Smokers Bear Low Birth Weight Babies
A Non-Grocery List
Spirituality - Facing the Demons Within
The Assisi Decalogue
Sports - Group Warns Of Soccer Head Injuries
Heading In Soccer: Acceptable Risk Or Cause For Concern?
Streetball on West 4th - The Best Game in Town
Sports Culture, Part One: Boys on the Playground
Teenagers - Hygiene Basics
Why Do I Need Testicular Exams?
HHS Awards 8.8 Million Dollars To Prevent Club Drug And Inhalant Abuse
Why Are My Breasts Sore?
Decline In Sexual Risk Behaviors Among High School Students From 1991-2001
Pill, Weight Gain Not Linked
Physical Changes Mean a Balanced Diet
5 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart
How to Make Homework Less Work
What Is Cholesterol?
How can I tell if I'm depressed?
Compulsive Exercise
Kidneys and Urinary Tract
Dealing With a Chronic Illness
Dealing with Your Parents' Divorce
Have a Chronic Illness? You're Not Alone
What Are Soy Foods?
Urinary Tract Infections Common in Teens
A Guide to the Reproductive System
How Can I Quit Smoking?
Understanding Anemia
Urinary Tract Infections
Volunteering: Why Helping Out Is In
Teens Represent 25% of new STDs Cases
Myths About Acne
How Much Sleep Do I Need?
Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
Is Your Age a Risk Factor for STDs?
Generation X-Tra Large: Americans Getting Fatter Younger
Going to a Therapist
"My friend is talking about suicide. What should I do?"
Be Ready to be Drug Tested after School
Camping Basics
Herpes Simplex
What Should I Do if My Family Fights?
"My friend is talking about suicide. What should I do?"
Camping Basics
How to Perform a Testicular Self-Examination
What Is Trichotillomania?
Study Finds Arts Education is Critical to Thinking
Eliminating Title IX Opportunities at Howard University
Girls' Athletics Under Imminent Threat
Ignoring Testicular Lumps Can Cause Unnecessary Deaths - Get Medical Help Early
Boys Suffer Ass Kicking from Dates
Is Competition Losing the Fun Aspect?
Connecting With Your Coach
What's It Like to Stay in the Hospital?
What You Need to Know About Drugs
What Are Wrinkles -
What are You Learning in Sex Ed?
The Night to Always Remember?
Is Tattooing Safe?
Making the Shift to Bike Safety
Inhalants A Widespread Problem
Tattoos & Hepatitis C Know the risks
Youth Not Young at Heart
Acne Isn't About Chocolate
High-Intensity Physical Training Improves Cardiovascular Fitness In Obese Adolescents
Here's What Happens When You 'Huff' an Inhalant
Have A Safe Prom Grant
Asking Someone Out
Slut...Just Another Four-Letter Word?
Teens & Drugs - Here's What Happens When You 'Huff' an Inhalant
Teens Not Receiving the Drug Treatment They Need
Teen Pregnancy - Different Programs Do Help Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rates
Having a Healthy Pregnancy
Teen Sexuality - Where Do Kids Learn About Sex?
Teens Close To Moms May Wait For Sex
So You Think Your High Schooler's Don't Know About Sex
Teens, Sex, & TV
Single-sex education works
UK Lags Behind US in Teenage Births
Got Lube?
The Smooth Story on Body Hair
Steering Clear of Genital Warts
The Butt Remark Dilemma
Ask the Experts
Prevent Teen Pregnancy Journalism Contest!
Talking to Your Parents About Birth Control
Back Up Your Birth Control
Sexual Revolution And Teenagers Is Explored In Magazine
Community Initiatives Can Lower Adolescent Pregnancy Rates
Premature Ejaculation Problems in Young Males
Ask the Experts: Is it ok if I want to shave the hair around my penis? Is 13 years old too young to get pregnant?
Teen Smoking - Girl Smokers At Higher Risk ; Could Double Chances Of Breast Cancer
Report Shows Recent Progress In Decreasing Youth Tobacco Use, But Much Work Remains
Down in Smoke
Teens Working - Welcome to the Working World
Testicular Cancer - Pictures of Tesicular Tumors
Why is the rate of testicular cancer increasing?
Vasectomy and Cancer Risk
Triumph Classic Triathlon for Seniors
Why is the rate of testicular cancer increasing?
Vasectomy and Cancer Risk
Triumph Classic Triathlon for Seniors
The Times - College Freshmen - 2002
Toilets - Toilet Seats - A Men's Issue?
Rules for the Use of Urnials - Humor
The Logic of the Toilet Seat
Transition - Vision Quest
Valentine's Day - 100 Women Can't Be Wrong
Violence - Deliberate Self Harm Is Common In Adolescents
Controversial Report Explores Male Victims of Violence
The WHO Report on Violence
Battered Men: Research Reveals A Secret Side To Domestic Violence - Women Are Doing The Abusing, Too
Doctor's Mistakes Causing Penis Problems
CDC Releases Study On Non-Traditional Risk Factors For Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempts
Black Male Teen-ager Suicide Rates Increase
Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men
Battered Men: Research Reveals A Secret Side To Domestic Violence - Women Are Doing The Abusing, Too
United Nations Officially Publishes NOCIRC/ARC Written Intervention in Geneva
Arizona Joins Growing Movement Against Medicaid Circumcisions Circumcision Causes Lifelong Harm, Concludes New Research
Big Bucks in Baby Foreskins
Distribute a flyer on DV against men
"Violent Touch: Breaking Through the Stereotype"
Texas Declares DV projects that Focus on Children or Men Ineligible
States cannot discriminate in DV funding
A male victim every 14 seconds!
Man Loses his Ass in Alabama - And not Gambling
Share your DV story with others – join Dads Talk
TV show addresses DV against men
Report Hate-Crimes
Smacking Hurts Parents Too
Arizona Joins Growing Movement Against Medicaid Circumcisions
Lawyer challenges handcuff use on girls
Girl laughing minutes after killing, court told
Violence Continues
War - JFK - The Movie
Honoring POWs
750,000 Civilian Afghan Men Maimed by Landmines
Amnesty International Defends Their Use of the Double Standard
Campaign to End the Use of Land Mines
A Pure, High Note of Anguish
California Bill Designed to Force Draft Registration
Land Mines and Afghanistan
Bush backs away from international ban on land mines
FOR WOMEN ONLY: Honestly, guys, pass this one on to your significant other. You won't regret it.
Women's Violence -Husband Abuse
Girls and Wrestling
Kraft says Their Coffee can End Domestic Violence
Work - Rusian Smoke Jumpers
Signs the Builder is Scrimping on Your New Home
A Person's Home And Office Environment Can Reveal Certain Personality Traits
How to Survive Losing Your Job
Will You Get Yours
How to Survive Losing Your Job
Welcome to the Working World
Career Gear for the Unemployed
Workaholic Wives and Their Sick Husbands

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