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November 19 - Have a Bad Day day. For those who are filled with revulsion at being told endlessly to "have a nice day," this day is a brief respite. Store and business owners are to ask workers to tell customers to "have a bad day." That's the recommendation of www.wellcat.com * Day commemorating the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib (1469), founder of the Sikh faith. Sikhs believe the infinite and formless Deity should be sought within one's self; they attempt to merge the human spirit with the Divine Spirit by reciting Akal Purakh, one of Deity's sacred names. * The US Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles by a vote of 55-39 (1919). Cold War formally ended (1990) with the signing of a treaty to dramatically reduce conventional weapons in Europe. * President George Bush vetoed a bill to appropriate $205 billion for the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Education, claiming it would abrogate a rule prohibiting doctors and others who work at clinics that receive federal funding from dispensing advice about abortion. (1991) * 911 members of Jim Jones' religious cult, The People's Temple, commit mass suicide by poisoning in Guyana (1978). US Representative Leo J. Ryan of California and four members of his party were killed in ambush at Port Kaituma airstrip the previous day when they attempted to leave after an investigative visit to the remote jungle location of the religious cult. It was the biggest murder-suicide in history. * Discovery Day (Puerto Rico) * Independence Day in Monaco. * Birthdays: Ted Turner, Roy Campanella, George Rogers Clark, Dick Cavett, Scott Jacoby, Larry King, Calvin Klein, Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore), Garrick Utley.

Express your feelings so anger doesn't build up!

International Herpes Awareness Week
Herpes doesn't discriminate - that is the message from the International Herpes Week.. The International Herpes Alliance is working with national groups to support activities in support of this global awareness campaign, to tell it how it is for the 107 million people thought to be infected with herpes worldwide.


We are all generals. Whatever action we take may influence the course of civilization. The decision whether to praise or punish a single child may have vast consequences. The greater our awareness, however, the more and more data we must assimilate and integrate into our decision-making. The more we know, the more complex decisions become. Yet the more and more we know, the more it begins to become possible to predict just where the chips will fall. The Road Less Traveled

Four out of every five African Americans live in metropolitan areas. African American History

We do it standing on the stairs with her one step above me. - Jason, 24 Best of 1001 Sex Secrets Every Man & Woman Should Know

Have you instructed your child how to fight the common cold?  Children must be taught to blow their noses and discard the tissue, to wash their hands after blowing their noses or sneezing, and to avoid sharing cups and glasses. Dr. Buff's 365 Day Parenting Calendar

How do you keep mentally stimulated once aging begins to limit some of the pleasures and opportunities that lent flavor to your earlier life?  One expert suggests that people start in mid-life to work on building a "social portfolio" of activities that they can undertake alone or with others in their later years. New Passages

If we place sex and morality in opposition to each other, then our morality will be defensive in nature, protecting us from the powerful lures of sex. Soul Mates

Things to Be Happy About:  Old-fashioned storytelling. Tantalizing descriptions. Goodness triumphing. 14,000 Things to Be Happy About

 If it smells bad, it will taste that way too. Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me (Editor:  If it smells good, it won't necessarily taste good. If you don't think so, smell and then taste vanilla extract.)

You never actually finish all your lessons, for as long as you are alive, there are lessons to learn. Regardless of your age, or station in life, or success level, you will never be exempt from the lessons you need to learn in order to continue growing. Your journey on Earth is constantly unfolding, and while your wisdom grows and your capacity to deal with challenges expands, new lessons will present themselves. In fact, as the depth of your wisdom increases, your capacities expand proportionately, allowing you to take on and solve with greater ease more advanced challenges.  If Life is a Game, These are the Rules

While researching his book Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, gay historian John Boswell discovered eighty different same-sex marriage ceremonies written in Latin, Greek and European languages. Gay & Lesbian Calendar

Stop buying clothes that need to be dry-cleaned. Not only will this reduce your expenses, but you'll be able to take some satisfaction in knowing that you've reduced, even if only by a small fraction, the use of environmentally harmful dry-cleaning solvents.  Simplify Your Life

Oat and Honey - Crunch Pancakes. Whisk together 3/4 cup of low-fat biscuit mix, 12 cup instant oats, 2 Tbs. honey-crunch wheat germ, and 1 Tbs. brown sugar. Mix together 1 cup skim milk and 1 egg. Stir into dry ingredients until just combined. Pour batter (2 to 3 Tbs. per pancake) into hot, greased nonstick skillet. Cook about 1 minute per side. Serve topped with fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt. Makes fourteen 3" to 4" pancakes. Parents Tips & Tricks

Five more reasons walking is a great stress reducer: 1. Walking for exercise has a calming effect on the brain, decreasing anxiety and elevating mood. 2. Walking is a convenient, non painful, non stressful way of becoming physically fit, so you're less likely to give up on it. 3. You can walk alone, with pets or with other people, and you can fit it into your life just about anytime, anywhere. 4. You don't have to pay to walk, so it won't stress your financial resources. 5. There's nothing to it, so...just do it. Stress Busters

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. - Arthur Ashe Win the Day!

El pez (pes) Fish. Me siento como un pez fuera del agua. I feel like a fish out of water. Living Language


In 1863, 17 acres of the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA were dedicated as a national cemetery. Noted orator Edward Everett spoke for two hours; the address that Lincoln delivered in less than two minutes was later recognized as one of the most eloquent of the English language. Five manuscript copies in Lincoln's hand survive, including the rough draft begun in ink at the executive Mansion at Washington and concluded in pencil at Gettysburg on the morning of the dedication (kept at the Library of Congress).

Hey Man: Did you make a difference yesterday? Let us know at Contact Us. Don't take freedom for granted. As is demonstrated somewhere in the world on a daily basis, freedom can be easily lost. Want to make a difference but you don't know where to start?


 Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget, Marianne J. Legato. How can men and women see the same things so differently that it sometimes seems they belong to different species? The author and founder of the Partnership for Gender-Sepcific Medicine at Columbia University, explains that it's because we are different, and vastly so. Every system of the human body, from the skin that covers us to the hearts that beat within our chests to the digestive system, is physiologically and functionally different - especially our brains. Scientists are learning more every day about how these distinctions translate into differences in the way men and women approach problems and experience the world around us. The good news is that there's a way to bridge the physiological gap, and it starts with understanding those differences and learning to think a little more like the other sex. With the leading expert in gender-specific medicine as your guide, you'll understand the person on the other side of the bed, desk or boardroom like never before. Rodale, rodalestore.com, 2005, ISBN 1-59486-527-2




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November is International Impotency Awareness Month. We provide background information on this new drug and alternatives to Viagra. Impotency, Viagra and other solutions as well as Books on the subject. National Diabetes Awareness, Lung Cancer Awareness, Native American Heritage, Aviation History, Diabetic Eye Disease, Dummies for Tummies, Epilepsy Awareness, International Drum, *National Adoption, National Alzheimer's Disease, National American Indian Heritage, National Family Caregivers, National Child Safety and Protection, National Life Writing; National Marrow Awareness; National Sleep Comfort; Orphan Disease; Peanut Butter Lovers; Vegan Awareness Month

11/1-12/13:  Merlin's Snug Hugs for Kids, 11/27-12/26: Ramadan. 11/1/00-01/01/01: Tie One on the Safety; 11/4-12/4: Jewish Book Month. 11/26-12/25: Operation Blessing International's 30 Days of Holiday Hope. 11/27-12/26: Ramadan. 11/1-7: Vegan Awareness; World Communication. 11/5-11: Pursuit of Happiness, National Chemistry Week. 11/6-10: Kids' Goals Education Week 11/6-12: Random Acts of Kindness; Shallow Persons Awareness Week 11/8-14: Pursuit of Happiness Week. 11/9-13: Goodwill Annual Used Book Sale. 11/12-18: *American Education; National Geography Awareness, Operating Room Nurse Week. 11/13-19: National Children's Book Week. 11/17-19: National Donor Sabbath. 11/17-23: *National Farm-City Week. 18 -25 November 2000: International Herpes Awareness Week. 11/18 -25 International Herpes Awareness Week 11/19-25:  *National Family; National Family Caregivers; National Game and Puzzle Week. 11/19-26: Bible Week. 11/1-2: Day of the Dead. 11/1 is All Saints Day, National Authors; National Family Literacy. 11/2: US Elecetion Day - Vote Absentee Ballot. All Soul's Day; National Men Make Dinner; 11/3: Culture Day. 11/3-5: Great American Warm-Up; 11/4: Sadie Hawkins; Sweden All Saints. 11/5Guy Fawkes Day. 11/6: Halfway Point of Autumn. 11/8: Punsters; Abet and Aid Punsters; Cook Something Bold and Pungent; National Young Reader's Day. 11/10: USMC Birthday, Veterans Day (Observed); Lung Cancer Awareness; 11/11: Veterans Day; Remembrance Day; Vox Populi Day. Cook Something Bold Day. 11/12: America Recycles Day. 11/13: World Kindness Day. 11/14: Children's Day (India); National American Teddy Bear; National Community Education Day. 11/15: Gypsy Condemnation Order Anniversary, Shichi-Go-San (Japan); National Educational Support Personnel Day. 11/16: *Great American Smokeout; World Harvest, International Day for Tolerance; 11/17: World Peace Day. 11/19: World's Men's, Have a Bad Day; 11/20: Universal Children's; UN African Industrialization Day. 11/21: UN World Television; World Hello Day. 11/22: National Stop the Violence Day. 11/23: *Thanksgiving Day (US) 11/24: Sinkie Day; Buy Nothing; "What Do You Love about America Day; 11/25: You're Welcomgiving Day. 11/29: UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 11/30: Computer Security; Stay Home Because You're Well Day.

* Means a Presidential Proclamation has been made.

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Men are so competitive that we even "out-die" women in all 15 of the major causes of death in the U.S. Most of these deaths are preventable with a positive change in life-style, eating habits, and/or general health care. Let's not strive so hard to hold on to this record. See what you can change now to live a healthier life.

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